Thursday, April 09, 2009

so a girl goes to a doctor..

i thought that maybe i broke my thumb yesterday. i didn't believe it, but figured i should get it checked just in case. imagine how annoyed the dr must have been to get that last minute appt scheduled at 4:45pm.

imagine my annoyance when i get a call from the nurse immediately following said appointment making telling me to not wait the 15 minutes til the appointment time and just to come in there NOW! that was my first clue that my doctor was ready to go.home.

so i'm in there for my thumb (and my hand which is all bruised and discolored). the nurse grabs said hand to get my blood pressure. i jump. HELLO BITCH, I'M IN HERE FOR MY FUCKING HURT HAND SO I'D APPRECIATE YOU NOT MAN-HANDLING THE DAMN THING!!!!! no, i didn't say that. i just cursed her out in my head. but then she did it again. GRABBED my hand all hard and i was like, "HI! my hand is HURT. can you stop GRABBING at it and pulling it around??? thanks."

fucking a.

the doctor came in- nice as pie. she wanted me to get xrays, but then laughed and said something to the effect of "i'm not sure we'll be able to keep the xray technicians around. they like to leave right at 5pm." seriously? what is with these people?? she called them and they said they'd stay for me. but she wouldn't. she said she'd look at the xray's first thing in the morning and then call me with the results. what? you can't wait the 5 fucking minutes it will take to get my xray's to let me know if the stupid thing is fractured or not?

look, i understand people want to go home. they had a hard day at work and they want to leave. but dammit, you're a dr and it's not like i can fix myself if my shit is broken, right? i go to you cause i need your help. is it too much to ask that sometimes you put that extra effort out and just stay to let me know if i'm broken or not broken?

i think this is why people don't feel like there is any type of customer service at all anymore. i mean, the very people who should be there to help you just want to go home. i understand it, i truly do- but from the patient's perspective, i just wanted to feel a little more cared about, instead of a nuisance.


Peggy said...

So Jen...was it broken?

Don't ya just love how I always hav a question for you? I know you do...just admit it! :)

...hope you're on the med (I meant mend there but med kind of works too or meds rather. Vicodin if we wanna get specific...hey, ya wanna go out tonite ;)

Andie said...

ok. this is why I bounced around to a few general practictioners until I found the one I have now. he's AWESOME and takes his time with me and NEVER rushes me.

Sometimes you just have to search to find a good doctor. It's a shame, but unfortunately, that is how it works.

meno said...

Probably late for her tee time.

NGS said...

When I broke my hand, I ended up at the urgent care room because NO DOCTOR WOULD SEE ME. They'd say, "oh, we'd end up sending you to X Hospital anyway because we don't have an xray machine". Urgent care put a crappy splint on and sent me to a specialist. My hand was broken for over five days before I got a casts on it!!

Alison said...

How did you break it, Hooch? What in the hell were you doing? Also, the doctor probably needed to be home in time for the American Idol results show.

SUEB0B said...

Why can't you people learn to get sick and injured during NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS??