Wednesday, July 16, 2008

blogher= who is the prettiest?

blogland is abuzz with women everywhere talking about blogher! and every one of them (that i've read) is talking about what to wear, buying new shoes, new clothes, getting manicures, getting pedicures, getting their hair did, new makeup, trying to lose 10 pounds, etc.

and i find it all so interesting. and funny. don't get me wrong, i'm one of those girls too, but i'm sitting here laughing at how PRETTY we all want to look for one another! it's true, right? we all want to look and feel our best. we want to look really pretty for all of our online friends we're getting to meet for the first time, or see again. and i wonder why? why do we try so hard to impress other women? why do we want to look pretty for other chicks?

i guess i can ask myself the same question, but i don't really have an answer. i just know that i want to look cute. but not really more cute than i want to look everyday.

maybe it's because we don't get to see these people often, so we want to leave a good impression? maybe we want to feel like we're as cute and clever as our blog is? hell, i don't know. why the hell do you want to look so good for blogher?

this post was inspired by ali. lol


Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

this has nothing to do with blogher but that's how we are in jjhf land for our trip next week! lol and why do we even care? i quit caring FINALLY (although i'm still getting my nails and toes done lol)...but it's funny how we all really do this!

j.sterling said...

it's true!!!! it's the same thing for vegas. all us girls want to look SO pretty. we want to lose weight, get our nails done, and have cute clothes. WHYYYYYY

Ali said...

haircut and color. nope.
lost weight. nope (gained 5)
new shoes. nope.
new clothes. nope.
manicure. nope.
pedicure. nope.

i'm showing up looking how i NORMALLY look...and will like it!!!

because i am awesome!

Alison said...

It reminds me a little of high school. Pretty = popular = having the most friends = important. Gag.

Anonymous said...

fuck that--I wont even be wearing a bra in vegas...

Perstephone said...

they want to look that good because they are all dying for you to grab their asses and molest their boobs. because if they don't get some touch from 'ster, well, then they may as well have stayed home ;) at least that is what -I- would be thinking!

Sunshine said...

you win, you're prettiest.
Your hair is so shiny...can I tough it without seeming like a freak?

j.sterling said...

sunshine- first of all, NO F'N WAY AM I THE PRETTIEST.

secondly- your hair looks SUPER soft and way softer than mine.

let pet eachother's heads k? ;


Daddy Dan said...


It looks like you deleted it or something, but that message to your Gramps was really nice. I hope your grandpa is doing well and still able to read your blog.

Meg said...

I'm not going to BlogHer, but I did the same thing for a bachelorette party a month ago. I'm still not sure why I felt the need for a spray tan, just to go out with the girls, but fuck if I didn't do it anyway.

Have fun at BlogHer. One of these years I might even go. You know, once I blog regularly again!

Mom101 said...

I don't care about looking pretty for anyone but you.

Well, you and the eight hundred bazillion cameras that will document our every move forever preserving them on flick'r for all the world to see.

But mostly you.

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't go to BlogHer but I've been to TWO of them before so I'm like, a TOTAL expert now, dig?

My theory is that we don't want anyone to gossip about us and say that we looked ugly or dumpy or that we are moms who've let ourselves go and all those other things that people think other people might think about them.

Or maybe it's just me?