Tuesday, January 06, 2009

i'm sure i ate my pillow in my sleep

did i fail to mention to y'all that i'm doing no carbs or sugar for 2 weeks? well i am. before you go and get your panties in a wad, i'm just doing this nonsense for 2 weeks, and then i'll re-introduce some fruity sugars and what not back into the swing of things. i need to attempt to detox from what i mainly live off of. S U G A R! C A N D Y! C H O C O L A T E!

so last night i had this dream where i was eating something all carb-a-licious, disguised as something not full of carbs. and once i realized what i had done, i was like "omg, you ate all those carbs! you idiot! you're not supposed to be eating carbs! oh what have you done?!?!!? you're going to have to start all over!!!!"

my point? it was last night. LAST NIGHT. i hadn't even done the no carbs or no sugar thing for an entire day by that point!

this is going to be a long 2 weeks.

ps- i'm not working out right now. i find that working out really makes me hungry and i think it would be freaking mental sabotage to attempt this no carbs/sugar thing and work out at the same time. i'll be done working out and stuffing my face with chocolate the instant i get out of the shower.

work outs will resume after the 2 weeks of terror.


MarĂ­a said...

I SWEAR TO GOD. Get out of my head.
I'm doing the Atkin's induction phase for 2 weeks too (no carbs/sugar).

We'll compare notes at BlogHer. While we dance. :)

Kristabella said...

I can't do that limiting. I have no will power. I'm like you, once it is taken away, it is all I crave. So I try everything in moderation.

Except wine. Because they come in those big bottles for a reason.

Unknown said...

BTW, no alcohol too either sweetie. You can have sweet stuff like no sugar added Pudding pops (which I live on) and sugar-free hard candy. You have to limit yourself to like 15 grams(?) of sugar alcohol a day. So no fruit, no carbs, no sugar (Splenda OK & other sugar-free goodies). The best thing is you can snack between meals. Cashews saved me!

Issa said...

I think I'd die without carbs and sugar. Like, I'm almost dead just thinking about it. But I wish you all the luck in the world.

Hey, are you going to BH09?

Ali said...

i did the no carbs/no sugars for the two weeks thing with gabe last year. he lost 14 pounds. i lost, get this, NOTHING. was totally NOT worth it.

cut most whites (flours, rices, etc) and cut most sugars...but mostly cut calories...that's where you will see the weight loss!

Anonymous said...

I've been doing the healthy eating thing too since the 1st. Yeah. My stomach is eating itself. I'm convinced of it. And I haven't been exercising even though I know I should because I can't seem to concentrate on two things at once.

Anonymous said...

I went through the no carbs thingy for two weeks- my blood sugar was 485 at the time. I was so scared that I didnt miss the carbs at the time. This was just before I saw the dietitician. Got it under control now and do eat carbs. I chuckled at your eating the pillow though. All of my life I have eaten in the middle of the night. You haven't lived until you find a whole chocolate cake in the bed. I ate so much of it (the chocolate) that my system will not tolerate it any more. I get so ill when I have just a piece of chocolate cake. Anyway- you can do this-I know you can! hHang in there!

Anonymous said...

We just got 10 " of snow in the last two days and 50 mile an hour winds, It sure is pretty!
When our windshield freezes over, we just start the car and run the defroster. But haven't lived until the doors freeze shut and the hair dryer has to be brought out with a long drop chord to unfreeze them or the car has less than a half tank of gas and the gas line freezes. Then you put a can ofheet in the tank and rock the car back and forth to break up the ice. It usually only happens when temps are way below zero. Still I wouldn,trade it for hot weather. (Can't take the heat) We usually turn the heat way down in the winter and turn onthe fan. Dad never kept a fire at night and so I got used to sleeping in the cold under mounds of blankets. it is so toasty warm!