Wednesday, January 14, 2009

random craptastic updates

you email. you comment. you ask.. and normally i ignore you. NOT TODAY, FOLKS!!! NOT TODAY!

blake has slept better the past 2 nights. fallen right asleep, no drama.

i have pictures of the house that i need to post. y'all keep asking what the f is going on with the ugly house, and i pretend i can't hear you. you know like a kid with his fingers in his ears going "la la la la la la." we put in a new front door (which also means we got really cute and awesome new door handles). i painted the downstairs and we're in the process of putting can lights in the ceiling. the backyard has grass. i repainted the kitchen. we got new hardware for all the cabinets. we got a new porch light. shutup. that's the kind of shit that makes me happy. still so much more to do. still no money to do it with. still thankful we both have jobs and a home in this crappy economy. *knocks on wood*

ipod- i haven't bought anything yet, but i will get the classic. thank you for the recommendation on the black with black since the button thing gets all dirty. that's what i'll be getting. no dirty buttons here. everyone else who insisted i get the touch- dude, my phone already does all the shit the touch does so i don't need it. just wanted a music player only. word. oh, i do have a question about the ipods since boyfriend is up my ass about this- can you still NOT make a music cd out of music you download from itunes? remember how they download in this weird format that can only be played on apple stuff and you can't burn them onto a disc??? is that still the truth?

our dog- she is inside the house all day now. i think this is week 2 (or maybe 3) that we've left her indoors all day long. she no longer barks and bothers our neighbors. now she just shit and pisses in the house for us. awesome. but at least our neighbors are happy right?

food. eating. diet. whatever. i am on day mother f'n 10 of 14 days of this craziness. i will tell you that whoever says the cravings for sweets and breads goes away is a freaking liar. the past couple of nights have been the worst. tater tots were in my house. i wanted one. BAD. and i really thought, 1 won't hurt. it's just ONE TOT! but no. i didn't do it. and ever since, i've wanted some french fries. or some bread and butter. and omg, it's like freaking mental torture over here. i think i've lost about 4 pounds. nothing major. but i'm hoping these last few days will really kick my body into gear and i'll drop some more. i wanted some major results with this so i'll let you know. i might start excercising too because i find that i'm kind of bored and that i kind of miss it. i might pass out on the elliptical machine due to lack of food and well, that would be an awesome blog post. so i might do it- just for you guys.

the end.


Anonymous said...

I really want to see pictures of your updated house. Make sure to post them soon.

NGS said... husband just download Bon Jovi's "Cross Road" CD (shut up! you know you love the boys from Jersey!) for me on itunes and then burned it onto a CD that I put in my honest to goodness CD player in my car. So I don't think that's true anymore about the not being able to make CD. Scratch that. I KNOW it's not true!! Livin' on a prayer tells me so!!

NGS said...

It should read downloaded, of course...sorry!

Kristabella said...

No, you can burn CDs. I don't think you can burn them an unlimited number of times. I think they cap you at 4 or something, at least when you buy a whole album off iTunes.

Also, FYI, Amazon has MP3s and they are cheaper and compatible with iTunes. Especially since iTunes is raising their prices.

Anonymous said...

I just read last week that itunes songs are no longer having that protection stuff that prevents you from doing practically ANYTHING. Of course, this probably doesn't apply to older stuff.

Anonymous said...

what are they raising their prices too?!

Kristin said...

I think I am going to have to become a fitness-addict... I hate dieting so much that only 15 hour work outs will allow to me to eat like the pig I am...