Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the whole miley cyrus picture thing

why is everyone's panties in a freaking wad over this picture? in my personal opinion, this picture is awful. i don't think it's sexy. i don't even think it's attractive. i think she looks like gollum from lord of the rings.

the picture that has rocked the world gollum cyrus

see? stop laughing and admit you see the similiarities (someone please photoshop miley's hair on gollum.. lol).

yes, she's 15. yes, she's a role model to very young girls. so, don't let your very young girls read vanity fair. don't let them see this picture. and if they do see this picture and freak out, TALK to them about it (i know, what a novel concept).

for some reason i'm just not offended. i don't think she should be apologizing. and maybe that's because in my opinion, the picture truly isn't sexy. now maybe if she was super vamped up and totally whored out, i'd be like.. "whoa, what the hell is this crazy bitch doing??" but personally, i think the picture of her laying in her dad's junk is more uncomfortable than the picture at the top.

miley and her dad
see? *shudders*

all i'm saying is that we do NOT want another joe and jessica simpson on our hands folks. *vomits*

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

R to the AN-DOM

dude. do you love lost like i love lost? if so, you MUST GO TO THIS WEBSITE. holy freaking crap. if this dude was asking for investors in his company, i'd buy. this is pretty much the most awesome theoretical lost site EVER. i am dying over it's awesomeness. yes, i said awesome-ness. lost rules. but this site rules harder. I LOVE IT. (not to mention the fact that i hope he's right).

what type of music do you listen too? cause i'm all over the map. i am obsessed with the following songs:

pork and beans by weezer
bleed it out by linkin park
handlebars by the flobots
sexy can i by ray j (dirty ass song, but i love it)
with you by chris brown
no air by chris brown and jordan sparks
different world by bucky covington
there are more, but i'm tired of linking. lol

did you know it's almost SUMMER?!?!! god i love summer. it's by far my favorite season. i love the heat. the warmth. the beach. and i really love the idea of warm summer nights. i say idea because we don't really have them up here. it gets freezing at night, which i think sucks. i miss the nights where you can sit outside and talk or hang out, and not be freezing cold. there's something about still being warm at night that's just right in my mind. i guess i just have so many memories of growing up with warm nights that were full of playing outside, or laying on the grass, talking, etc. that's part of what makes summer so memorable for me.

there is still tons to do on the house. boyfriend and i went to town on all the plants and bushes in the front of the house this past weekend. they are GONE. sweet. but now of course, it's all barren and sad looking. at least it's not dumpy and messy looking (like it was). houses are lots of work. why didn't you fuckers warn me, and advise me to stay in our small little townhouse where we had too much money we didn't know what to do with all??? now we have no money. but we have a house. what the hell man. i want it all. houses, money, cars, ALL OF IT. i know i know- i'm a selfish bitch. so what.

Friday, April 25, 2008

a constant reminder of the day.he.died

i was reading my hometown paper the other day (online) when i came across this article about this terrible car accident on PCH. this high school kid made a dumb decision (or two), and paid the ultimate price.

of course, me being the completely psychotic freak that i am, found his myspace online. and i found myself consumed in all the comments his friends were leaving him. total shock. disbelief. begging for it to not be true. the heartache. the heartbreak. the sadness. the cyber tears, hugs, hearts. it was overwhelming.

i still check his myspace daily. i'm curious. i'm curious what his friends are saying... if they're saying anything at all. i feel their sadness. i grieve with them for this boy. and everytime i visit his page, i seriously trip the fuck out. his page is like this moment frozen in time. his last login date (4/8/2008) will forever be memorialized. because he logged on that day, and died that night. the last picture of himself that he put up will forever be there. that small little snowboard on that big huge mountain with an even bigger sky. the song he put on his page that starts playing the moment you get there. his one blog post. his top 8 friends. the way he describes himself and his likes/dislikes. and his mood. it just all sits there. never to be updated again. never to see a change in the "last login date." forever 4/8/2008. his mood will forever be "jedi." whatever the hell that means... not that it matters. it just really trips me out everytime i go there and everything is exactly the same as it was. that date. that 4/8/2008 just stares at me. or maybe i'm staring at it.

the saddest part of it all? i don't know if these kids have even learned a thing. i know how horrified and saddened they are. i know how badly they wish it was all different and their friend was still here. but their myspace pictures are filled with them drinking and partying and all kinds of talk about smoking pot. even since after this accident. i always think, "do their parents know their myspace pages look like this? would this shock them if they saw these pics?" i don't know. maybe high school kids have always been drinking and smoking pot?? maybe it's just because there was no myspace or facebook back then. maybe if there was, the pictures would look the same. different clothes and hairstyles, but the same premise? i don't have the answer. but i do have an almost 10 year old son and i will tell you that the things i see on some of the teen myspace pages out there, scare the living shit out of me. truly.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

here's where i get my perspective back

of course after i wrote yesterday's post, i came across this post from lindsay.

and i left this in her comments:

"of course i read this post AFTER i just wrote a post bitching about
not getting invited to fucking ANYTHING. lol

but i do agree with everything you're saying. hell, i didn't start
blogging for free trips. i didn't start blogging for free anything. and i guess
i just forgot that part when i "compare" what everyone else, who i feel used to
be like me, is getting now. all these bloggers who i considered to be in the
same category as i am, are suddenly being offered all sorts of things that i'm
not. suddenly i feel... not left out really- but different i guess. and almost
like it's in a bad way. know what i mean?

anyway, great post.

and thank you for it."

and that pretty much sums it up.

i didn't start blogging to get free things. that was NEVER my intention. never even a part of the equation... in the slightest. hell, it never even crossed my mind that you COULD get free shit for blogging. so i guess it's all in how you look at it.

if you're blogging to get free stuff then good for you. but i'm not. and i just have to remember that when it seems like everyone else is getting invited places. and i also have to remember that some of these women who are getting these things, are trying to run businesses.. start a business... or their blog is their only income, etc. i'm not trying to do any of those things. my reasons for starting a blog were pure and simple.... and just very honest. i wrote for my grandpa, and anyone else who happened to stumble here and like what they read (which many people did and i loved that- i love you guys). and my basis for starting a blog still remains very true and pure to this day. so i don't need the free trips. or the free swag. or the free anything (except you blogspot, don't you ever change) .. cause it's not what it's about for me. and i wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

how do bloggers get invited everywhere for FREE??

please tell me.


every blogger in the free world, but me it seems. there. i've said it.

i don't understand. i truly don't. someone explain it to me before i blow a freaking brain lobe or something.

amy gets flown around by sony to get a shitload of camera gear (not to mention video camera gear)... FOR FREE.

elizabeth gets flown to god dammed disney world for who the hell knows what- all expenses paid i'm assuming.

liz and kristen are flying out here for something- i don't know what it is, but who cares right? free flights. hotels. food. and whatever else they are getting for FREE.

then there was camp baby, camp who's your baby, camp not your baby, camp who gives a shit about all these babies... and all these things that i seem to read about from virtually everyone out there.

bloggers. getting paid to attend conferences. and flown halfway across the united flipping states. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? and HOWWWWWWW is more appropriate i guess.

am i jealous you ask? not jealous per se.... more curious. like why the fuck don't i get asked to attend any conferences? is it because i say fuck? maybe it's because i don't have a brand new baby? do you think if i consumed boyfriends seed i'd get flown to places and given free shit? i wonder..... i guess an invite to something at least once would be nice. i realize i'm the black sheep of the blogosphere, and that's totally cool with me- but what the hell man? even the black sheep needs love sometimes. love= stuff for free.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

so i guess this is me

bye ster
all i can think is.. "what the hell shoes am i wearing???" seriously. i don't think those are my feet. they are so NOT my shoes.. like at all.

ps- i think i should clarify that i did not make this picture... someone else sent it to me. lol

Monday, April 21, 2008

the post where i hurt my neck, but not my ass

i sit on a ball at work. i think i've talked about that before. my chair= ball.
on friday, i was minding my own business, updating something when my phone rings. i lean forward to answer it.
"this is jenn..."
then i hear a hissing sound.
as quickly as i thought "what in the hell is that sound?" the ball i was sitting on EXPLODED!!!!!
ex-freaking-sploded. like someone SHOT it out from under me.
so i'm on the floor, crying from laughing so hard. i can't talk. i'm still trying to say "helloooooooo.." to whoever is on the phone. but i can't.stop.laughing.

and one of my co-workers? well she saw the whole thing. she was facing me. so whenever i think about what she saw, i lose it completely. one second i'm sitting there typing away, and the next- a shotgun sound rings out- the air from the ball exploding blows my hair straight up- and then i'm gone. just gone. can you imagine?!?!!! you know you're laughing.

the ball? it is literally in 2 pieces. as if some giant tore it in half. freaky.

and me? in the midst of laughing so hard i think i might actually die from it, i realize that my neck and back... well.. they freaking hurt. not my ass. i mean, i know i had to land on it, but i can't feel where i landed for the life of me. no clue what part of my body actually hit the ground. i'm sure it was my bootie, but since it's so large and in charge, that drop didn't even phase it. so i'm laughing and then i'm like "i think i hurt my neck..." and i did. i truly did.

but at least it's a good story right?

Friday, April 18, 2008

jennster in the airport, part 129381029312

i think that everytime i travel, i'll have to do an airport recap post. seriously, i always have so much to say after flying! lucky you.

but i'm really f'n tired, so bare... bear? bere? with me here.. yeah. okay. thanks.

have you ever stopped to think about the type of information you tell complete strangers when you're on a flight with them? seriously. i came off of my flight to burbank yesterday feeling like i had just learned this one guys i mean, i know what this guy did the day he graduated high school (packed up and moved to anchorage, alaska)... and where he lives now (boise, idaho).. and what he does for work (this really convoluted internet he will make you lots of money, you give him half, type job)... and all about his 2 kids (his son is in college and his daughter is going to beauty school)... i know how long he was married (23 years) and how long he's been seperated (1 year).. and why they split up (way too long and totally not my place to post, although apparently all the rest of this personal information is).. i know what he likes to do in his spare time (kayak, river raft, travel).. i saw pictures of his daughters gorgeous, yet enormous, first tattoo... and i saw her high school graduation picture (where she wore some seriously killer shoes)... i saw pictures of his dog when he was a puppy and his dog as a real dog (the best one was where he had a completely muddy nose, and 2 front mudded paws.. awwww)... and that's about it. but really, isn't that a lot of information to learn about someone in a 1 hour flight? he should be thankful i'm not psycho, or some crazy person- because i think people are far too forthcoming without thinking about it, when they fly.

i always think about the type of information i'm telling someone. BUT, it doesn't necessarily stop me from spewing it all out. hell, the guy who flew back to oakland with me last night knows what i do for a living, what husband does, husband's name, where we live. good god, husband is going to KILL me when he reads this. i'm an idiot huh? maybe. but i also know where he lives, and that he was down in LA interviewing for a job in pasadena (did you get an offer yet? DID YOU? DID YOU TAKE IT? TELL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!), and that he had an interview at flickr!!!! (i heart flickr, except for their videos. stupid video flickr.), and where he's from originally (beantown), and how long he's lived in san francisco (10 years too long!), and how when he moved out to california from boston- he thought that nor cal would be like so cal (he soon realized that it wasn't), and a slew of other things (i think). and obviously i gave him the link to this blog, because he promised he'd come here and tell me about the jobs, and if he got offers, and if he's going to move to southern california (which would obviously be the smart thing to do) or not.

so yeah. maybe i'm just as forthcoming as everyone else is. eeeek. are you? when you travel, do you find yourself engaged in conversations with strangers, or do you sit silently and hope you're not sitting next to someone like me?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

it was like watching bambi.. but for reals!

yesterday we were surprised to find a brand new baby deer lying in a patch of grass under a corner of our building... see?

bambi 1

bambi jr consumed most of our day. we all ran to windows to check on him throughout the day (even the men here were totally smooshy when it came to b jr). we read online that bambi's mom leaving him for the day was totally normal (meagan wanted to call CPS.. i just figured she was a dirty whore and i had a new pet). the mom leaves him because he isn't strong enough to stand or run from predators- so she hides the baby where he can't be seen. i will admit, the spot for the day was perfect! except for all of us pesky humans.

bambi 2

so all day long we're waiting for mommy to come back and we keep asking eachother "has she come around at all? has anyone seen her? where is sheeeee?". FINALLY.. at the end of our day, the mom comes creeping over. she moved i mean, to the point that we were all yelling in our heads, "OH MY GOD, MOVE! COME ON! HE'S RIGHT THERE! GO GET HIM!!! JEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!!" it was almost painful to watch. you know how deer are- they take one hoof step at a time... look in every direction.. listen... put the hoof down on the ground... look around again.. listen some more.. repeat, rinse and lather.

so she gets to a point on the building and bambi jr sees her! OH.MY.GOODNESS. talk about pulling at your heartstrings. b jr stood up.. his legs were all wobbly (JUST LIKE BAMBI THE MOVIE!!!) and he walked over to her as fast as he could. it was the sweetest damn thing ever. then they walked away together and when b jr would run, he would hop around... it was hilarious and awesome and probably the coolest day ever!!!!

b jr & mom

Sunday, April 13, 2008

mr. manners

while we were out to dinner the other night with jeff and trish, blake attempted to tell a very non funny joke. when i say attempted, i really mean that he asked if he could tell it. we quickly responded with a "NO! it's not even a funny joke blake! you can't tell it.. plus it's gross and it's about toilets! you're not telling a toilet joke while we're out to dinner..."

to which he responded with, "it's not a joke about toilets mom... it's a joke about butts."

Friday, April 11, 2008

um, so.. i still don't own an ipod

it's true. i don't have one. boyfriend doesn't have one. we aren't an ipod family.

i'm sure that many of you are freaking out right now.. yelling things at your computer (or at least in your head) like "WHAT?!?! HOW CAN YOU NOT OWN AN IPOD? JENN!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE SOOOO COOL!!!" well maybe the cool part is a bit much after my new kids on the block post the other day.

let me assure you however, i am still the epitome of cool. it just happens. :) but back to this whole ipod bit. i don't even understand when the hell i'd use the damn thing. honestly. when the hell do you ipod loving freaks use yours?? and seriously, the thought of having to upload my cd's to the computer and then get them on my ipod sounds like far more work than i could ever have time for. and what if i buy songs through itunes and then put them on the ipod? well what if i want an entire cd????

i guess i just don't get it. the whole ipod implosion... so maybe you could explain it to me. where do you use your ipod? why should i have one? where the fuck would i use it?

non ipod having cool person- out.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

i've taught my son well

when teasing him about no longer loving the DODGERS and liking the horrid giants (i just threw up in my mouth a little), blake responded with the following.. in a very matter of fact tone:
"mom!!!! my heart is FILLED with blue and white! my room is blue! i love my room. it's's perfect.. it's beautiful. okay??"

then as we were driving, this guy would not stop freaking staring at me...

so i was like, "ugh, what is he staring at???"
and blake, without missing a beat says, "he is probably looking at you mom because he thinks you're beautiful... because you are."

ha! love.this.kid.

your face will stick like that

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the post where i revert back into a 16 year old, joey mcintyre loving, complete and total nerd

by now you've all heard that the new kids on the block are having a reunion tour, right? right.

but what you don't know.. what i've never delved deep enough into for your enjoyment... (not to mention pointing and laughing) was my total adoration for these geeks. i.loved.them. LOVED. to the point that i was certain i was going to marry joe mcintyre (you know, as soon as he met me and fell hopelessly in love, dur).

i met my high school best friend alison (she comments here) when we were in the same geometry class together. now i didn't meet her because we were in the same class, i met her because one day she wore a freaking new kids t-shirt to school and i think i cornered her, or yelled at her as she walked in the door.. i'm sure she remembers this part better than i do. but the bottom line is, i freaked on the girl- in a "OH MY GOD, YOU LIKE THEM TOO?!?!?!" kind of way. a friendship was born. not to mention stalking ideas. marriage plans. inside jokes (as much as we loved the guys, we would totally make fun of them and the things they would do, or how they would say things) a super popular new kids newsletter- BY MAIL (this was all before the internet folks). a letter to donnie's mom asking to MOVE IN, no less. no really. i think it went something like this: "hi, can we come live with you and go to college in boston?" omg, we were shameless. and serious. how mortifying.

i had pretty much everything that you could possibly buy. trading cards, posters, cd's, movies, concerts on VHS (once again, this was before dvd's), buttons, every magazine they were in, the joe doll, and whatever the hell else there was (except for the sheets. i was never really into the whole sheets thing).

once when my family and alison went on vacation together, my mom bet the two of us that we couldn't go an entire day without talking about the new kids. i don't think we lasted 2 minutes. how could we not talk about our future husbands?!?! we had SO many inside jokes that they were wrapped into every conversation. how the hell did our parents even think we were normal? i guess we should be thanking them for not sending us out for psych testing (thanks mom).

so you know what's funny? when i hear one of their old songs now (which are almost laughable cause really, they really don't sing that well..) it takes me back immediately. yesterday i heard "if you go away" and i was instantly transported to a time when the new kids flew back to the US from australia to appear on the arsenio hall show to dispell all of the lip synching rumors. and they performed this medley live. HOW DO I REMEMBER THIS?!?!? i don't know, but i do. and then i remembered that ali and i convinced our parents to let us camp out at the aresenio hall show so that we could see the show live. we did. along with hundreds of other screaming girls. and we didn't get in. we were literally like the 20th people in line i think, and we didn't make the cut. i think that car ride back home consisted of many tears and "this is so unfair! we'll NEVER get to meet them!!!" boo fucking hoo.

it's so funny how involved we girls get with celebrity boys. boys totally don't get this psychotic over celebrity girls. it cracks me up because i can remember everything we would freak over- how we would rewind certain parts of an interview, or video, to watch a face jordan would make over and over again... obsessed much? never. "loving" them was such a huge part of my life for so long it seems. but it still never ceases to amaze me how hearing or seeing something of theirs can isntantly transport me to memories i had completely forgotten about. things that are so not important anymore, completely flood my mind like they happened yesterday. it's weird to "re-live" these old parts of me.

and now that they are coming back, i went to their website expecting to laugh at their new music... i listened to the song "click click click" and..... I LIKED IT. dammit. i didn't want to like it. i wanted to laugh. i wanted to think it sucked. but i like it. shit. shit shit shit.

don't worry husband, joey joe is married now.. you have nothing to worry about.

ps- ali.. omg, how hysterical is this? i am crying i am laughing so fucking hard. what the hell???

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

i almost MISSED bossy!

and to think i could have missed out on all of this madness!!!! it's a good thing i read other blogs now and then *smacks self*...

the bitch is on a road trip. with sponsors. i mean, people gave her cars to drive cross country. what the hell man? how come no one is knocking down my door to drive cars for them? *note to toyota, anytime you want me to tool around in a 4runner, just ask*..

so.. bottom line here is, i didn't miss her coming to san francisco! she will be here on friday! and so, YAY!!!!!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

p i c t u r e s

achoo and max my nephew and his dog...

katie and jennster lucious kate and moi

jumppppping katie, ster and my sister JUMP!

but all we do is laugh ceec, ster and sister sue laugh their asses off

hotel view view from my hotel..

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


because there comes a time when other people.. people you don't even know- blogs you've never even read before.. are more important than anything else i could possibly post at the moment.

thanks ali for the link.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

you know your loved at starbucks when

the "barista's" making your drink tell you,

"oh, we make special foam for you. you get your own pitcher. this is jenn's foam."

and boyfriend wonders why i will ONLY go to that suckbucks....

ps- i don't drink coffee.. i hate the stuff.. i go to suckbucks for chai tea latte's that are to die for. *dies*