Friday, November 20, 2009

did i like new moon?

that's the question i'm still trying to figure out.... the morning after seeing the movie. granted, i am freaking tired as hell, but still..

i don't know how to answer the question, and trust me when i tell you that EVERYONE IS ASKING ME!!!!

i can tell you this- i definitely was not as pissed off and horrified at its terribleness like i was when i walked out of twilight last year. that movie was a colossal disappointment on so many levels.

so i didn't hate new moon, that much is true.

but i didn't love it either.

and as any fan of the books will tell you... you really WANT to love the movies. you are willing to cut it so much slack- but there's only so much rope you can give this movie before it hangs itself.

i'm really stuck on what the problem essentially is. is it the writer of the script? or is she bound by so many rules, and so many other people that she couldn't create something worthy? or does she just kind of suck at telling stories? i honestly don't know.

what twilight and new moon were both missing..... were developed stories. i still don't understand how anyone who didn't read these books could enjoy these movies. there are so many holes.. so many half explanations.. so many UGH... i don't know. it's just that the story isn't developed. it isn't well written. WRITE A GOOD STORY. just write it well.

and then bring it life onscreen.

i don't think that's asking too much.

and the acting. good lord, i love love love jacob, but really? the acting is painful at times... or maybe it's the lines he is trying to bring to life and they are just so horrible that no one could make them sound decent.. or maybe it's the directing.. or maybe it's just all of it. and alice. i love the look and everything about her style. but her acting.. her delivery... it's terrible.

this book was painful when i read it. emotionally painful. the parts where bella and edward are together are a deeply intense love story. a soulful, more than soulmates kind of intensity. that completely does not come through onscreen. and the fact that SO much of the dialogue from the movie was directly from the book, doesn't help either. listen, it's one thing to read words on paper and imagine them in your head and they sound amazing. they totally work. but it's another thing to bring those words to life onscreen and have an actor read them (trust me on this one, it's my job). and when it doesn't work... doesn't sound natural.. isn't believable.. YOU CHANGE THE DIALOGUE. it can still say the same thing.. still have the same meaning.. but you say it differently. you change the wording. YOU MAKE IT WORK.

and it just doesn't. you can't take the books word for word and expect them to work onscreen. you have to adjust things. you have to change dialogue. you have to make things real. and this movie is lacking that in every aspect when it comes to the emotions... and what needs to be portrayed.

and really people.. would it be that fucking hard to have bella smile ONE FUCKING TIME in this entire movie??? that's why people hate her.. or feel like they can't relate to her. who is that miserable all.the.time???

oh yeah... and edward actually physically appearing??? so not necessary. i think it would have been 100 times more effective had she simply heard him and not seen him. cause then when we DO finally see him again- it would have been a million times more exciting and rewarding.

i know it sounds like i hated the movie, but i really didn't. i just wanted better... again. i wanted the story to develop properly and make sense and flow and not feel forced. but it doesn't... and it does feel forced... and nothing feels natural (except bella's constant miserable state of non smiling being).

i hate it when this happens.

and i'm sure it will happen again in june of 2010.. cause apparently that's when these crackheads at summit think eclipse will be ready for theatres. ARE YOU CRAZY??


MichelleRenee said...

I just saw it.
I don't think your crazy.
I think you hit the nail on the head. The writing/acting.. COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER.

I WANTED to love it. Really.
It wasn't BAD.
I didn't hate it.


Well, ya know..

Alison said...

I haven't seen it, but a coworker of mine went at midnight and said it was awful--worse than Twilight--but the teenage girls absolutely loved it. If their "audience" loved it, I guess they've done their job.

Meredith said...

Hahaha, you crack me up.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Totally not a fan...I just don't get it...I wrote a post about it tooo, but my ummm different view.

Grand Pooba said...

Yep I'm crazy. You are so right about how the readers give the movie so much slack! If I had never read the books and just seen the movies I would be WTF?

Edward makes me throw up.

eoin said...

the reason the movies suck is because NOTHING HAPPENS in the books. seriously, how on earth are those things 700 pages? well except for the last book... that one was actually good.