Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ghost stories

i love ghost stories.

true ghost stories.

whenever i travel to the south, i always go on haunted history tours. i fucking love stuff like that. i love hearing about the location i'm at and mostly, i just think it's cool.

nothing amazing has ever happened to me on one of the tours, aside from getting crazy feelings and goosebumps and of course, freaking myself out to the point of wanting to scream and run from a confederate graveyard. but other than that.... nothing out of the ordinary. lol

but what about you? do you have any good ghost stories? do you have any good haunted links to things that are supposed to be real and true?

share them with me, please!!!! i live for this shit!!!! and it's the perfect time of year for it (dur)


amanda said...

this I can help you out with...

when I was a kid, I used to wake up and see a man sitting on the edge of my bed. Just sitting there, watching me sleep. I was 6, 7, 8ish. I wasn't scared or freaked, I would just roll over and go back to sleep. I would also see the same man at the top of the stairs when I would walk to my mom's room -- kind of out of the corner of my eye. Again, no freaking, he was just there. We moved out of that house when I was 9 and I didn't see him again. Until I was 16 and my grandmother died and I was looking through old photo albums with my aunt and I flipped through to a picture and stopped cold. That was the man. I asked my aunt who it was and she said "that's my father" (my dad's dad died when my dad was 19 and my aunt was 16). Ok -- so that explains that. Fast forward to the next day and I'm sitting in front of the casket/ditch thingy and my dad is standing behind my right shoulder and my mom behind him and I feel a hand and a squeeze on my left shoulder -- turn around? No one there. I've never experienced him again -- I figure he's wherever dead people go fighting with my grandmother (they apparently didn't like each other much)

I have other random experiences but that is certainly my best.

Anne said...

Jenn you should read the Myrtles Plantation. I forget who it's by but it's about a SUPER haunted plantation home in the south - creepy!

j.sterling said...

amanda- omg, awesome! and i'm kinda jealous. but then again, if i started seeing or talking to dead people, i'd want them to make a show out of my life so other people could make me feel more fabulous about myself.. but there are so many shows like that on tv already, that no one would pick it up and i'd be all alone with my "talent" and well.. boring.

anne- i totally know the book and the plantation. it's in louisiana! you can STAY THERE! lol

Katie said...

I am such a baby, I nearly pee my pants in haunted houses haha

Heather@WHMB said...

No stories! And you are crazy for liking this shit, you and my husband. He has been enjoying 31 days of horror on SciFi all freakin' month.

Weirdos! :)

texas math said...

When I was in college, Allie swears there was a ghost in the apartment I was living in at the time.

Sometimes I tended to believe her, like when I woke up with the feeling that I was being strangled, then hearing footsteps headed out of my bedroom.

The story is too long to tell here, but maybe I'll tell it on my blog.

(Probably not though.)

Issa said...

Have you ever been to the Winchester Mystery House in San Francisco? Or the Moss Distillery in Half Moon Bay. Both are haunted. I am convinced.

Grand Pooba said...

I only wish I had a good personal ghost story, I live for that stuff too! I wanna go tour real haunted houses!

Sassy Chica said...

I have one my grandma use to tell us in spanish when we were kids, it does not translate well in English! I too love ghost stories, but I must admit that I am a scary bary and get spooked easily!

Sassy Chica

Jax said...

OMG! I love haunted tours! I take them everywhere I can, too!! My favs were in Eureka Springs at the Crescent Hotel (aka what the movie House on Haunted Hill was based after) and the haunted tour in New Orleans.. SO SCARY! There was some woman's house that left me terrified to even sleep! haha! And the scariest story was when my cousin and I got a little drunk and made her boyf drive us to an old plantation in VA. The rumor was..if you knocked on the door three times, a ghost would appear. Well, we thought this was GENIUS bc we were pretty intoxicated... We had to walk through a maze of bushes to get to the front door at like midnight... and only then realized the bushes were covering some little cemetery of sorts. WE FLIPPED SHIT and started running.. haha.. We never made it to the door to knock.. Funny..

SUEB0B said...

Ok. My friend Cheryl told me that when she lived in Oxnard with her 2 young sons and husband, the kids' room was, no matter what they did, cold. The kids would sleep with their blankets CLUTCHED in their little hands up by their necks, and her son would say "Mommy, the eyes in the walls are watching me."

Meanwhile, in Cheryl and Chuck's room, weird stuff was happening, too. Like a guitar strumming for no reason. And a vase FLYING off the TV, just through midair. So they actually moved into the living room to get away from "it."

After a few months of sleeping on the living room floor, they thought "We are being ridiculous," and moved back to the bedrooms. In Cheryl's bedroom, they kept seeing a shadow of a face...a shadow that they could not figure out how it was made. Finally, one night...they heard the guitar strum again. Then footsteps coming up by the bed, then something (someone?) SLAPPED Cheryl on the legs.

That was it. They moved out. And when they went back to visit their neighhors, they said "People move in and out of that house all the time."

Alison said...

I don't like creepy shit like this. I try not to believe it and instead subscribe to Bill Nye's idea that it's all pseudoscience (that would be bullshit). :)

Yes, I just referenced Bill Nye in your comments. I am a dork.

Andie said...

ha. I could write a whole post on my blog about this- perhaps I will do that!

Let's just say my first job in high school was as a tour guide in a 200 year old plantation home. After parties and weddings, many times I heard strange voices, had lights turn on by themselves, and felt cold chills in the house, among other things.

I really should find some of those pictures from when I was a tour guide and share them with you guys because you would crack up laughing. I wore the big floofy dress with the petticoat and hat and everything. LOL and I talked with a fake accent like I was a sugarbaker. LOL

Ericka said...

like this one? http://a-moment-captured.blogspot.com/2006/10/boo-ghost.html

WAAAAY ahead of you. :-)

Dana said...

Awesome idea, Jenn!

Here's my story, although it's not as good as Amanda's. ;)

My great-grandfather Roger W. is buried in the same cemetery as Marilyn Monroe, Cecil B. Demille, and a host of other famous people. It's located right on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood and used to be called Hollywood Park Cemetery. It became run-down and some young guy bought it and now it's called "Hollywood Forever." I think it's cheesy, but what can you do?

Anyway... my grandfather was originally from Iowa (had a farm there) and only came to California to visit his sister. He was a week shy of his 90th birthday when he went down to the local market or whatever to get his spot of whiskey. Apparently, he did this every day. Well, that particular day was a bad one because as he stepped off the curb, he was struck by a car.

He ended up being buried in California in the early 1960s. Fast-forward to the present and my aunt and uncle decide they want to go see his marker. They went to the main office but the office said they couldn't find a record of his burial. My uncle was determined to go find him anyway, so off they went to look.

They looked and looked and couldn't locate his marker (he's interred in a wall). My aunt had a bit of a cold, so was holding a tissue in her hand. They gave up and as my aunt and uncle started to walk away, my aunt's tissue blew out of her hand. She went after it to go pick it up.

Guess where that tissue landed? On his grave marker!

It gets better. ;)

Since I'm the family historian, the story fascinated me and also made me mad that the cemetery didn't have a record of my great-grandfather being buried there. So, I drove over myself and went into the office, asking the staff if I could see their books.

I found my great-grandfather. The reason my aunt and uncle had a hard time locating him was because his name was spelled wrong.

The woman at the desk asked me if I knew where the plot was located. I said no. She took out a piece of paper and wrote down the plot number for me:


That number may not hold much significance for people, but it did for me. That's my birth date, October 3rd.

When she wrote that number down, I got a tingly feeling. I never knew my great-grandfather, but in that moment I felt pretty connected to him. :)

And, if you ask me, too many coincidences, really.

Dana :)