Saturday, November 29, 2008

time to eat some of my words

remember how i posted that i was seeing twilight again?

for some reason this time, it actually wasn't half bad. it was better than "half bad." it was actually quite good (okay, quite good might be pushing things). i went into yesterday's viewing trying to pretend like i hadn't read the book before. i wanted to let go of all my preconceived notions of what and how i felt the story should go. the two girls who sat next to me helped me with this because neither one of them had read the book yet. they said they wanted to see the movie first before they read the book.

so while i watched it this time, certain things didn't bother me. jasper didn't stand out to me as super uber-weird anymore. the high school kids didn't seem like their screen time was lacking this time around. the character development seemed a little more... developed. i don't know. but this is a good thing people. i really enjoyed watching it. i definitely got more lost in the movie this time around than i did the first time. don't get me wrong, the circle cam and ridiculous pretty shots instead of getting shit done still got kinda old. and bella's voice when she is narrating the movie is still super annoying. i don't know what it is about the way she talks, but the reading / narration is painful to listen too. maybe it's because it reads with very little emotion. maybe that's the point? maybe i'm just an idiot? there are still things in the movie that suck.. things that could have been better, should have been different, but it's not as painfully bad as i made it out to be the first time around.

but really... this time- way more fun. far less irritating. even the casting that had me coming out of my skin the first time, didn't bug me as much. maybe i'm just complacent. maybe i'm less critical today. maybe i'm really just a 13 year old trapped in this enormous body (poor 13 year old).

i remember the first time i watched the movie i was convinced that someone who had not read the book would not even understand what was going on, or what looks meant, etc. i was wrong. of course, if you've read the book, you'll get more out of the movie. you'll know things that those who didn't read the book won't even know they're missing. i also really questioned the way melissa rosenberg wrote the screenplay. i was wrong again. i re-read twilight last night and this morning (mostly skimmed actually) and was suprised at how much of the dialogue in the movie is straight out of the book. i have to apologize for publicly bashing the shit out of her (we have at least one mutual friend that i know of) because i wasn't entirely fair last time. or i don't know, maybe i was just too wound up from being excited and then feeling SO let down. but after reading/skimming the book again and seeing the movie for a second time, i have to say that i'm totally excited for the next movie (even though new moon was my least favorite of the 4 books)! and it's not just for the vampire either- :)


Alison said...

When you read the book first and enjoy it as much as we all did, it's hard for the movie to one up the book. Of course the movie doesn't have to be better, but you go in the first time with the expectation that it should be just as wonderful as the book was...and rarely are the movies as good. I'm glad you liked it better the second time. I hope to see it before it's out on DVD, if only to gawk at that gorgeous vampire for a couple of hours. :)

xox, Legs said...

okay, im trying this once more.. I'm definitely going to see it again.. but out of curiosity.. Do you think Edwards character actually looked like what you thought he would? I cant decide.. i feel like something was off.

Smug said...

I haven't loved the book as much as everyone else, maybe there was too much hype, but while it is fine, it does not seem as good as everyone was making it out to be.

I was going to skip the movie, but then I found out that Peter Facinelli is in it and I have always liked him, so maybe I will see it after all!

I am glad that you liked it better the second time.

Anonymous said...

For real, I'm the only blogger who hasn't read the books or seen the movie. I'm sure I will someday. I hope. I've got a stack of books on my table that I'm trying to get through....

Kristabella said...

I am so glad! I knew you would come around!

I honestly think going into it NOT expecting it to be like the book helped me enjoy it. Plus, when Edward comes on screen the first time, SWOON!

I think I melted into a puddle in the theatre. I need to see it again!

Anissa Mayhew said...


Twilight x2?

I set my self up for a perfect re-viewing:

1. Izzymom, Shash, SecondhandKarl
2. Lots of rum...I do mean lots
3. Much lower expectations and you know what?

I think it maybe sucked a little more. Bah! I'm just saying.

I'm glad you enjoyed it more this time around tho...perhaps by the 50th time I'll be FREAK-O RIGHT ON! Who knows?

carrie said...

I can't believe you've seen it TWICE!!!!! I have not even seen it once . . . too busy shopping, I guess, or eating turkey - either way.