Monday, June 29, 2009

all day on a boat

means that while i'm sitting at my computer, i feel like my chair is rocking... ever so slowly in the waves. the waves that are NOT HERE UNDER MY CHAIR. yet still... i sit here rocking. thank the goddess i don't get sea sick. *knocks on wood*

this past weekend brought out the summer weather (finally) and although it was ridiculously hot.... i was happy. i pretty much begged anyone who would listen to go somewhere with me to water and play in it. i suggested the beach. i suggested the river. i really wanted to rent something and play around in the river all day. BUT NO ONE WANTED TO GO! blake was like "nah." NAH? are you flipping kidding me?!?!?! he's just lazy and doesn't want to do anything that requires leaving the coach and the television.

so i bought a slip and slide. you heard me. and it was awesome. and fun. but holy crap does it hurt when you land! slip and slides are not made for big people. i also got understanding exposure- the book i've wanted for over a year now. so i became obsessed with taking water movement pictures and "freezing" the movement. and also how you get the water to look softer like cotton candy, but i can't do that very well (at all). i will admit that when i read this book, it's still overwhelming and hard to know just what the hell everything is. i think you have to actually grab your camera and DO what the guy is talking about. it's the only way it all makes sense. i cannot believe i have shot my camera on P for this long. i now have it on M and it will stay that way forever (you know, now that i know how to set the exposure correctly). anyway, i kept making blake run and jump and do things in the water so i could take pictures of it. he's all too happy to be my guinea pig. yay.

anyway, after slipping and sliding our friend was like "i have a boat you know." I'M SORRY, WHAT?!?! A WHAT?!?! hi, this is useful information. so yeah. fucker had a boat this whole time while i'm crying and begging people to take me somewhere with water and he's like... "well i have a boat. i haven't seen it in a year, it might be in bad condition.. and it might not start and.. " blah blah whatever.. all i heard was I HAVE A BOAT.

so we got that sucker out and it was fine and it worked and did you know that boats totally have radios on them?!?! shutup. i didn't realize and it made it that much more fun to be blaring music from the middle of the lake. we spent all day sunday on the lake on THE BOAT. the boat that will now become my best friend. the boat that i have decided i will spend my summer on. i hope the boat doesn't mind.

i didn't bring my camera on the boat, but i did bring it in my backyard!


slip and slide

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the post where i am super freaking girly (read, emotional)

no more wedding stuff. i don't want to post anymore.. you don't want to read anymore.. so it's done! as quick as it came... it's over. (that's what she said)

i am going flipping stir crazy lately. i think subconsciously i realize that i have absolutely NO vacations or small trips planned this year. last year we took blake to new york, and had a vegas getaway with a bunch of our friends. the year before that was our wedding and our honeymoon in st lucia. and then there's my yearly trips to new york to see my girlfriends that happened every year before that. not to mention my trips to the south that i was taking every year. and then there was blogher, which was total women overload the two times i went (no everyone, i'm not going this year.. obviously). i have been traveling and planning trips for years now- i can FEEL it inside that i have nothing going on this year. and it is hurting me. like i am going to have a freaking emotional, physical and mental breakdown, hurting me.

just sitting here writing this makes me want to cry. i feel like i have nothing to look forward too. and it's summer! you're supposed to look forward to summer vacations in summer (repetitive much). i'm just so sad. i want to go to new york and see my friends. i NEED to go to new york and see my friends. i want to go to texas and see my other friends. i want to go to oahu and well... who the fuck doesn't want to go to oahu?!?!?

i don't have super close girlfriends up here. i have some women that i absolutely love and adore and feel so lucky to have met, but we don't spend that much time together. i definitely feel a void in the "girlfriend" category of my life. boyfriend goes camping and stuff anytime he wants too with his buddies. and while i don't begrudge him that (at all) there is a part of me that screams everytime he leaves to go hang out with them. and i think it's just the jealous part of me because my best friends aren't here. i can't go do that with them if i wanted too. seeing my best friends means planning a fucking trip and flying somewhere. or driving hours to get to them. which is fine because i love to travel, but which isn't fine when you have no money to do it with.

the thing is? i NEED some girlfriend time. i need to get the fuck away from here. i don't want boys around.. i don't want a family trip.. i want a stercation. i want to stay up late partying at clubs and dancing all night. i want to eat a slice of the best pizza in the us at 4 in the morning. i want to stay up talking with my girlfriends in their bed until none of us can keep our eyelids open anymore. i just want their company. i miss them so much. and i'm sitting here trying to figure out any possible way that i can make seeing them happen. not for them, but for me. because i need it. like need in the most possible way that you can need something.

listen, i'm a guys girl and i can hang with the boys like nobody's business. but this guys girl also needs girls. your guy friends can't fill that girlfriend void. it's not the same. i find myself constantly surrounded by boys and it just makes that void even stronger. it makes me more aware of what i'm missing. more aware that i need to take more time out for ME. i need to do things that will make me more spiritually happy.. content.. balanced. that's probably it. i feel totally out of balance because my life is leaning so far in 1 direction that the other direction is virtually ignored. i have to fix that. before i go absolutely insane and lose it. althought that might be fun for y'all to watch. ha

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

can we talk food?

i mean, listen.. i've been really bad with the whole 30 day shred thing (which i am totally renaming to NONSTOP shred cause bullshit, that thing does not just last 30 days.. then what? you just stop? whatever.. you're doing it until you die and you know it).. i don't mind though. i hate it (read, like it) enough that i think i will do it for as long as i can. i get bored and stuff, so i don't want it to be the only thing i do- but i really do think it works. and i think the workouts are good, although i loathe with an unnecessary passion, the level that calls itself two. i hate you two.

also, i think my body takes longer than most to actually fix itself. rearrange the goods. shed inches. i have to stick with programs for longer than they are intended. fine. i'll do it, but don't get me wrong.. i am going to bitch about it every step of the way! clear? cool.

oh yeah, the point of this blog. EATING. what are you guys eating? have you found that you didn't change your eating habits, worked out and you've lost weight? or have you done both?been working out, and also eating differently?

if so.. WHAT are you eating? i am talking, give me a list of your daily eats. from breakfast to dinner suckers. i know everyone's bodies are different, and i think i know what works for mine- i just want to know what the consensus is with everyone in regards to food. so talk diet with me folks. talk me down from the donuts and frozen yogurt, thanks!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

a post all about mascara

i love mascara. i truly do. i love my eyelashes. and i'm a total sucker for good marketing (and a pretty package).

when maybelline came out with their new COLOSSAL mascara, i wanted to try it. baaaaaaaaaad. but they didn't make it in freaking waterproof. so i attempted to forget about it. until i went to target the other day and SAW IT IN WATERPROOF and in a color called GLAM BLACK! how hot is that?! so hot.

i bought it.

i am in love.

holy freaking lashes... i love what it does. i love how it feels. typical waterproof mascara's make my lashes feel brittle and hard. this doesn't. it stays soft. and it's not clumpy.. AT ALL! and just look at how long my lashes are! i feel like they look like they are fake, but they aren't! i love how long they are.. i love the way they look. my lashes are super eye catching now. har har.
pay no attention to the fact that one of my eyes is opened more than the other. oh great, now that's all you see isn't it?!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Thursday, June 04, 2009

hi.. new moon trailer anyone?

so what if it's already been shown and probably talked about a million times. I HAVEN'T TALKED ABOUT IT YET.

i almost peed myself when i saw the new moon trailer (which really was more like a "hi, look at what we've filmed so far cause we're still totally shooting.. but it's like super hot right?") certain things already LOOK better. the vampires seem to look more natural and less hideous. edward doesn't seem to sound as pathetic as normal. he sounds more mature and more determined in the whopping 2 lines i heard him deliver. but really... he still makes that painful scrunched up face that all i can think of when he does is oh my gosh, do you know how many wrinkles you are going to give yourself?!?!?! stop scrunching like that!!!! and um... HELLO JACOB! for the fucking love.. that boy looked freaking unbelievable! milk did that boy's body good. mmmm hmmmm. i loved when he jumped and turned into the wolf, although the wolf was a little too cartoon-esque.. not sure what i was expecting really. maybe more man wolf? i dunno.

the only problem so far? bella is still in the movie. ha the thing is, she really is kind of pathetic and whiney in the books, so it makes sense that she would be pathetic and whiney in the movies... but i think my biggest issue with kristen stewart? it's her voice. i freaking CAN.NOT. stand it. everytime she talks i just want to smack her. her voice is such a downer all the time.. like she is miserable and depressed during every line she delivers. would it kill this girl to freaking smile?!?!?!

yeah, i'm still seeing it. and yeah, i still can't wait.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

i'm now officially terrified of high school and think i'll make blake stay home forever. or at least never go in the bathroom

last week when i flew down to la, my plane was FILLED with high school kids. they were flying down there for grad night at disneyland. i loved having a plane full of kids. they were super fun, excited, silly and loud. they were totally full of life so instead of annoy me (like they did to someone else i know) they made my entire flight super fun!! and terrifying.

i talked with the 2 boys who sat next to me the whole flight down. and then the girl in front of us turned around and we started talking about the jonas brothers and hannah montana (i told you i'm really a 15 year old girl inside). and then we discovered that we were both at the same hannah montana concert when billie joe from greenday was there!!! we squeeled. but the boys got jealous. so one of the boys told me that billie joe was his neighbor. and then the other boy got jealous. so then he told me who one of HIS neighbors was. but i had no idea who he was talking about.

the conversation on the plane quickly went from tweets like this:
it started so innocent
where i loved them.. and our talk was full of private high schools, getting beaten by nuns, college acceptances to the university of san diego and boulder, learning how to surf, snowboarding year round, and that being an eagle scout meant you learned how to drink and party properly. whatever the hell that means.

to tweets like this:
and quickly spiraled into something.. so.. ICK-tastic
where they insisted that there were certain bathroom stalls you DID NOT GO INTO because they were the sex stalls. WHAT?!?! sex stalls?!?! fucking gross. that is not only disgusting, but who the hell is having sex in their high school bathroom?!?!? and why??? after i picked my jaw up from off the floor and once i showered in the airplane bathroom, i questioned them more. cause i didn't understand. i mean, were the kids just randomly going into the bathroom and getting it on anytime they wanted?! lunch quickie? ew. but they said that it was happening before school started. that the kids would get there early and do it before school. THAT IS NASTY PEOPLE. and now i'm kind of scared because oh my god, if there was sex going on in my high school bathrooms, i was certainly not aware of it. and i definitely didn't know to avoid any bathroom stalls. hell, i can't even remember going to the bathroom at school. ..... okay, so if all the kids know about the sexy time bathroom stalls, doesn't the fucking school know?!?!! and how do they just allow it to continue?

after being completely horrified, grossed out, and terrified to ever birth another child again, i got a super secret spy business card from one of the boys. oops, i wasn't supposed to tell he was a super secret spy. he said it was a secret. anyway, i hope they had fun. they all graduate tomorrow. i threatened to show up with a sign like i was at a concert for them. but i won't. cause you know, i suck like that.

but at least i don't do it in public bathrooms. GROSS!

ps- if you read my greenday post, i talk about these two "24 year old" girls. i swear to the goddess that one of the girls was the girl on the plane. i immediately asked her if she was with a friend and if she was spazzing out everytime the joe bros came on the stage... and was she wearing a white tank top. she told me that her and her friend were wearing tie dye shirts. i just read my old post.. THEY WERE WEARING TIE DYE. HAHAHHAHA.. i cannot believe i totally made fun of those chicks in my blog and then I MET ONE OF THEM ON MY FREAKING PLANE!!!!!!!! how random is that?!?!!