Tuesday, March 03, 2009

the 30 day shred your brain cells

this is what kristen and the 30 day shred has done to me. i now have a code name. and stats. and i'm kind of scared of myself.

Code Name: Bootay Licious

Tag Line: get in my way and my ass might eat you.

Goal: to tone the hell up. i'm not really concerned with what i weigh, so much as how i feel in my clothes and how i'm shaped. i want to look like my thighs and ass didn't consume a small child on my way out the door.

Diet Plan: same eating plan as the last 6 or so weeks. it's a modified version of south beach (which basically means i still eat a bunch of junk food).

Rules: try really hard to cut out the junk. good luck with that self.

Shred Plan: starting on level 1, rotating 3 and 5 pound hand weights depending on the excercise. working out mon- fri and not on weekends.

where ster puts foot in mouth: is really hoping that 20 minutes feels like enough of a workout.

back from day 1 of workout.

you know, i really assumed that since i did the p90x, that i was at least in some kind of shape. i figured that doing only 20 minutes of this stuff was not going to feel like a good workout. i thought i would have to do it twice each day. seriously. i figured that after level 1, day one was done- i'd have to rewind and just do it again.


the workouts are intense. they are really concentrated and even when you're working on your arms, you're working on your legs. it's a good workout. it's hard. your legs will shake. your arms will feel like they are about to give out at any moment. my abs? well, they're fine. that bitch has to bring me something tougher to hurt my abs. ha. (is askeered of level 3). i sweated more during this 20 minutes than i do working out on the elliptical for an hour of interval training. no joke.

walking back to my office after the workout? i almost fell going down the stairs. i had to literally HOLD ON to the rail.

what i like about this so far? that it's only 20 minutes and it feels like it's a million. it's tough. you feel like you're going to die. that was my biggest complaint about p90x. those workouts are an hour long. and the yoga x was 90 minutes!! that is TOO long. who has that kind of time? and if you do, who wants to workout for that long?! not me. i hate working out as it is. so yeah... it begins. 30 day shred (mine will probably take longer since i'm not doing weekends).

what i don't like? you can't freaking fast forward to just start the damn workout already. you have to listen to her go through this stupid talk with you. i've heard it once, don't need to hear it again- i'm just ready to go. and i can't.

before and after pics to come after.


i might puss out.


Peggy said...

My credit card needed "rectification" so I had to re-purchase the shred dvd this morning...I'm getting vewy vewy scawed!

Motherhood Uncensored said...

I agree. My one complaint is not being able to fast forward that first part.


Joe said...

I've never heard of this thing. Is it really that good? I'll be interested in seeing how this works over time.

Unknown said...

I'm glad we finally started, after putting it off for 2 weeks! It's kinda insane what you have to do in 20 mins time, considering you NEVER rest (like the other videos). It's non stop and you're working out all your muscles throughout the whole video, which I like. I am not as sore as I thought I would be but my left arm is strangely the sorest part of my body. I agree, I sweated more during this workout than any other workout I've done that lasts longer. I am very excited to do this with you girlfriend! I need to do a before pic so I can compare later on too. Here's to DAY 2!

Amy @ Taste Like Crazy said...

I have completely been there with the whole holding on thing so you don't fall. :)

Anonymous said...

No pictures? I don't blame you. I'm so vain, I'd die first!

Alison said...

You know it's good when you can barely lower yourself onto the toilet because your thighs are so shaky and sore. Is it like that?

j.sterling said...

ali- it's the stairs... i have to HOLD MYSELF up by the railing walking down them! lol

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

It seems like the entire blog world is trying this out together; what a great way to build support =) I can't wait to see peoples' results, maybe I'll give it a go postpartum to lose some of the baby weight if it works for people here.

Anonymous said...

I have the 30 Day Shred as well. I've only been doing it 2 times per week. :( I hate working out too! I get the part of I've heard the beginning and don't want to hear it again! I turn on the DVD, change clothes, grab some water, etc. and it is usually at the point to choose a level and begin. I'm not patient enough to her talk before every workout either!