Wednesday, March 25, 2009

not to knock the giveaways or anything

but am i the only one who finds the majority of the giveaways on other people's blogs a royal pain in the ass anymore?!?!

it's like being in high school again. "you can win this if you write a 350 word essay on why the kids in america think it's okay to beat or get beaten by their significant other." that's not a real essay (that i am aware of), but you get my point, right? and then there are the 5000 ways to enter.. you can do this, and this, and don't forget to do that and for a super entry, do this! and it becomes a fucking full time job just to enter a damn giveaway.

look, i try to only enter contests that i REALLY want to win, or that i think i could genuinely use the prize. i won't enter something just for the sake of entering it. but there are contests and shit i could really use and i'd really like to win, but i do not have time to write a flipping essay about why i want to win it. so i just don't enter because really.. i'm not that inclined to think up some fascinating reason as to why i'm better than everyone else entering the contest and why i should win.

i do understand that some of the reasons for putting these crazy parameter's on the giveaway's is to have the people who really want to win, be the ones who enter. and there have been some really amazing giveaway's where people have had to write in about why they could use it, what they would do with it, and they had to pay part of the prize forward. doing that some of the time, is great. but it seems like that's what happens now all the time.

when did giveaway's get so convoluted? what happened to people entering a contest and the winner being drawn at random? why is that such a bad thing all of a sudden in blogland? why is everything so complicated anymore?

i don't get it, so someone please explain it to me. you'll win nothing for your comment.


Neil said...

I do know the answer, but before I tell you, please explain, in 500 words or less, the three main reasons for the war of 1812. Double-spaced. Thanks.

laurie said...

OK, I am SO glad to see you post about this...I have been feeling like it's too hard to enter some of these giveaways myself - or the prize is not worth it - write in 500 or less why your blog is awesome and win this mac and cheese dinner! Wow, no thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one. I've decided that the contests are just a way for the blogger to try to rake in more blog traffic. I'm seeing a lot of "if you post about the contest on Twitter, you get another chance to win". The same for Facebook and god only knows what else.

I'm going to do a giveaway that's ridiculously simple. I just have to come up with a prize first....

TUWABVB said...

Just delurking to say "amen." I specifically don't enter a give-away if I have no interest in the product. That being said, even if I really, really like the prize, I'm inately lazy so my entries are few and far between. :)

Laura said...

I totally agree. I immediately close all posts related to giveaways now. It is a waste of my time to read the long posts related to the giveaways.

Andie said...

my giveaways have been pretty easy. leave a comment somewhere and I'll put you in to win!

more you comment, the more likely you are to win!

that's all!

Anonymous said...

Go to my blog and tell me your favorite 3 posts.

Now take their titles and scramble the letters. Rearrange them until you come up with the answer to your question.

Now go to twitter and tweet what you've done to at least 13 of your followers. (I'll be checking!)

On Facebook, add the 'Erika's blog is awesome and she is soooo self-important' application to your profile.

Come back to my blog and leave a comment about what you've done.

Then you'll be in the running to win a DVD you could have bought at Target for $12.

Totally worth it, no?

Chris O said...

I'm about to end a following relationship with a blog that has too many giveaways. I want to be entertained not be on a game show!

What I want to know, when you stop following someone, do you tell them or just drop them? One blogger I know of was devistated that one of her followeres dropped her. I'm just always amazed that any of mine stick around since I'm so erratic in blogging and most of my posts probably only amuse me!!

Chris O said...

So Erika, is that DVD "The Secret" because I do so buy into that crap. I'll get on that quest just as soon as I finish shaving the cat.

j.sterling said...

neil.. HAHAHHA.. i just spit candy on my monitor. (that;s right 30 day shredders, i'm eating candy)

laurie- seriously. please write a novel in my comments and then you will win this box of tissues from kleenex! cool right?

meg- fuck the contest, just give me the prize. thanks.

tuwabvb- you and me? we're awesome and sensible contest enterers. lol

laura- i'm going to trick you the next time i do a giveaway, that way you will have read the WHOLE post! bwahahahhaa

andie- yes, your contests rock. don't eva change lover

erika- holy fucking shit, i just laughed so fucking hard. harder than when i laughed at neil's comment. LOL

chris- you just drop them. i mean, do you owe them an explanation for why you've stopped reading them? i guess only if they put you on the spot and ask. in all honesty, are they going to know it's YOU who stopped following them?

Peggy said...

Wait...if I comment on this, do I win anything?

Issa said...

Am with you. I don't get it. And then the tweets on the same thing.

I did a contest last week...but I was really doing it because I couldn't thing of a tagline for my blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't like contests, memes or awards. BUT - I do contests on my blog once in awhile cuz people seem to love them. (And you WON one remember?)

Today's contest? On joining my Whore Club? well, that was really just for my own laughs. The comments I got are f*ckin' hilarious. And I think a lot of people had fun with it ... but then I didn't ask them to write a 500 word essay on why they want to be a whore either.

I love you jennster!!

Suz Broughton said...

Hello, found you through Marcy and I 100% agree with you. It's ALL getting too complicated. Good post.

carrie said...

The whole thing makes my brain hurt.

Corrin said...

I don't enter contests very often, but I do host them (I've got some good ones coming up - think FREE SHOES!) and while there are different ways to enter, they are all worth one entry and there's no brain power involved.

Remember that sometimes the parameters are set by the sponsor, and I like to give free shit away to my readers so I go with the flow.

Scary Mommy said...

LOL, that was perfect. I never, ever enter giveaways. They are just such an enormous pain in the ass and not worth my time. I'm actually giving away diamonds at the moment, but there was good reason for that.

And I just discovered you tonight. You remind me of me, which of course I love. :P

Zippy said...

It's about time someone actually verbalized (or is that TYPED) this. I run giveaways on my blog Champagne Living and I try to make them easy, but I VERY rarely want to jump through hoop after hoop (then pole vault and on to the balance beam) to win something. There has to be a balance between getting the company sponsoring the giveaway exposure and the entry process.