Monday, January 05, 2009

i don't make resolutions

i think i always considered making resolutions each year because everyone else always seemed to have these really thought provoking and inspiring ones. at least they sounded good out loud. i don't see the point of them truly. why can't you do things whenever you want, for whatever reason you want? why do we need a new year to all of a sudden become a nicer person? stupidheads.

remember my post about being a fat ass? i knew that it would be pointless (or suicide) to attempt to lose weight during the holiday season. i would have been destined to fail, for reals. and failing would just lead to more eating.

but today- today i start. i start eating in a way that will lessen the largeness that is my ass. and i'm determined. i cannot go on being this enorm. i know you guys saw pics of me from christmas and you think i'm not big, blah blah. but listen- i know how to stand and pose for pics that make me look thin. i am the best at fucking posing for maximum thinness and hotness. when in reality my ass and thighs should probably have their own zip code.

i mention weight loss in the same post as resolutions because i bet 99% of the world today is losing weight for their new years resolution (at least 99% of the magazines in the stores are talking about weight loss and how to lose weight quickly and all for women, cause men are perfect, even if they're fat). well it isn't a resolution for me. it's a necessity for my sanity and confidence. 20 pounds is my goal. no, it's not a lot. but it's a lot on me. and they're going to be hard to lose. the first 10 might not be, but those last 10 are going to fight me every ounce of the way.

but what i'm going to do- the eating thing. it's just a way of life change. it's not something i plan on doing for a little while and then return to "normal" just to gain it all back. in all reality, i kind of already eat like this anyway, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get a little more hardcore. the cutting back on the sweets and crap will be the hardest part for me. i'm not cutting them out completely. i'm not about denial. i need to learn how to be better at portion control, instead of controlling all of the portions into my mouth before someone else gets them first.

once i lose some weight purely from eating better, i'm going to start working out again. the p90x is really an ass kicker, but i swear that thing was making me thicker. i still recommend it and think it's an amazing work out, but mentally, i'm not ready for it again. they are LONG and intense workouts. i like them. a lot. but i need a bit of an intensity break.

so yeah. i just wanted to let you all know that i'm starting now. i really should post before, during and after pics. not sure i'm brave enough in all honesty to get that real. but that might be exactly what i need.

to all of you who do make resolutions, good luck. lol


MarĂ­a said...

I have plain Power 90, and I've had it collecting dust for more than years than I want to admit. I pulled it out today. I'm right there with you babe.

Let's do this shit.

Daddy Dan said...

Good luck, Jennster! Don't get too skinny, ok? We need that butt to keep us warm, right?

Anonymous said...

My resolution is to come to your frakking blog more often because I have no idea what's going on with you unless I see you on Twitter

judy in ky said...

Hi Jennster,
Just wanted to let you know that I am a new fan of yours. Love your honesty. I'm trying to lose twenty too (not twenty-two!). Good luck to both of us!

NGS said...

I totally do want to be a nicer person, though!! And stop eating a candy cane for a mid-afternoon snack every single freaking day!!

Alison said...

You can take a before picture but not post it until you've seen some progress and feel better about things. :)

I don't like resolutions either because they only last so long BUT I am with you on eating better from here on out. You should have seen the veggies on our dinner plates last night. The kids were hatin' it. :)

Meg said...

I'm done making resolutions. I never keep them. I could stand to eat better, but I'm not making any promise this year.

Good luck to you in your journey! I know it's hard, but you can do it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so gross right now! I started in w/smaller portions and cutting out all the holiday junk on the first. I've lost 2 pounds. Only a zillion more to go. But I'm not going on a "diet" either. And I figure if I'm craving something I'll try to just have a teeny tiny bit of it and learn to WALK AWAY. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Coachdad said...

Best of luck to you... I have gone through this myself. In 2001, I weighed 240 and four months later I weighed 160. It's possible. Good luck and I will follow your progress.

Unknown said...

Girl, I've known you for years and even though I don't see you often, I know (and see your pics online) that you look hot and beautiful as always. I totally understand about being able to look good even though you weigh more than people (and you yourself) think. Clothes are a wonderful thing! But it's about feeling GOOD about yourself and just about leading a healthier lifestyle. It's such a struggle and it sucks at the beginning (and various spurts throughout the year) but it's so worth eat healthier, to be more active and just feel better about how you look & fit in your clothes. Though my hubby loves me just the same, I just wanna look HOT for him (and ofcourse myself too). I wanna be able to get into a dress and not have to think "maybe i should wear that body slimmer thing". I wish you luck and let's motivate each other! No more chocolates this week...get some sugar-free shit!

Ali said...

i just started the 30-day shred last night. because the entire fucking internet is in love with it. wanna join me?

Kristabella said...

I don't make resolutions either because then you're just setting yourself up for epic fail. Like I figured "hey, maybe this year I'll try a small resolution like remembering to wash my face every night before bed."

We're 6 days into the new year and nope, hasn't happened!

But I'm trying to lose 30 pounds. But that is BECAUSE MY PANTS DO NOT FIT. Not because it is a new year.

Good luck! You're hawt! Get yourself a skinny mirror from Target too!

Andie said...

I know you can do it!!!!