Wednesday, March 04, 2009

why 30 day shred sucks

here is a list of things i don't like about it. yes, i have a list. and yes, i haven't even done day 3 of the workout yet. suck it.

1- i still hate that you cannot fast forward through this chicks stupid speech. i don't need to hear it more than once. ever. and then it has some intro crazy thing you can't ff through either. seriously jillian? get with the menu option program.

2- the ONLY thing sore on my body is my legs. they are extremely fucking sore. i hate that i have stairs in my house because i almost tumbled down them 10 times last night. my legs are not my friends right now.

2a- i don't think she focuses enough on your abs at all. my tummy is not sore. in the slightest. and i feel like my entire midsection (including my ass) is being ignored.

2a.1- i'm not sure how effective this workout is for the rest of your body. granted, i'm still on level 1, so maybe i'll be eating my words once again when i start another level. but so far, i feel like i'm kicking my legs ass, but not the rest of my body.

3- i still can't wrap my head around the fact that 20 minutes is enough of a workout time. it seems like right when i start to get momentum and feel like i could keep going, it's over. and i feel like i should hit some machine or something when it's all done.

the end.

ps- have you seen my new blog layout?! what do you think of it? i busted my ass trying to format it similiar to my website, so let me know if things aren't working, or if they're funky, etc. THANKS!


Table4Five said...

this layout looks great! but I'd change the font color in the sidebars, I can barely see the links under your "more from blogher", for example. Love the banner!

j.sterling said...

i already knew about that, but thanks! didn't have time to futz with it. now i did. it's fixed. and black. lol

Unknown said...

Just move to level 2 if level 1 barely gets you going. :) A friend of mine did that and she loves level 2.

J from Ireland said...

Love the colours. Have you Irish connections?

Alison said...

Your new layout is lovely. :)

So I've never done or seen 30-Day Shred but from what you're saying, I think I'll stick to Kathy Smith's Lift Weights To Lose Weight. Her workouts are 20 minutes also (one for lower body and one for upper--sometimes I do both together or alternate each day) and she has 10 minutes of abs at the end. Your whole body will hurt (ass and abs too) and you will see results. Would I lie to you?

Anonymous said...

Okay, so here's the deal:

a) Get heavier weights :)

Or go up a level.

If you're not sweating your ass off and suffering, then it's not going to be enough. You've got to be in freaking HELL for the 20 minutes.

Now stop whining BITCH.

(that was my Jillian impression, you like?)

OH -- and if you let the dvd go all the way to the end, it loops around right to the menu. Just ff through and then let it loop. It worked for me today.

Karen Bodkin said...

i threw my back out before i even unwrapped the freaking dvd. Laaaawhooooooser!!!

I know.

Lia Freitas said...

Seriously??? Get heavier weights then. I have been working out for months before starting the shred. For the first week I was so sore!!! You either aren't pushing it or need heavier weights. Get a heart rate monitor. Today mine was at 100% of my target heart rate. It kicks my ass.

I have lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks. I have been doing shred and WW.

Unknown said...

I was just thinking how I wanna try Level 2 just to see what it's like. Maybe I'll do that tonight as I still haven't done Day 3 yet. It's weird how your legs are sore, since my arms are the only things that are sore. I've been using 5 lbs weights and will graduate to 8 lbs when I move up to Level 2. I AM doing the deep squats and everything. The damn pushups and the side squats while lifting both weights are what kills me. So anyway, I agree with everyone...if you're not feeling like it's a good workout, do what everyone's suggesting. My heartrate is frickin insane and I'm sweating like a pig throughout the whole workout so I love it.

Amo said...

Yeah, tell me about it. I'm on Level Two (thanks to the damn on demand not being ON DEMAND) grrrr.

Honestly, I can't finish some of the things like knee kicks, but I haven't been sore yet. My heart can't keep up, but my muscles aren't taxed.

Is that same Natalie chick in level one? The one that is going all out and doing it with a smile? I would totally hate her if she wasn't smiling at me all the damn time.

Jillian can bite me though. Bitch doesn't even do the entire workout!

Okay, now I have to go workout. Hush.

Ali said...

i started the shred and actually really liked it, but then i wanted something, um, more.

i wanted a real trainer to REALLY kick my ass. so i joined a gym. and now i'm SO SORE.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the most fit person, ha- far from it... but Level 1 with 3 lb weights totally I was shaking for a while after that.

Your arms HAD to have been burning? If they weren't, you need to get heavier weights. I had 3lb weights and some of the arm work outs were KILLING me.

Move up a level - like others have said. I bet you'll feel differently!