Sunday, October 25, 2009

i think i just became a real woman. or something like it.

**warning to people who know and love me in real life... this post is about over the shoulder boulder holders and private area covers. more specifically, mine. so if you don't want to read about the things you find in victoria's secret, you might want to skip this post. word to your mom.**

i've never been one to have this fierce clothing style. sometimes i like really wacky, over the top shit- but most of the time, i'm pretty boring. i definitely choose comfort over style. i'm always in jeans and usually a tank top. i just like to be comfortable all the time. don't get me wrong, i normally have really, really, really cute tops and shoes, but still- they're paired with jeans 99.9% of the time. oooh, fashion goddesses beware!

so um.. the same goes for my bra and panties. at least it did... before yesterday!!!! i've always had super cute panties. but never sexy panties. same with my bras. i never saw the need. or maybe i'm just a complete moron who has been missing out on this fabulousness this whole fucking time. that is definitely always an option. anyway, comfort. comfort and cuteness.

yesterday i went shopping. and i wanted sexy. and i tried on sexy. panties. bra's. rahr. and i fell in love. with super cute matching lacy sexy shit. and so i bought some. and i came home and modeled it all for boyfriend and i think he died right there. but he has since asked me to model my new panties at least a dozen times, so i think i did something right here folks.

and let me tell you. i feel totally sexy in my new digs. i fucking LOVE them!!!! i love knowing i have these delicious little sexy panties on under my jeans. it's like this awesome secret i'm hiding that only boyfriend gets to uncover. it's so fun!! i love it!!! and um, everytime i go pee i get so excited at how cute my panties are. (i know, i'm weird, but i've never had sexy shit before!!!!)

so when i looked in my drawer, i realized that oh my god, all my underwear is like so college cute. college was SO long ago people. so now i want more!!! i want ALL sexy, fun underwear. i'm not kidding. i don't want any remnants of the "cute" little panties in my underwear drawer anymore. i want sexy panties. because i am sexy. and the sexy panties are totally hot. and the sexy bra's, are amazing.

i think this is what being a grown up is like.


Twenty Four At Heart said...

LOl! *snort* *snicker*
You crack me up.
OK, next time you're on a date wear a sundress or ANY dress ... and no panties. When you get to your destination just whisper in boyfriends ear that "oops" you forgot to put them on. Even better if it's his birthday or a special occasion. He will love you forever. There is a REASON why I've been married a bazillion years.

Heather said...

And yet another reason this economy sucks - I can't go out and buy sexy panties. Damn kids, always sucking up my clothing budget by growing and shit!

Smug said...

I can't ever find sexy that equals comfortable. I need comfort first and foremost and designers/makers of sexy can't figure out out to combine the two, so I remain in my boring, cotton, plain, comfortable stuff and deal with not feeling sexy. Of course, right now I am almost 6 months pregnant, so nothing feels very sexy right now!! Thank God my husband seems to love me expanding body!

Katie said...

hahahaha! I need to jump on this sexy undie band wagon! It sounds great!

j.sterling said...

suz- i'm not THAT much of an amateur.. i totally do that. it's not sexy it's slutty and i can totally do slutty. lol

heather- screw the kids- get sexy panty time!

smug- i think i was/am the same way. these panties- sexy AND comfy. rahr. i love that he loves your preggie self!!! xoxo

katie- for reals. sexy undies are the bomb. i know i should have hitched my wagon to the sexy parade long ago, but um.. i'm immature. lol

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

you make me wanna go out and buy all new bras and panties. i have some sexy stuff but not lots!

texas math said...

I love this post and the fact that it has all the rest of the women who read it talking about sexy underwear.

This post should entitle you to remove one of those adjectives in your subtitle.

russ said...

i cannot confirm or deny any knowledge of fashion that I may or may not have

Lara said...

I like having a variety of options in my undies drawer. Sometimes just comfort and functionality is all I'm looking for, other times I like knowing I'm matching my outfit, even though no one knows but me. And other times I like feeling that "secret sexy" that you were talking about. And sometimes I go with no undies at all and that is great in its way too. And yes, I just admitted that here in your comments. You're welcome. :)

SassyCassie said...

Haha that's hilarious! I love Victoria's Secret!

Jill said...

Hmmmmm the tomboy-ish sexy Jenn is leaving us for the super sexy Jenn. Look out world are we ready for this, boyfriend will never know what hit!

Grand Pooba said...

Haha, love that last line. But I so agree with you! The times of cute boy short and bikini undies are over. Big girls go sexy. My fave are the oh so sexy yet oh so comfy Hanky Pankies! Love that shit.

Andie said...

my boyfriend (hubby) loves the college cute boy briefs with polka dots and stuff on them for me.

I've tried the sexy stuff and I always creeps up!!!!

My bras and panties rarely ever go together, either. LOL

I have sexy bras, though. I have purple, leopard print, polka dots, stripes, etc. and my boobs look great in them, too. LOL

Unknown said...

Just put away my washing and my underwear has skull and cross bones and pirates on them. I'm 32. Nuff said.