Wednesday, July 02, 2008

some house pics!

i realized it's been a long time since i've shown you some house pictures. and i never talk about it. truth is, we're still working on it. and you all were right when you said that a house takes forever to update. it's slowly, but surely, coming along.

i still have a lot i want to do to it. nothing major, except for the yards. those are the most major. our front lawn is digusting and we look like white trash. our backyard is just one big mess. i wish we had money to pay someone to come in, and really go to town. i want a backyard that is awesome for entertaining. i'm not sure i'll ever have that. everything is so expensive!

the other stuff i want to do isn't major- but it costs money. and i'll be dammed if actually owning this house isn't also owning my whole entire paycheck. sometimes it seems like things were easier when i had a ton of cash to burn. but i guess the grass is always greener.... right?

what i do know is that this house has been a lot of work. and it's hard to truly relax in a home that you constantly want to update and fix. it's also difficult for me mentally i think to enjoy everything about home owning, when i don't enjoy the home yet. it's like i can't let go of the fact that stuff still needs to get done. i mean, i REALLY want to have a party. i really want to have people over, but i feel like we can't do that yet. and i'm kind of tired of waiting. you know i'm not the patient kind.

anyway, most of the pics are still works in progress. nothing really is "finished.." is it ever? but here they are!

blake's room.. well, part of it
blakes before and after

part of the guest room..
guestroom before after

part of our bedroom..
master in progress

part of the computer room..
computer room before and after

another view of the computer room..
computer room in progress

the dining room.. which alreayd has changed since the "in progress" pic was taken. we have curtains and a curtain rod! yay
dining room before and in progress


carrie said...

Looks like you've made a ton of progress. All that painting is making me tired just lookin' at it!

And you know, the important part is that it is YOURS. All YOURS. You can take as long as you like to settle in and make it perfect.

Then, when you're done, it'll be time to fix something! HA! The joys of homeownership! :)

Alison said...

You've done so much and it looks so nice. I love all the paint colors you chose. I can't wait to come see but I have no idea when we'll be up next as the parental units are now down here. :)

Jenna said...

OMG, it does take forever. Worth it in the long run, but still.

It looks like you've made some great progress...looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

the place looks great Ster---stop stressing and love it!! its nice and homey!!! I want pics of the living rooms!!

Southern (in)Sanity said...

I am impressed. The pictures show significant changes in all of those areas. Y'all are doing great.

Anonymous said...

Half of the fun is never finishing it. I felt the same as you once but then I decided that I wanted to invite people over so they could SEE the improvements after it was so far along.

I love that picture in the Master Bedroom.

You guys have done so much already. It is easier to have a finished place but this is YOURS when it is done. And if you want to redo the whole thing again you have the freedom to do it without asking anyone.

Its fun ENJOY don't stress so much!

Anonymous said...

It's coming along very cute! It does take a lot of work and money! I hear you!

Ali said...

wow! you've done TONS! awesome!

Meg said...

Love the color of your room!