Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i am always so shocked

and surprised when i discover new blogs!

i mean, i run in circles where i feel like i kind of know who everyone is... or at least i've heard of them before... say you are a mom blogger- you kind of feel like you have some sort of handle on who the mom blog crowd is, right?

but then i'll happen upon a blog and they'll have like 80 freaking comments in each post and so i'll look to see if we have mutual readers and every single commenter will be someone i've never heard of before.

so then i'll visit all these "new to me" people and i realize just how many circles there are out there. and how it's funny to think i'd know everyone- or at least be familiar with most people. but there they are! all these other blogs. mom's.. single people.. engaged... newly married.. without kids.. etc..

there are so many of us out there!!!!! so many!!!! it's super exciting i think!

i know i'm a total dork, but it's been really fun for me to find all these new, super hot and cool chick's the last week or so!!! :)

it's been awesome to REopen my eyes to the fact that i don't know everyone.. and none of us do- cause there are so many other amazing people out there, we forget to go find them cause we get complacent in the people we've already found.

i'm out to find some more!


witchypoo said...

Dear Lord, I'm afraid to find more. My reader overfloweth.

carrie said...

Share! Make a list and share your awesome new finds so we can appreciate their coolness too!

Andie said...

well, I'm not a mom blogger... but I think I'm pretty cool anyhow! ;) LOL

do share!

Katie said...

I totally agree! It is insane how many freaking blogs there are out there!!

Smug said...

I love finding new people and hearing about their lives!

Meg said...

Pass on any awesome ones you find. I'm always wanting new blogs to read, but I've been to busy to look around for them! Basically I'm a lazy ass and want you to do the work for me.

Issa said...

Every time I turn around, i find a new blog.

However this week, I've had that happen twice...where I've found someone and they had 50 comments and I knew no one. Was kind of cool actually.