Thursday, November 05, 2009

and so it begins...


new moon.

i am so freaking excited! i think it looks better than twilight, and we all know how craptastic i thought that one was. i.can't.wait. CAN'T WAIT! i'm going to read the book again before the movie so i can remember everything. i remember that i hauled ass through new moon because it hurt so bad. i couldn't take the pain of edward being gone, so i knew if i got to the end of the book, he'd be back eventually. i couldn't drag that shit out.. i couldn't take it. HA.

can we please just acknowledge the fact that even though in the books i am totally team edward, jacob is looking a-freaking-mazing in this movie. i might jump ship. do you think he has his shirt off the whole movie?? although i'd much rather be on team edwacob and let bella just die. i kind of hate her.

anyway. we're all abuzz here at work and we're so excited for the midnight screening and well... this is what happens i guess... when you're crazy?? or obsessed?? or um.. a girl??


Smug said...

I personally did not care for the first book or the first movie. I think that I was really into the Sookie Stackhouse vampire series when I read Twilight, so I may have been judging it too harshly. Maybe I will watch New Moon and see if I like it better!!

Anonymous said...


Dana said...

I have to tell you, I really enjoyed the first book (and have to admit... I liked the movie) but the second one? It drove me INSANE! The only redeeming part of the entire book was the end. I couldn't stand all that teenage angst between Bella and Jacob. I teach high school students, so I understand teenage angst. But, for 100s of pages? Come on! It just got boring and repetitive to me.

However, the trailer has piqued my interest. I'm hoping the book translated well to the screen.

I loved the rest of the books in the series more than the second one.

Dana :)

Grand Pooba said...

I am so excited too! I've been thinking of reading the book again too. First time I read New Moon I was SO team Jacob. But that was before I read the very last book and found out that it actually could work marrying a vampire.

Oh man, I can't wait!

Alison said...

I know a lot of readers didn't like New Moon but it was my favorite of the four. I was totally Team Jacob after Edward pussed out and left, but once he came back, I fell for him all over again. Jacob does look great in the trailer...much better than he did in Twilight. Will you be going to the midnight showing? Fun!! :)

Shannyn said...

I love that you have this widget on your page!

I definitely want to re-read the book too, but I have a feeling November 20th is going to sneak up way too quickly on me.

Happy Friday!

Kelly Miller said...

I am totally Team Jacob, but I don't like Taylor. How can I lust after him when he was SharkBoy? Anyway, so excited for the movie!

J from Ireland said...

Ditto, everything you said. Sooooo excited.