Friday, July 25, 2008

some totally awesome pics

since i'm still in vegas (i'm post dating this post so it posts while i'm gone. i love this shit), i figured i'd just post some pics that i found that other people took of me at blogher 08. sometimes i think "god i'm awesome." and other times i'm like "what the hell is wrong with me?!?" i honestly can't tell you which one i think more.

if you took these pictures of me, you rock. thanks for making me laugh, spit, choke, hide, want to bury my face in something soft but durable, or whatever else i did when seeing these pics of me. awesome.

i actually dig not having half a face. seriously. i almost look better this way.
i look a lot hotter when you can't see my nose

stapler, meet crotch. crotch, meet stapler.
stapler snatch

it must have been VERY exciting. or not, knowing me.
so fun

you all remember my boyfriend, the chair? we got caught trying to sneak out for some alone time together. fucking paparazzi.

not only will mcdonald's bags make your face look like it's about 200 pounds, the grease from the fries will drip onto your cheeks and make you shiney. at least that's what you'll tell people.
Jennster is INSANE.

whoorl is so mean and evil, she laughs while i cry.
Jennster is full of drama.

and well. if that's not fucking attractive, i dunno what is.
jen b's pic...  it scares me and i'm in it

sometimes i can't get over how unbelievably sexy me and my ring are. good lord people.
unbelievable how sexy i am.  truly

ps- there are other pics i wanted to steal but some of you bitches make it too hard!


MarĂ­a said...

You are nuts and I love it. We're getting fucking WASTED next year.

Ali said...



i miss you.

Evil Witch said...

If I wasn't so A.) un-famous and B.) broke, I would so all look like too much fun.

Grim Reality Girl said...

thanks for making me jealous of the fun... AGAIN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Would you please promise to have a drink with me in '09 and give me a reason to hold on until next BlogHer? Too fun!

Karen MEG said...

Okay, now I'm even more pumped to go to BlogHer 09.
You... are too much fun!

Anonymous said...

Dude...I freed my photos. Steal away. I fully expect to see that certain photo in question on this blog. ;)

Hope you're having a blast in Vegas! I can totally imagine the things your doing and photographing! ;) hehehe

Anonymous said...

OK Jennster...are you ever coming home? I need some laugh and inspiration. Sigh......hurry back! ;)

Kristabella said...

You're nuts! And I love you.

That is all.

Heather said...

That last totally damn sexy!