Friday, October 16, 2009

friday= thursday recap of funness!

okay, first of all- i was in la yesterday. which was, as always, wonderful for my soul. even though it was super freaking humid and made me feel like i was in hawaii everytime i walked outside (which i really DON'T have a problem with). i realized yesterday that i try really, really hard to convince myself in different ways that it's okay to live where i currently do. and i try to make myself believe that i could be totally happy up here in the long run. and i try to force how great i think things and places are. and i try to make myself feel like i love them. but then i'm in southern cali, and i realize that it's not true. it's just something i try to do internally to make my life better. same shit, different day.

another thing. balloon boy? omg, i got a text from my girlfriend cat who told me a kid was floating in the air with a balloon. so what does my brain think? that some fucking 6 year is holding onto a bunch of regular old helium balloons, and how he's flying super high. i start freaking out thinking "omg, what if he lets go? what if his hands get slippery and the strings start falling out? what if he gets scared cause he's going up too high and he lets them all go??? don't let go kid!!!" yeah. i thought he was flying away like the movie up. i'm awesome. and super smart.

a lady sat next to me on my flight down to burbank. she was super cool, but funny. first, she was staring at me super crazy and making these "hello!!" faces at me, without actually saying hello. and she kept doing it. raising her eyebrows like aren't i going to say hi or something to her. then she stared at me super long and goes "i'm sorry. i thought you were my daughter's friend. do you ? you look exactly like his daughter. and she's a good friend of my daughters. so i was waiting for you to say hello to me and i couldn't figure out why you weren't. it's because you're not her." genius. then out of nowhere she asks me "are you going down to LA to read lines?" and i was like.. "yeah- how did you know that?" then she proceeded to ask me what part i was auditioning for and i got all confused for a second cause i'm blonde and then i realized that she thought i was an actress!!! and since i was just a model earlier in the week, i got all excited again! i think it's fun when people think i'm on tv and things like that. it makes me laugh.

sometimes i do wish i was famous. just for being myself though.... but in an awesome way. not a dipshitty kinda way like stupidhead and fuckwad. (bet you know who i'm talking about without me even mentioning their names)

ps- let's go dodgers!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You crack me up.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh the poor balloon boy! I saw that family on Wife Swap a while ago, I say it was a total pulicity stunt.

Me jealous of LA!

The Stiletto Mom said...

I am obsessed with balloon boy. And this post was all sorts of random funny.

Happy weekend Jennster!

Kelly said...

Okay, hilarious that you thought balloon boy was like Piglet and his handfull of balloons.

I totally would've played along with the woman and let her think I was somebody high-paid!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious and ok So Cal is so much better than No Cal. Just look at the baseball teams. Go Dodgers

Patois42 said...

Your description of that lady's stare is so on target: a woman did the same thing with me earlier this week.

I think she said I looked like Balloon Boy's mom.

Not really.

texas math said...

Did you go along with the actress thing? If not you should have.

J from Ireland said...

L.A, only in my dreams!!
That balloon family sound as if they were pulling a fast one for the attention.
Sure, you look like a model Jen, why would you be suprised by these assumptions??

Vixen said...

Were you in my brain on that balloon boy thing? Because that is the exact same thought I had when I heard. Wow, someone as strange as I. Scary.

And yes, to keep the tears to a minimum I keep telling myself those fracking thieves MUST have needed that head more than me. Otherwise, I don't know if I can survive the loss.