Friday, July 31, 2009

the next blogher 2010 question is..

we need to seriously discuss what type of ticket i should buy.

when i went to blogher in san jose, i bought the whole conference shabang. and while some of the panels were interesting, i didn't feel like they gave me anything i was looking for at the time. i'm not looking to change my blog, or make it better or more interesting- i mean, i'm me and i'm pretty fucking interesting so there. but i remember feeling like the panels were more of a let down, or maybe not necessary for me.

but the parties? i LOVED the parties. i lived for the hanging out and talking and just the being with one another. so i vowed that at the next blogher, i would only buy the party pass.

and i did. in san francisco i paid for the cocktail receptions only. and i think the only reason i was disappointed at all was because i lived so close to SF, that i didn't stay at the hotel. i literally drove back and forth every single day and night for 4 days. no wait, 3 days. if i would have done anything differently there, i would have stayed AT the hotel with everyone. but i didn't feel like i missed out on the panels per se.

so now that it's in NEW.YORK.CITY next year, i'm wondering.... do i get the whole thing and be able to attend anything i want too? or do i just do the parties because really, that's all i want.. access to the faboo parties that are thrown and the chance to mingle and dance and hang out with everyone? or will i regret that i couldn't attend a panel if i wanted too- and will everyone i want to hang out with and spend time with BE in panels the whole time i'm not??? i think that's my biggest concern, is that i'll want to spend time with people who paid to attend the conference and so they'll be conferencing while i'll be like.. "dude, ditch class and party with meeee instead!!!"

so i ask you dear readers... what are you planning to do and why?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

when i was in so cal

i went to malibu ...
malibu- pt.dume
and it made me happy.

we buried blake in the sand and made him a mer-man... cause that's how we do's it.
blake the mer-man

i took pictures of my beer and made my sister look like she was drinking it. HA!
beer bokeh

i learned that my nephew is part grasshopper or part fairy and can pretty much fly.
looking at the camera!
how the hell does he jump like that?!?!?!?

blake and i were completely dorky while we drove in the car
on our way to san diego! comic con here we come

and then we posed for a picture together at the con, where sometimes i feel like it looks like we don't even know eachother and i was a celebrity and he was a fan and here's our pic together... except for the fact that we kind of look alike. and well, i probably (hopefully) wouldn't grab some random kid i didn't know like that.. but i probably would cause well.. i'm me... shameless.
me and blake at the con

and then we left.

which is sadder than i can attempt to express with mere words.
but my soul.. my spirit.. it aches.

even more sad-
summer is almost over.

leaping lizards, it's a flying boy!!!!
crazy jumper face
it's the best i could do.. i didn't see any puppies or unicorns on my trip!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

blogher 2010!

it seems weird to write 2010.. 20 10. TEN. weird. anyway....

i can't even tell you how excited i am that next year's blogher will be in NEW YORK CITY! i didn't get to see my gf's from there this year and it killed me. so next year, i can hopefully kill 2 birds with 1 flight... visit and spend time with my east coast girls AND go to blogher to be with my blog bitches! everyone join me in a collective yeah! YEAH!!!!!

i will be the first to tell you that i will start saving my money now for this trip, because really.. isn't that what you do when you want to go somewhere and it's still a flipping YEAR away? you save. shit happens and maybe you have to spend what you saved on something that truly matters. and that sucks. but i will never for the life of me understand these people who choose not to save and then ask other people to pay their way to this conference. whether it's asking people to give you their money via paypal (wtf??) or asking someone to sponsor your trip there... are you flipping kidding me? maybe grey goose will sponsor me to get completely loaded and fucked up in new york next year. hey, a girl can dream.

want to know why i didn't go to blogher this year? cause i couldn't afford it. end of story. i didn't go cause i couldn't pay to get there and stay there. do you see me crying about it? do you see me begging people to give me money so i can go? do you see me asking people for free trips there? no to all of the above. why? cause i'm a fucking grown up. i guess that's not to say that if a trip was OFFERED to me, i wouldn't take it.. cause i guess i would. maybe. right? hell, i don't know, you'd have to offer me one to find out. ha, tricked ya!

anyway.. i totally plan on going to blogher next august in NEW.YORK.CITY. and i can't wait! who else is going? who wants me to grab them inappropriately and take pictures of it? want to room together? TALK TO ME ABOUT IT PEOPLE!

Monday, July 27, 2009

comic to the con

this past weekend was my very first time..... at comic-con. it was an experience that's for sure. everyone had me all weirded out that freaky people would be EVERYWHERE and craziness would be at every step. but in all honesty, i don't think there were that many costumes (and i only met one really freaky/creepy guy). i think for like every 150 "normal" dressed person, there was 1 costumed person. i dunno- it just didn't seem too weird to me. maybe i'm just a super freak at heart?

since i know virtually nothing about the comic-con of the past, i'd gather that it probably used to be way different. i assume that it was a time filled with uber crazed fans of star wars, comic books and the likes. today, it's more like a press junket and a complete pr machine. i'd like to think that if i was one of those fans that used to love the con and everything about it, it wouldn't be as fun to me anymore. i'm pretty sure that hollywood is ruining the con. or at least helping it stray from what it initially set out to be.

but listen, if you're an uber fan and you love and adore what the con has evolved into, then don't mind me... cause i don't know what i'm talking about. :)

i will say though, i brought blake with me and i'm not entirely sure how kid friendly the con is. i mean, it's kid "friendly" but i don't think it's for kids. blake spent all of saturday pouting and complaining how there were these amazing toys he really really really wanted to buy but um... oh sorry, those toys? not for sale. but aren't they pretty? and don't they kick ass? you have to wait. cause they'll be out in WINTER. but look how coooool they are. so blake was frustrated and didn't like being toyed with. panels, new preview for killer movies, merchandise you can't buy but can only look at- not really a kids thing.

he did like the people dressed up though.
blake getting beheaded at the con

comic-con craziness
that fucking stormtrooper is POINTING HIS BLASTER AT ME! how rude. i should have kicked him in the balls.

oh my gosh, speaking of kicking people in the balls.. there was this crazy guy there who was videotaping me for 10 minutes. just standing a few feet away from me, staring at me and taping me. then when blake and i made our getaway, he RAN after us. cornered me and was all grabbing at me. the fucking idiot that i am, i thought i knew him for 2.2 seconds and just didn't remember his name (i'm horrible with names and everyone looks familiar to me) so i didn't kill him when he was all grab assey. i tried to walk away again when i came to my senses and he was like "what's up babe.. yo, gimme your number.. can i get it?" i was like.. "ew.. i'm married!" and flashed my millions of sparkley diamonds in his face. he didn't like that. he got super pissy and practically stomped away. i should have tripped him but i was too busy pulling blake in the other direction. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

*feels dirty, needs shower*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

out of touch

i'm leaving for LA and i have absolutely zero plans to get online the entire time i'm gone. that doesn't mean i won't though... but i'm just letting y'all know in case you start to freak out when i don't post for days on end.

think of me while i'm drowning myself in happiness of just BEING in southern california. i can't even tell you how much i miss the place. i'm sure spending a week down there is going to pretty much kill me when i have to leave. i won't think about that now.

i get to make crazy faces and take all sorts of pictures with these guys. and so many others! i can't flipping wait!!!!

but none of you care cause you're all AT BLOGHER!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

the best part about a funeral all the people it brings together in love. there is nothing more celebratory of someone's life, the impact it leaves behind, and all those affected by it, then seeing the massive amounts of people come out to honor that person. to share memories.. stories.. laughter.. and talk about how much they loved that person. i got to see people today i haven't seen since my wedding. i got to see people i haven't seen since their wedding. and even though the reason for us getting together was so tremendously sad... it was truly wonderful to get to see old friends.

today was hard. the moment i walked through the doors i was flooded with emotion. seeing the blown up picture of the man i'd known my whole life as "celeste's dad" was overwhelming. the ceremony was moving, touching and deep. and good lord if i didn't completely lose it every 5 minutes. it was beautiful and the room was packed. it touched me to see how many people, from really old friends to new ones, came out to celebrate his life. he had the best smile of anyone i've ever known. he was such a kind and gentle man. he was always smiling and laughing. and i mean always. he was a truly likeable human being. and today i learned so much more about him that i had never known before. like that he was about 100 times MORE amazing and kind and wonderful than i had always thought he was. i'm grateful to have gotten to learn more about him today. i'm so saddened by his passing. and i wish his children and his wife didn't have to go on living without his physical presence. thank god for good friends right?park40

after the ceremony, we moved on to a park. it was a little less sad at that point and a little more lighthearted... which was good because if i had to cry anymore, i wasn't going to be able to take it. i spent the entire afternoon talking with friends i'd grown up with my whole life. and friends of my parents who grew up with me my whole life. being surrounded by childhood friends naturally brings up the subject of my dad. so of course, the inevitable was asked quite a few times throughout the day.. "do you talk to your dad?" "when is the last time you talked to your dad?" "does your dad know rich passed away?" "what exactly happened with your parents, i don't know the whole story?" each of those questions just as hard as the first.

and then, more tears came. for a different reason of course. the fact that i have to say to people who knew my dad forever.. that no, i don't talk to him. that we don't have a relationship. and then try to convince myself that that is not entirely my fault. i'm still hurting over the fact that my father isn't the person i thought he was. yet there are qualities about him that are genuine.. like his sense of humor and his friendliness. and i love those parts about him. but it's all so hard. or maybe i just make it hard? maybe it's as easy as black and white and i insist on shades of gray? all i know is that inside of me there is this shattered little girl who wishes with all her heart that her dad could be the person she once thought he was. but that's not reality. and so i sit here, still broken.. unsure of how to move forward.

thank god for friends right.

Friday, July 17, 2009

hair & mascara

i have a kind of confession to make when it comes to my hair.

i don't really brush it.

well wait, i mean that's not entirely true. i totally brush my hair. just not often. like, after i shower i'll comb it through and stuff.. cause otherwise you can't get the tangles outta your hair. well after i either blow it dry or let it air dry... i don't brush it. and then i started thinking about how chicks always have freaking brushes in their purses and they whip those things out in restaurant and bar bathrooms and start brushing at their hair to make it all soft and pretty... and me? never. i'm like the girl in the bathroom trying to get her hair messier, not more confined and in place. i'm the chick who on her wedding day said "i don't want my hair in perfect curls, or perfect anything.. i want it messy. i want it out of place, tangled and sexy as hell. you know, like i just got fucked." so yeah, i don't brush my hair that often. this is me RIGHT NOW (although in person, i'm actually in color).. the lighting was terrible so it looked crazy and not to mention this is with my cell phone, so it sucks regardless. but yeah, here is me and my non brushed hair.
not brushed

am i really the only one who does this?

now.. for the mascara portion of our show. you remember when i told you about my new favorite and amazing mascara (ps, my hair in that picture? totally not brushed) the one that makes my lashes look fake and incredible and i want to suck them off everytime i see them? (omg, not literally. please lashes DO NOT FALL OUT!!!) well millions of you. yes, millions. have emailed, facebooked, twatted at me, talked to me in real life, called me, etc.. about this flipping mascara. i had no idea that my stupid post about maybelline's collossal mascara would inspire so many of you to go buy some! but it did. and your lashes don't look like mine. and you're all pissy and whiney and wondering WHYYYYY are jennster's lashes so amazing while yours are sucking like a whore on sunset?

well all of you ladies had the same answer for me when i asked you 1 simple question:

every one of you who didn't like the results you got with that mascara said NO.
no????? NOOOOOO???

ladies- YOU HAVE GOT TO CURL YOUR LASHES! how else do you think they're going to stand out at attention the way mine do? do you think i wake up, put that mascara on and my lashes do that on their own? are you high? if i didn't curl my lashes they would not look at all the way they do. they wouldn't look amazing or long or luscious.

you have to curl.

but you do not have to brush your hair.

class dismissed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

i think sam is dying

sam is my jeep. ha, you probably thought sam was a person and you were expecting some sad, heartwrenching story about good old sam that would make you cry. you like that, don't you blog world? i am convinced that you love reading about tragedies, heartbreak, sadness, and shitty things. that is, as long as they're happening to someone else and not you.

anyway.. it's true. one day, sam is just going to croak on me. it will probably be this weekend while i'm driving from san francisco to los angeles. *omg, please don't die sam, please don't die* or maybe it will be while i'm driving from la to san diego? *nooooooooo* the thing is, i don't want sam to die. i love my jeep. truly i do. but sam is such a big boy now! he's 9 years old and in car years... that's almost an eternity!

so i've been thinking about cars and good lord, do i even like any cars out there? or do i only like suv's? and it's true.. i really am an suv kinda girl. i always swore that i was getting a 4 runner next. but really, i can't deal with the gas anymore. it's too fucking expensive. and i'm kind of sick of having to fill my tank up every 5 days. whatever, filling my car up that much is cheaper than having a car payment AND still having to pay for gas. it's been nice not having a car payment, you know?

i really like the new audi a4's. and i saw one this morning and almost started humping my steering wheel. those cars are fucking hot. i would look amazing in that car. ha! you see where this is going.. cars ster would look hot in. bmw of course.. audi.. and that's it. i really don't like too many cars out there!

i guess my point is.. what kind of car do you have and do you like it? if you have an old sucky car, then tell me what car you want next! what kind of car should i get? (don't say prius because even though they are way roomier than they look and they get unfuckingbelievable gas mileage, i don't like them and i don't want one. sorry prius owners but you know your car isn't cute and it's not why you bought it in the first place.. admit it.)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

old men hate me

so i went to a new frozen yogurt store this weekend. have i mentioned how much i love frozen yogurt? i am obsessed with it. OBSESSED I TELL YOU. i think it's just because i can put rainbow sprinkles all over it. i mean, when else do you get to eat rainbow sprinkles? ooh, on donuts. right, i love those too. rainbow sprinkled donuts.. rainbow sprinkles in my fro yo... i'm like a rainbow sprinkle a holic!!!!

so yeah.. i'm walking into the store and this old guy runs in front of me and yells at me "I WAS HERE FIRST!!!" hence my first clue that i've just encountered a little crazy. anyway, mr crazy proceeds to harass the poor girl working there. he's like "is this frozen yogurt? well HOW DO I KNOW IT'S FROZEN YOGURT?? what flavors do you have? ARE THEY ALL FROZEN YOGURT???? are you sure? so how do i do it? why are all the cups the same size? IS THIS FROZEN YOGURT???"

before the poor girl burst into tears, i took over. i told mr crazy that it was all frozen yogurt. that you pay by the weight of the fro yo, so he can put as much as he would like into that cup. i gave him the small things for tasting and he was like, "I DON'T WANT THAT!" by this point i'm having to stop myself from cracking up cause apparently, crazy makes me laugh.

mr crazy left and i was trying to make my fro yo with RAINBOW SPRINKLES when mr crazy came back in the store! he walked up to me and said "you have a beautiful shape." i almost dropped my fro yo. then he said in a nasty tone, "don't get fat!!!!!" and he went on some diatribe about taco bell and burger king and i was thinking to myself how mr crazy must really know me cause i just had taco bell that day for lunch. (and little did i know, but i'd be having burger king later that night) with one more "DON'T GET FAT! DO YOU HEAR ME?" he was gone.

i laughed. i hurried home to tell everyone at my house what just happened. i laughed more. and then i blogged about it. and i'm probably getting fat just by sitting here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

if jennster's rockin

don't come a knockin.. did i write that already in a recent post? i probably did because once again, i'm sitting here feeling like i'm rocking on the waves. i'm not complaining though. you'll never hear me complain about getting to spend the entire day on a boat, in water. well, unless the boat capsizes and we're in the middle of the ocean with no one around and people drown and die and stuff.... then i'll probably complain. but as long as we're chilling on a freaking lake.. i'm cool.

this past weekend i got to take blake to a giant/padres game (go padres). the best thing is, i can introduce this kid to all sorts of tv & movie celebrities, singers, etc and he's just chillen. but you introduce that kid to some major league baseball players, and he loses his mind. the funniest thing this weekend was when he got to shake hands with these guys and they signed a baseball for him. he had the goofiest grin on his face and he had to go sit down on a golf cart cause he was going to pass out. HE WAS FREAKING OUT! and then he yells at me when i ask him if he's ok. i guess i should be happy that the guys who make him get all silly and totally crazy inside are not celebrities or singers, but athletes. which is also why i get super pissed off when athletes do stupid things (suck it manny).

i also took some fun engagement type pictures for my good friends jimmy and loree. there is this exposed brick wall downtown and everytime i see it, i think sexy. i knew what i wanted them to do on that brick wall, but as you can see from the pics... loree was way too uncomfortable. i totally should have gotten her drunk first. jimmy was fine though and he did exactly what i wanted, but her body language isn't having any of this nonsense (they'll probably kill me for putting this up here).

whatever.. here are some non sexy shots. lol




Thursday, July 09, 2009

your life's list-

people always talk about "their list"... you know, the things they want to do before they die. and for the most part, it seems like everyone has a.lot.of.stuff they want to do. i find that i'm kind of hard pressed to really think about shit i want to DO before i croak. for me, it's more like places i want to visit. i guess i should sit down, and truly think about this before i post it. but you know, i won't... so here goes

when i think about lists like this, or read other people's- it doesn't really resonate. i mean, people say they want to bungee jump, or skydive, or climb mt everest.. shit like that. i don't have those kinds of things on my list. i don't even think about them really. i feel like i don't have THINGS i want to do. i mean, if i want to do something, i go do it.

for me, it's more about things or places i want to see. and not really the things for the most part- more the places. i think the older i get, the more i want to travel and experience the world. this is going to sound extremely stupid (like i care) but when we went to vegas last year, walking around hotels like the venetian and the paris- it made me almost crazy!!! i was dying looking at the architecture and the style and everything about both of those hotels. it made me want the real things so badly. and i remember turning to boyfriend and telling him that i wanted to go to both of those places in real life. we HAVE to travel. we HAVE to go see these places. and that's my list i guess. that's where i feel like i "have" to do things- i have to travel.

there are only a handful of places i truly want to visit. i mean, if i died and didn't see these places, i don't think i'd be up in heaven all annoyed about it. but if i don't go to italy before i die, you're going to have one extremely pissed off ghost on your hands. i'll be a traveling pissed off ghost, but still pissed.
  • i want/must go to italy or my life will not be complete

there are other places i'd really like to see. i'd like to go to:

  • paris
  • london
  • ireland
  • greece
  • australia
  • germany

and then there are states i'd like to visit here. i think whenever people think about traveling, they always immediately look outside of their own country. but every state in our own country is so different! i still want to visit:

  • tennessee
  • north carolina
  • alabama
  • mississippi
  • kentucky

i'm kind of obsessed with the south... i've already been to georgia, south carolina and louisiana, but in all honesty, i'd like to go back to all 3 places and see more. but i want to visit new places first before i do a round 2, you know?

so what's on your list? do you have things you want to do, or places you want to see?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

if cats are soooooo cool

then how come EVERY SINGLE CAT OWNER who wants to prove to you how cool their cat is, says things like.. "my cat doesn't act like a cat.. it acts like a dog."

if the only thing that makes your cat cool is it acting like an animal it isn't... THEN WHY HAVE A STUPID CAT AT ALL?!?!?!

if you want a cat that acts like a dog.... get a dog.

dogs rule.

cats suck.

Monday, July 06, 2009

proof that i'm crazy while sleeping

listen to this fucked up dream i had the other night. i am a crazy bitch. i mean, literally.

so boyfriend and i are at some random house and the freaking guy from twilight is there and apparently i'm going to be having sex with him. there's a bedroom with 2 beds in it and we're going in there, and boyfriend is going to sleep in the other bed. and i'm complaining telling them that i'm not going to fuck this guy if boyfriend is sitting right next to me the whole time.. that's messed up... he should at least go in the OTHER room and leave me alone!

well then i had to go take buffy (yes, the vampire slayer) to her friends house so that boyfriend could sleep in her room and that ended up taking all night. i was driving back FINALLY getting to screw this guy when the sun was coming up. well boyfriend meets me outside and is talking about how he thinks he had an affair. i was like "what do you mean you THINK you had an affair?!?!" and i was losing my shit. he said it wasn't physical at all, but he would talk to this chick for hours... basically some sort of emotional bullshit. but he was telling me that it wasn't even about him- he would listen to her all the time... and now she was going crazy saying that she was going to tell me all about her and whatever. so i asked how old she was. and he said "19." and i was like "WELL OF COURSE SHE IS GOING TO GO CRAZY! SHE IS A STUPID 19 YEAR OLD GIRL!!! SHE IS PROBABLY IN LOVE WITH YOU AND THINKS YOU TOTALLY LED HER ON AND SHE PROBABLY WANTS YOU TO SPLIT UP WITH ME SO YOU GUYS CAN BE TOGETHER!! YOU ARE SO STUPID! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS WITH SOMEONE SO YOUNG AND STUPID?!?!?"

and i was

HA! i love how boyfriend is the devil in this, and my fucking some other guy (which never ended up happening) is totally fine and normal.

what crazy dreams do you have?!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

robots in disguise? my head hurts.

i'm having a pirates moment where all my hopes and dreams and super fangirl excitement is crushed to pieces after watching what i was looking forward to seeing since i heard of it's planning! i'm so sick of looking forward to sequels, just hoping for the same type of crap that was so enjoyable in the first one, only to have it be a royal load of shit.

in short, transformers 2 hurt my fucking brain and disappointed me in the same way that only a guy can.

i think the problem is that once there's a sequel... people start getting crazy. they start thinking that there has to be this ridiculously complicated plot, with about 300 billion storylines running through it the whole time. oh, and as long as you literally, sit the audience down and tell them what is going on and what needs to be done, everything will be fine.


you sat me down.
you told me what had to happen and why.
but then i spent the whole fucking time trying to remember everything you just told me and attempted to keep straight just who the hell was who in the movie.. and oh yeah, that decepticon has red eyes, but he's not bad.. and oh that one is going to be good now because he wants to hump megan fox's leg.


you heard me.

i have a splitting headache and i can only assume that it is because of this movie. i wanted to love it. i wanted it to be just as fun as the first one. i like watching robots fight eachother and kick ass. i like action stuff. plus, ilm does amazing visual effects. i love the stuff they do more than a 17 year old loves megan fox's ass. and i like shia a lot. i think he's naturally funny and i really like his acting style. actually, i want to be friends with him so i'm making that happen.

can we please stop trying to make everything so damn complicated? stop trying so hard. i think that's when you lose the fun. you try too hard to make it funny. you can't force humor. it's not funny that way. and when you try to make the plot SO involved, it just becomes convoluted and there's no point for all of that. hell, that movies story probably could have been broken up into 4 different movies. when you try too hard to be everything to everyone, you end up being like this movie- a headache i just want to go away (but give me bumblebee).

have we learned something from this? please tell me we've learned something from this. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. use the same recipe from the first one and stick with it. if the first movie was funny because of SUBTLE (not lines like "i am under his scrotum") humor, than keep doing that. the hanging balls probably would have been funnier had they not been pointed out. the storyline didn't take a notebook to follow and red eyes were bad, non red eyes were good. stop confusing me!

i have to stop before my head exlodes...

this? this is probably the best, funniest, and truest freaking Q&A about transformers 2 i've read yet. laughing.out.loud.

Friday, July 03, 2009

they don't write songs like this anymore

...i know i always swoon and go crazy for brad paisley whenever he releases a new album. BUT THIS IS WHY:

listening to a brad paisley cd for the first time, is like having an experience with almost each and every song. boyfriend and i will sit together and listen to the cd with eachother because the songs are just that good. (although he'll comment that i listened to some without him and he's right cause it's really hard to wait, but i did because i didn't want to experience all the songs for the first time without him.) his songs make me laugh out loud when i hear them for the first time. and they've made me start bawling. i get really excited when brad has new stuff coming out because i can't wait to take time out of my day to sit down and truly take in all of his new music. i am telling you- it is a freaking EXPERIENCE. his songs take you on a ride. in a deeper way than most. and i think it's rare that a singer is that touching. but it's probably because he writes all of his own songs. i think it's easier to make people laugh and cry if they know that the lyrics you're singing came from inside you. that the stories are possibly true. that you probably love your wife as much as you sing about loving her. that you probably did go to the grocery store and fill up 2 shopping carts with just beer. i don't understand why more artists don't write their own lyrics. how fucking hard can it be? write about what you know- write about what you experience, the things you do. that makes a good song. idiots. they can't all be brad paisley's. and i guess that's alright with me.

anyway, bp is amazing and awesome and plays one hell of a mean guitar. if you like country, you will love him (if you don't already). i will admit that this latest cd is not my most favorite, but he still has great songs that you can't help but love.
song #4 "then" made me cry the first time i heard it... cause i'm a pussy.
song #3 "welcome to the future" maybe me laugh and smile and totally shake my head like YES and feel immense pride...
song #11 "catch all the fish" made me laugh out loud LOUD.. more than once!
i'm proud to say that i've always been a fan of brad's since his very first album and i look forward to everything he has to come (and brad, thank you for your music)!

but the number one song of the summer?
the entire black eyed peas cd. if anything is going to be rocking this summer, it's this whole disc. specificially songs:

#2- rock that body
#3- meet me halfway
#5- i gotta feeling
#6- alive
#9- party all the time

this cd is freaking awesome and has amazing beats and crazy fun lyrics. most of the songs on this cd that you don't like when you first hear, will totally grow on you (but a couple of them suck, plain and simple and there is no fixing them). for the most part, this cd is SO SUPER FUN you won't get tired of it. it's been on constant rotation since i bought it almost a month ago! it IS summer- fun, dancey, upbeat, lighthearted, fun lyrics, good times, all over party disc. this cd rocks. bring it to your 4th of july party!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

i bitch a lot

i kind of feel like an ass for this post because really? i'm bitching about the fact that i'm not going on vacation. boo fucking hoo. there is so much other stuff going on in the world that sometimes i forget to look outside of my own. i can get so wrapped up in my own sense of self and while i get that of course, my own self is important, there are other things that are important as well.

i can only imagine a person who just lost their job after working it for 20 years reading my blog about me whining about wahhhh, i don't get to see my friends this year. and their probably sitting there like really? this is what you have to complain about? and i feel like the things i bitch about are so fucking trivial. and in reality- they are.

sometimes i just need to keep it in perspective. i am emotional. i write emotionally, i live emotionally... i'm an emotional being. i just forget about anyone else when i write sometimes. i'm so caught up in my own feelings and my own perspective and my own about to go crazy-ness. i'm sure that's normal. i dunno.

i'd gladly not take a vacation for years if it meant that this economy could get back on its feet and take care of its people. yes, i totally think the economy has people. i know that so many people are hurting. so many people are in situations they can't see themselves out of. and i wish it was better for them. i truly do. and i'm sorry for bitching about something as stupid as not being able to see my friends. i should have been thankful for everything i do have instead.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

july the first

i cannot believe it is already freaking july. can you??? i love love love july but since today is the first day of it, that means it's on its way out.

i mean, today starts the countdown until july is over.

july is like the saturday of weekends. it's the one month you get to enjoy from start to finish- no last day of school.. no first day of school... it's just gloriously summer break from day 1 to day 31. and usually it's filled with summer vacations and the beach and water and sun and dodger games (but never disneyland, cause hello.. disneyland in the SUMMER? are you high? unless you have a year pass, then it's perfectly acceptable. but you're still probably high.) and if july is like saturday, then you know that august is TOTALLY THE SUNDAY of summer. and sundays suck. you know it. i know it. it's just that no one wants to say it out loud. i'm here to say it out loud.. sundays suck!!! which totally means that august sucks.
i don't feel better.

i want it to be july forever! i don't want summer to end. i live for summer. i live for warm weather and the warm nights that rarely happen where i currently reside. summer is the best. july is the bestest of the best.
i really need to chill the f bomb out. okay ster, just enjoy july. and think of puppies. YAY, puppies!