Monday, January 07, 2008

okay, okay.. pictures!

alright... the pics are not great- i can only fit so much in with my wonderful new camera with its fixed lens. but here goes...

that wall color? wallpaper.
see.  wallpaper.

more wallpaper.
wallpaper is EVERYWHERE

and yet again. wallpaper. in the downstairs bathroom.
downstairs wallpaper.

i bet you thought it was done huh? nope. wallpaper in the kitchen. and the beautiful plantation shutter you see part of? the asshole did them all wrong, so they can't stay.
fucking wallpaper.

upstairs bathroom.. PAINTING is underway!!!! the green is too dark for the small room, so i already know what i'm going to do to fix it because i love the color. wainscoting (beadboard) will go on the bottom half. i think it will be perfect.
new green paint in the bathroom

that blue? it's in our bedroom and i couldn't love it more. or at least, it will be in our bedroom.
the blue i am in love with in our bedroom

we bought ceiling fans for each room. i didn't want white, but boyfriend was right and they are totally perfect.
new ceiling fan install for blake!

the green for one of the bedrooms..
not so subliminal message from teerish!


Alison said...

I love it!!!! I can't wait to come see! I think it's all perfect and you're doing an awesome job. Really, it looks so nice. And, I love the last photo--Please make a baby. I second that! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Jenn! What amazing news...congratulations! Dang Girl, you don't mess around: big move, marriage, new career and new house. All this in just a couple of years! Wonderful things happen to wonderful people.

Next time I see you, be sure to rub up on me and share some of that good fortune, k?

Anonymous said...

I like your color selections. We have a similar blue color in our living room/baby's playroom. It looks great. and what's with all the wallpaper? Must be a pain to take it all off. Congratulations again on the house!

Badness Jones said...

Isn't a new house exciting? Congratulations on moving in and making it yours.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Very nice. I still don't see what's so bad about all of the wallpaper.

Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing what you can do with a house to make it your own and you guys are doing a good job. Love the blue, my fav color, our bedroom is blue to but just a shade or two lighter. Enjoy, half the fun is doing it together!

Mel said...

That last pic got me in the gut. Thanks for making me all teary-eyed at work, woman!
(That is a good color in the bathroom. What color will the wainscoting be?)

j.sterling said...

white wainscoting would be the best choice i think.. :)

Meg said...

Aaaaaagh the wallpaper! But I love the paint colors. And that last one cracked me up. I'm going through baby fever right now so I might have to paint that in the future nursery!

TeeRish said...

ha! please do make a baby. =)

Virginia Belle said...

AAAACK!!!! attack of the killer wallpaper!!!


sorry. i absolutely hate hate hate wallpaper. especially when you obviously have fantastic taste in paint colors. you need more room for painting!

i am so freaking excited for you about this house business. guess what?! next year, you will have mega tax returns!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!!! (or, at least, i do here in SC, so it should be the same for you, right?)

oh, and if anyone should continue to reproduce, it's you, girl. have at it!!! you are a kick ass mom, and your hubs is kick ass, too. go make a kick ass baby together.

tell the hubs you want to be ridden like a an arabian and put away all wet! bwahahahahahaha!!!!

ew. :)