Saturday, November 29, 2008

time to eat some of my words

remember how i posted that i was seeing twilight again?

for some reason this time, it actually wasn't half bad. it was better than "half bad." it was actually quite good (okay, quite good might be pushing things). i went into yesterday's viewing trying to pretend like i hadn't read the book before. i wanted to let go of all my preconceived notions of what and how i felt the story should go. the two girls who sat next to me helped me with this because neither one of them had read the book yet. they said they wanted to see the movie first before they read the book.

so while i watched it this time, certain things didn't bother me. jasper didn't stand out to me as super uber-weird anymore. the high school kids didn't seem like their screen time was lacking this time around. the character development seemed a little more... developed. i don't know. but this is a good thing people. i really enjoyed watching it. i definitely got more lost in the movie this time around than i did the first time. don't get me wrong, the circle cam and ridiculous pretty shots instead of getting shit done still got kinda old. and bella's voice when she is narrating the movie is still super annoying. i don't know what it is about the way she talks, but the reading / narration is painful to listen too. maybe it's because it reads with very little emotion. maybe that's the point? maybe i'm just an idiot? there are still things in the movie that suck.. things that could have been better, should have been different, but it's not as painfully bad as i made it out to be the first time around.

but really... this time- way more fun. far less irritating. even the casting that had me coming out of my skin the first time, didn't bug me as much. maybe i'm just complacent. maybe i'm less critical today. maybe i'm really just a 13 year old trapped in this enormous body (poor 13 year old).

i remember the first time i watched the movie i was convinced that someone who had not read the book would not even understand what was going on, or what looks meant, etc. i was wrong. of course, if you've read the book, you'll get more out of the movie. you'll know things that those who didn't read the book won't even know they're missing. i also really questioned the way melissa rosenberg wrote the screenplay. i was wrong again. i re-read twilight last night and this morning (mostly skimmed actually) and was suprised at how much of the dialogue in the movie is straight out of the book. i have to apologize for publicly bashing the shit out of her (we have at least one mutual friend that i know of) because i wasn't entirely fair last time. or i don't know, maybe i was just too wound up from being excited and then feeling SO let down. but after reading/skimming the book again and seeing the movie for a second time, i have to say that i'm totally excited for the next movie (even though new moon was my least favorite of the 4 books)! and it's not just for the vampire either- :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

so now that turkey day is OVER!

it's time for christmas!!!!!

come look at the blog all dolled up for the holidays (you know, that means if you're viewing this in a feed reader, click through to see it in all its tree glory)! :)

ps- thank you EVERYONE for your jean suggestions.. they were brilliant! well, i'm assuming they are brilliant. have to actually shop and try things on to be certain.

hope you had a great turkey day... i'm still full. and being the glutton of punishment that i am- i think i'm going to see twilight again today. i know i know- i just ranted and raved about how fucking disappointed i was and how much it sucked, but part of me is wondering if i maybe spent the entire first time watching it, critiquing the hell out of it. you know, pissed off that they didn't do this part from the book, or that part.. or wondering why it was a certain way instead of better. i'm hoping that maybe by seeing it a second time, i either A- will enjoy more for what it is instead of hating it for what it isn't... or B- it will still.totally.suck.

wish me luck! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

can we talk about jeans?

we can? great.

listen. i have a fat ass. not phat (although it does rock). it's enormous. to say i'm shaped like a pear is an understatement. so when it comes to jeans, i can't just wear anything.

so i need to know. NEED TO KNOW people. what kind of jeans you wear? and if you're super skinny and have no shape, i don't give a fuck what kind of jeans your ass wears. you probably wear kids sizes. and so you can screw off. cause i secretly hate you (not really). but the jeans that will fit you, will not fit me.

if you're shapely. actually have hips. have a bootie. then talk to me! and thanks!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

even though twilight the movie

sucked so badly it hurt me inside (i'm still reeling from the disappointment of it all)...

this right here (reasons why you shouldn't let your girlfriend read twilight) made me laugh and attempted to heal the hurt within my heart. with things like:

"He's not a vague wuss"

She will fall hopelessly in love with him. Call it what you want, but girls everywhere are getting tangled up in Edward’s perfect web. With lines like “You are my life now” and “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb,” Edward is stealing your girlfriend’s heart. He is charming, mysterious, devoted and sexy. What more could a girl want in a vampire? More importantly, what more will she want from YOU?

i still am a fan of the terribly cheesy books. i just wish the movie didn't almost ruin it all.

*le sigh*

off to the grosh and to attempt to find jeans that fit the largeness that is my ass.

Friday, November 21, 2008

my twilight review

i'm sorry folks, but you knew this would happen. well maybe it wouldn't have happened, and i wouldn't be writing this review at all if the movie was half way decent.

you might want to stop reading here if that last sentence hurt you.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! stephanie meyer and catherine hardwicke, are you freaking idiots or what?!?! melissa rosenberg, did you really adapt the book this fucked up in your screenplay, or did catherine completely fuck you in the directing and editing process?!?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

okay, just had to get that out first.


i wanted this movie to be good. i knew there was a distinct possibility that the movie would be terrible, but i was hoping for the best. plus i'd read the book- how bad could the movie be right? right?!?!? *cries*

we're all in agreement that the books are not written by an amazing novelist, correct (kind of like this blog)? and even though they aren't written all that well, there is still something about them that is super enjoyable and fun, right? so i was kind of thinking along the same lines in regards to the movie... it might not be done really well, but it would still be super enjoyable. i.was.wrong.

first of all, i don't know how ANYONE who has not read this book could sit through this movie. i don't think they would understand what the hell was going on half the time. this movie was developed so freaking poorly, only those of us who read the book understood what a certain look, gesture, "i'm going to vomit if you sit next to me" actually meant. there were parts in the movie that were laughable. like embarassingly so.

i am really at a loss for the casting process on this movie (although i lean towards blaming the director entirely.. i mean, did that bitch even read the book?!?!?). i almost feel like i am owed a fucking explanation as to WHY IN THE LIVING HELL they chose the person they chose to play rosalie?!?! worst.casting.decision.ever. at least not if you're trying to adapt the novel in any way shape or form. also alice? while she looked exactly the way i pictured her to look, her acting was terrible (which is also probably the director's fault- i am beginning to think she can't direct at all). and jasper?! i don't know about you, but when i read the books i never pictured him as this totally weird, offbase, almost mute type non-person. did you? cause in the movie, he's just so weird. and he says literally 5 words in the whole movie. um, who else sucked? oh yeah esme! i would never in a million years cast her to play this part. i just don't get it. like i want catherine hardwicke to get her pathetic directing ass onto this blog and tell me why she chose these people. i want an explanation people. i demand an answer!!!!! oh, who did i like in the movie, you're asking? i like the chick who played bella (although her voice was really annoying and if they aren't careful, she's going to come off like a super whiney, i'm never happy, just kill me, type of character- you know, kind of like meredith grey on grey's anatomy. omg, please kill her already).. and i'm partially now in love with the guy who played edward (bite me. no seriously. do it.).. and i think the casting for all the high school characters (eric, angela, jessica and mike) were awesome! mike was hilarious and jessica cracked me up. they were perfect. good job there! thanks for barely putting them in the damn movie.


okay- do you see how long this freaking post is already!??!! damn twilight for sucking! i wouldn't have to write something this long that people stopped reading 10 minutes ago IF YOU JUST WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moving on. the direction (yes, i am now hating seriously on the director of this film) was beyond shiteous. it kind of reminded me of pearl harbor. very little substance, but lots of pretty light and oooh, isn't edward pretty? let's just circle the camera around him 500 times so we can see his prettiness from every angle possible! and then let's pan up, but still circle cause he's prettier from above, don't you agree?!?! the circle cams were ridiculous and never ending through the whole movie. they were totally unnecessary and just made the movie more silly. especially with the number of times she did it. lame. you hear me hardwicke? LAME!

and i really don't know what happened with the screenplay. i don't know if melissa actually wrote a halfway decent script and the director changed it, or what. but i truly don't understand why they didn't adapt the screenplay more closely with the novel. there was no reason to not almost film the novel word for word. it couldn't have been that hard. i mean, the first time bella sees the cullen's in the book is the best. looking across the room in the cafeteria- seeing their gorgeousness (oooh, circle cam!!!) and then asking jessica who they are. even the jessica/bella convo in the book is totally natural. well the movie is just lame. bella sees the cullens walking oustide the window towards the caf and is all "who are theyyyyyyy"... i don't understand why she couldn't have seen them in the caf the way it was in the book?! WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!? they took absolutely no time at all developing the story between bella and edward before completely jumping into the whole "i can't live without you. me either." parts. the book is unbelievable enough, but i buy into it far more than i ever could with the movie. the movie just really blew it on the whole character development part from any and every angle. they cut things from the book that i felt didn't need to be cut. they took away conversations that i felt really should have been had. they changed little things that they didn't need to change and it affected the movie in a negative way. they are missing so much of the character interaction. and they needed it. whenever mike and jessica came into the picture- they added humor and fun to the movie. but they were out of the scene as quickly as they came in, and then it was all circle cam on the pretty vampire and pale girl.

look, i realize that no movie is ever half as good as the book it's trying to be (except the notebook), but i just think that there was no reason for this movie to be this craptastic. i could have written a better screenplay. i would have adapted it far closer to the novel, and it would have been better. i definitely could have cast it better. i just don't understand why they ruined it this way? and the makeup?! omg, did they just have people run through a huge spray of powder and then put them on set?!?! the makeup was the worst. i mean, come on people- were we making powder here? memoirs of a geisha? oh, we're not?!?! THEN ENOUGH WITH THE RIDICULOUS ATTEMPT AT PASTY WHITENESS. it was distracting.

okay, i have to stop myself before i have a stinking aneurysm (if i do though, please blame the director). i'll just apologize to all of you who are going to see this movie. because it's beyond disappointing. i want to take it back. i want them to go back into production and recast, rewrite and refilm. i want a do over! PLEASE DO A DO OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

at least edward was hot. *sighs*

ps- towards the end of the movie, edward starting doing the mouthy pout thing that shane west does all the freaking time (see- a walk to remember) and that gets annoying. leave your lips alone and stop trying to contort them into stupid positions.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

mentally i'm about what... 15?

i went from not knowing what twilight was (or knowing, but it not sounding interesting enough to really care) to GOING TO SEE THE FREAKING MOVIE TOMORROW NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! yeah. you heard me. i'm going to a midnight showing of twilight with some girlies from work.

i'm ridiculously excited. probably the same way some 13 year old somewhere is excited for the same thing. my maturity astounds me daily. really. my son (not to mention my husband) must be so proud. it will be awesome when blake and i are the same age together. that should be fun.

also, the blackberry storm comes out on friday. i'm stupidly excited for this phone too. i don't know why. i mean, i do know why- but really, it's so dumb. who cares. it's just a phone. and i might not even like it. or want it. but still, i am sitting here counting down the days for the phone and the movie. thank the goddess they happen on the same day. THE BEST DAY EVER.

omg, i really am a 12 year old, aren't i???

text me.

Monday, November 17, 2008

how do you get your alone time?

this past weekend boyfriend and i briefly stopped by a friends get together. a conversation (okay, more like 5 sentences) sprung up about working outside of the home and staying at home. one of the men stays at home with his kids while his wife works her ass off. and one of the guys works while his wife stays home.

it was interesting because everyone feels that what they do is more exhausting. or more work. or more something (or maybe the word "more" here is totally not the right word at all). and i can see both sides.

i think staying at home with the kids is absolutely a ton of work. it's emotionally and physically draining. i'm sure that by the time your significant other walks through the door, all you want to do is ditch the kids and relax. but i also know that working all day long is exhausting in its own right. and sometimes when you walk through the door, all you want to do is relax too and not have to suddenly take on all the kids in the house.

and so i wonder how people do it? how they balance? how does it work in your house if one of you works and one of you stays home. do you get any alone time, or do you not?

ps- congrats to kristabella for winning her very own entertainment coupon book! yay!

Friday, November 14, 2008


so you know those entertainment books that are local to your area? the ones FULL of coupons for everything from taco bell to bowling alleys? well i got my local one and it's awesome! it has online coupons, and coupons for clothes, and coupons for EVERY PLACE THAT EXISTS it seems!

so you want one for your area? do ya? of course you do! who doesn't want a book full of so many coupons you couldn't possibly use them all before they expire?? just comment in the comments that you WANT TO WIN and i'll draw a person at random someday soon. ha!

speaking of winning and stuff. last night when i took blake to sevie (7-11 for those who don't speak ster) to get a slurpee after baseball practice, i saw a lottery ticket... the scratcher kind. i thought it was SO pretty so i bought it. i won $100 bucks! AWESOME!!!! right? right!!!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

nopobloyourmom- not a fan.

i hate the whole post everyday for the month of november crap. i hated it when it started, and here.. however many years later, i still fucking hate it.

look people. what is the point? why are you posting every single day if you normally would not post every single day?!? just to say something that is utterly pointless, for the SAKE OF SAYING SOMETHING THAT IS UTTERLY POINTLESS?!?! it's annoying. truly.

i wish you all would stop. :)

and while you're at it, please for the love of my sanity make your reads full in your feed reader. i like to be able to read your whole post in bloglines- otherwise i don't have the time to click into each blog individually.

help me out here, eh?

yeah, i'm done bitching for today.

Monday, November 10, 2008

a love story.. in pictures

this past weekend blakey face and i went to LA!

it was warm there. i was happy. (but not happy that i didn't plan to stay for this long, so i didn't bring clothes for warm weather for blake or myself. so i had to go shopping to get blake some shorts and try to find a tank top for me because i realize that i really hate having sleeves on my arms.)

we visited with our family (my nephew, my brother, my niece, my sis)

and then we went to disneyland!!!!

where we walked into the filming for disney's christmas special. corbin blue was there. so was ryan suckcrest.

but i think it was their presence that made the castle already decorated for christmas! so i couldn't complain...... too much.
disneyland castle for christmas

the haunted mansion was decorated for halloween and xmas- which is my favorite. i think i like the nightmare before xmas theme better than the original haunted mansion.
haunted mansion

then some potato character harassed blake. it was fun.
potato head

we ate a lot.
we laughed even more.
and we were total dorks with no shame. i love it.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


i realize that i'm the last person on earth to catch a ride on the "twilight" train, but it's better late than never, right?

everyone and their mom has told me to read the twilight books. and out of nowhere the other day, i figured i'd better start! well, i knew the movie was coming out soon and i wanted to read the book first. so 2 days ago, i bought twilight. and um, i finished it yesterday. have i mentioned that i'm already over half way done with the second book? speaking of the second book **spoiler alert- must highlight to read**
OMFG- the second book is killing me. i HATE HATE HATE that edward is gone. it hurts me physically to read this book. like i am in pain for this stupid girl having to go on without him there. and you know damn well he loves her and only left to protect her, BUT I DON'T CARE! i find myself flipping the pages like mad until i can finally get to the part where he is back in her life. cause dammit, that part HAS to be coming!!!!! but this book is hurting me. physically. i have a problem. lol
**end spoiler**

i have a problem when it comes to books. i get so fucking involved in them, i literally can.not.put.them.down. this book is definitely not written for mature adults *ahem* so naturally, i love it. it's so buffy and angel that i can't help but love it. well, minus the whole she's a vampire slayer part. i think there is something about a forbidden love- or a love that isn't supposed to happen, but you can't deny it, fight it, or run from it, that just gets me. i guess i just love a good love story. or a defiant love story. or a story that hints at past lives and people who are "supposed" to be together no matter what. you know? so yeah, i'm on the second book and then i have 2 more to go!

anyway, now i'm psyched for the movie!!! i'm so happy i started reading these books right before the movie is coming out cause i'm all about instant gratification. i don't have to wait long and all you other bitches who read these books years ago have probably been dying waiting. ha!

to everyone who tried to get me to read these books in the past, and i didn't listen because - i dunno, i'm stubborn like that- you were right. they're awesome. i love them!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

i am SO proud!

so freaking proud to be an american today!

i am SO excited and it seriously makes my heart smile that i live in a nation that would elect a black man to lead and run our country. not only did we elect this man- we OVERWHELMINGLY elected this man! that is exciting! and SO amazing! and so heartwarming!!! and it seriously makes me proud. proud of what this nation has become. proud that we can accept someone and believe in them to be our leader, regardless of their color.

we've come a long way america. a long way. we still have far to go, but this is a beautiful step. a beautiful, amazing, wonderful step.

eye voted

Monday, November 03, 2008

answering those hard hitting questions

ha! you've waited... and been so patient.. the time has finally arrived.. MY ANSWERS!!! :) first, thank you guys for pretending like you actually had things you wanted to know about me. and thanks again for being pains in the asses and never asking just one question, but many. you're the best. fuckers.

issa asked the following:
Are you going to BlogHer next year?
i dunno. cause where is it going to be? and i'm honestly not sure i care enough to go, depending on how far away it is from casa de la ster. i don't mean that to sound rude at all, it's just that if it's super far away and would cost a shitload of money, there are other "vacations" i'd like to take instead. especially if i can only take 1. know what i mean?

Do you know where it's going to be? Cause if I'm really going to go, I have to start planning this shit now.
didn't you read the answer above?! i don't know where it's going to be dammit! LOL

When are you and boyfriend going to start procreating? Inquiring minds want to know.
as soon as random people start sending me thousands of dollars a month just for fun. that's about the only way we could afford another kid. ouch.

heinous asked:
Are you doing the 'sexy I've-got-my-mouth-partially-open look' in that pic?
anything sexy in regards to something that has to do with me is completely accidental and unintentional.

texas math wonders:
Now that I've started to read your blog on a more consistent basis again, can you talk more about the following subjects: sports, beer?
probably not. especially now that baseball is over. and i don't really talk beer, i just drink it.

If you could go back to one point in time, which would that be and why?
i'd go back into a past life of mine. oh yeah, you read that right. a past life. i'd want to see who was around me and verify a few things. lol

Do you have coworkers that never remember meeting times, so that you show up on time,and they are at least 30 minutes late, if they show up at all? (Or subsequently, are you that person?
ha! i'm not that person, nor do i have co-workers like that anymore. when i worked at disney, i did!!! but he was big wig, so it was ok for him to be late. or not show up.

(I've asked this of Becky but I'll ask you too, great timing.) What kind of f'n camera should I get Allie?
a canon, dur. and do you want to get her a point and shoot, or a dslr? i have the canon rebel xti and i LOVE and HIGHLY recommend it. cause it's awesome- like me.

Can you describe your all time funniest moment in a movie (not to be confused with funniest movie...but a single moment in a movie)?

Do you think you'll ever live in Southern Calif. again?
yes!!!!! absolutley!!!! without a doubt!! i MUST live in southern california again, or my soul will perish. i know that sounds extreme, but let me just put it out there- if 10 years from now i am still living in northern california (and have never moved back to so cal), just know that i am dying on the inside... that i am probably so sad at the very core of my being that you may not even recognize me anymore. i have to move back there. i have to live there again. it's a must.

Do you realize how ridiculous some travel baseball parents can get?
i think i am that parent. HA! kidding. we've been fortunate to have pretty amazing parents on our team with us. i love them. they're awesome.

What's your favorite new blog you've just recently discovered? (Yeah, you're supposed to answer that it's mine and if not, then just don't answer this one, K??) :)
oh yeah, yours of course! i love your blog! i also have to give daddy dan some props, because he did a feature where he interviewed bloggers and 95% of them, i had never heard of before. he has some GREAT bloggers out there that he reads, so i loved that he did that! it was awesome! but don't worry, you're still the best. (don't tell black hockey jesus, he's so sensitive)

the stiletto mom wants to know:
What is your pet peeve and why? And who does it the most to you/around you?
fuck, i don't know. things gross me out more than being pet peevy i think. like i hate hate hate when people put their gross disgusting bare fucking feet on the dashboard of cars. omg, HATE it. it grosses me the hell out. the people who do it the most? random strangers i don't know but are forced to see on the freeway. EWWWWWW

cole is inquiring:
Everybody's got a hidden talent. What's yours?
really? everyone has a hidden talent?!?!! how come no one ever tells me anything?! and even more horrifying, how come no one gave me one?!?!?!? i don't think i have a hidden talent. for reals. all my talents are too awesome to hide.

chris o has got to know:
Why does sour cream have an expiration date? Isn't it already expired, hence the name? Do you ever think about cheese?
cause sour cream can get even MORE expired. and then you'll get sick. and puke. and possibly die. see, i just saved your life. always heed the expiration date on already expired products.
i think about cheese a lot. i love cheese. i want it on everything (except my ass).

anissa mayhew asked:
How do you feel about mimes? Legitimate artists or freaks just begging for a beating?
i've never thought about mimes before. but now that you're asking, i think they are just begging to get the shit beat out of them. multiple times. i mean, really.

JILL (who is awesome and sends me amazing emails) posted:
Are you ever going back to blog talk radio. this would be a great topic on their (Ask Jennster)
i don't think that i'll be going back anytime soon, if ever. it's too time consuming and i don't have enough time as it is. i mean, if i could have my show during work hours, that would be one thing- but since i have to try to fit it in when i get home at night, i just can't do it. i like my kid more than i like BTR, so he wins.

How are the projects going on the house and when is the first party? This includes the yards since we have NO PICTURES!!
omg, the house is never-fucking-ending. i haven't posted pics in forever because i haven't taken pics in forever. i forget that people care. or pretend to care. shit. i'll take pics of the backyard cause that is the current project. everything is OUT- boyfriend tore shit up- and now it's muddy and trying to grow grass. but it's mostly just muddy. first party? man. the rate we're going, boyfriends birthday will be our first party. we suck.

How many things do you think about on the way to work, like how subjects does your mind touch on (someone asked me that this week and it fucked up my whole morning trying to think and write it down)
i think that my commutes to and from work are the 2 times during the day when i have the most thoughts.... so many things run through my mind in a really calm and cohesive manner. but then i get to work, or i get home- and all those thoughts scatter and are gone!

neurotic grad student asked:
If someone gave you $25,000 and you had to donate it to a charity (or combination of charities) where would the money go and why?
i really like this question- i think mostly because i can talk about an organization that NO ONE seems to talk about ever. i would donate $20,000 of it to the texas equusearch. they are the organization that comes together and looks for lost and missing people. when natalee holloway went missing, they went into aruba to try to find her. so many people go missing, and they do nothing but help. i love this organization and wish they got more recognition for the good that they do.
i would take the last $5000 and donate it to the surfrider foundation. it started in malibu and i remember when it was nowhere else but there. it's dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches. :)

point45 (aka boyfriend) asks a life or death question:
if your husband got a disease where he would die if he did not receive oral services until completion every day for the rest of his life...........

how long until he would be dead?
listen, i'll make sure to dress you hot for your funeral. at least we'll be able to have an open casket, right? and what a bitch that eulogy is going to be. i mean, really? how can i sit up there and talk about how much i liked you and stuff, when i'm the one responsible for your croakage? this is going to be a sticky one...... or not. har

kristabella (who was one of the most awesome chicks of b'her 08) asks:
Why does your blog address have 3 N's in Jennster?
cause some stupid bitch had jennster with 2 n's- in a blog she doesn't update. and i tried to contact her to get her to dump it so i could have it, but there was no email address and no way to contact her and so I HAVE TO HAVE 3 N'S, when everyone in the free world knows that i am JENNSTER WITH 2 N's!!!! *ahem*

What is your favorite kind of cheese?

What is your favorite outfit from 8th grade?
i think i still dress the way i dressed in 8th grade. so um, jeans and tank tops. thanks for reminding me just how uncool i truly am.

joe wants to know:
How do we know that the top of your head didn't explode?!?
this is one of those times when i'm going to ask you to just trust me. k? k.

a cowboy's wife (another awesome b'her 08'er) ghetto fabulously asks:
I'd like to know where you get that booty from and how you can hook me up with some booty of my own?
this booty is yet to be sold in retail stores, or online anywhere! i'm hoping to one day be able to market said fabulous ass, but as of yet, you'll just have to dream and put it on your christmas list! (or eat lots of junk food)

the wind in your vagina (best blog name ever) keeps it real by asking:
If you could share 30 beers with any blogger, who would it be?
is this a trick question? i mean, is it 30 beers in one night? cause if it is, i wouldn't remember ANYTHING, so i wouldn't care who i drank them with- you know, being passed out and practically dead on the street can be done with any random blogger. but what if it was a beer a night, for 30 nights? then i'd have to actually like the person and want to spend that kind of time with them. you're a tricky one, bhj.

andie keeps it southern by asking:
what's your favorite thing about New Orleans?
i love love love the history of the place! new orleans was one of the neatest cities i've ever been too- and i ended up being there on my trip alone!! i loved the history walks i took, the cemetary tours, the garden district tour... the houses there are amazing- the history of the homes, and how they got the iron for their gates shipped to them from overseas. i just love the feel of new orleans... the witchcraft, the voodoo, the FOOD!!! hands down the best food i've ever had was in nawlins. :)

Are you planning on coming back?
i would totally come back. i'd actually like to come back, but it's not on an upcoming trip list.

What would be your last meal?
like if i was in jail and getting sent to the chair?! that kinda last meal? lol.. something fatty and italian most likely. super cheesy with something super chocolately to die from.

and finally, my good friend (in real life) megaland wants to know:
ummm...are you answering these privately? and if so...why??!
no bitch, i'm not. so suck it.