Friday, May 23, 2008

he is so lucky that i love baseball this much

he, being that kid of mine. i don't think i have expressed enough publicly just how much this child of mine loves baseball.

he pitches

he catches (omg, how to make your child sound gay in 4 words or less)
he catches..

he hits like a rockstar
blake at bat

..and i don't think i've mentioned enough publicly how much i love baseball. (go dodgers). always have. always will.

the best part? it is so much fun to watch this kid play baseball. the way his mind works. he is completely on top of things before he makes any decision. he knows who is playing what position, and if they can catch the bullet he's going to throw at them or not. he is fully aware of how much the pitcher is paying attention to him when he's on the bases. if he's not giving blake his full attention, well, blake's going to steal. cause he's quick. and cause he can.

in a word, it's awesome. he's awesome. and fun.

this weekend is our first travel ball tournament. i'm so excited because A- i could spend my life at the ballfield watching this kid play baseball and i'd be perfectly happy... and B- because these kids are going to be good. this tournament is going to be TOUGH. and we've been lacking good, solid competition since we moved up here from LA. i've been longing for kids who are as good as blake is (and better) to play against. i'm psyched. truly. i can't wait to have blake playing against kids who are better than he is. i like blake to be challenged on the ball field (something he hasn't truly been since moving up here. at least not consistantly). so i'm really excited. and blake is too-

here's to a super fun weekend with lots of sun, nachos, and seeds!


yorksdevil said...

Playing catcher, and the lifetime of knee ailments that come with it. What would it take to get him playing middle infield?

Anonymous said...

You go Blake. I to am a baseball junkie even though my team is not doing anywhere close to what they could do and I just shake my head. If I was there I would be there yelling and screaming too. Have FUN and GO FOR IT!!!!

point45 said...

blake plays every postition. he likes catching....but that may be because he gets bored easy and that keeps his attention well.

Anonymous said...

Blake is a total ROCK STAR! I love when kids rule so hard at a sport.

I totally feel your ball practice starts next week & I'm looking forward to seeing Madison play at that competitive level since HS season just didn't cut it.

And she likes to catch too for the same reason.

Alison said...

Oh, he is such a cutie! Have fun this weekend!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome....

Grim Reality Girl said...

Wishing you and Blake the BEST! How awesome that you celebrate the competition! I like that so much -- it is better to be challenged than to constantly slaughter the competition. We learn so much from the tough fight!

Anonymous said...

Jim used to play baseball down at Pleasant Valley, and I used to beg my mom and dad for a dollar so I could get a Pepsi and a bag of Skittles. Good times... :) Anne

Andie said...

those are some great shots you took!