Friday, November 06, 2009

do you see what i see?

great.. now i have that xmas song in my head..

now you probably do too. ha

listen, i need to ask you something. so if you're in a feedreader, do me a favor and click on over! i've redecorated for fall. so can you see the falling leaves in the post? are they fucking up your computer, or is all well?

just asking because while i love the falling leaves and think they are super fun... if they're messing with people's browsers or whatnot, then i'll take them off.

can't have an unfunctioning blog!!!! dur.

that's kind of all i have to say. i'm super interesting. hee

there is a bunch of stuff i'd like to tell you. but i can't. not that i can't. i just shouldn't at this point. too many people i wish weren't aware of this blog, are aware. they hinder how honest i can be. they definitely make me unable to write about certain things. i hate that. but hopefully soon i'll be able to be more open and spill the beans and talk all about it until it's probably all i talk about and you'll be praying for the day you come here and there isn't a fucking blog post about this one subject.


until then.. here's a picture of me driving my rental car in la from tuesday.
(not really, that part is sad.)



TwoBusy said...

Meanwhile, in New England it's 40 degrees and leaf season is nearing a premature end.

The good news: only 6 months until convertible season returns...

agirlnamedmel said...

i see the leaves! also, hate tangled hair. ponytail girl!

Unknown said...

Looking good!

Sincerely Iowa said...

It works fine on my computer!!

Rusti said...

love the leaves! working just fine here... and also - here it's 48 degrees and looks like it *could* rain... hoping not... AWESOME pics - hope you got the tangles out :) have a great weekend!

NGS said...

Leave do not mess anything up, but are festive! And leaf-shaped!

Um. So. Hair. I have found that the best solution to windy days/convertibles/whatever is a ghetto-fabulous bandana. But you look hotter with your hair streaming around you, so decisions have to be made.

ste said...

You forgot to add: Love the sassy sunglasses. You're a rockstar!

Alison said...

Leaves are working just fine! :)

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I like the brown leaves. they're cute.

Unknown said...

I can't see anything behind the leaves I read your blog on my blackberry and it covers up what you say :(

Katie said...

sweet leaves! You are so high tech!

Kelly Miller said...

Leaves look good -- as does messy, tangled hair in a hot convertible on a hot fall day. :)

ConnieB said...

I love southern california..
nope, leaves aren't messing it up. cute!