Thursday, January 10, 2008

8 reasons why i love gossip girl

  1. it's not the oc, laguna beach, or anything so cal related
  2. it is so deliciously scandelous that i can barely contain myself
  3. chuck is such a perfect asshole, i can't imagine anyone else in the world playing that part better than he does
  4. and even though blair is a complete bitch to people, you end up feeling bad for her when someone does her wrong (even if the bad feeling only lasts a couple seconds)
  5. dan & sareana's relationship is far more mature than most couples i know (aka, great writing!!!!!)
  6. i don't even care who gossip girl "really" is, i just like her devious scoop
  7. the writing. i mean, come on- no high school guy would ever come up with the line "you're like one of my dad's arabians.. riden hard and then put away all wet." or at least they'd never have the balls to say it. out loud. to the person's face. have i mentioned how i love this show?!?!
  8. because they actually let the couple you wanted to get together, get together. and stay together. happily. at least for now. i will be so pissed when they start fucking with the D & S storyline in a bad way. you hear me josh schwartz?

xoxo.. jennster

(ps, i have always written xoxo when i sign my name. ask anyone. gg should copyright me everytime they say it)

this is gossip girl

chuck.. aka #3 and #7

blair.. aka #4

dan & sareana #5, #8


Radioactive Tori said...

I totally agree. Especially with the part about leaving them together happy!

Ali said...

i LOVE gossip girl!

Anonymous said...

Last night was the first time I watched it. I thought it was really good.

Don Mills Diva said...

I have to start watching that show - it sounds awesome!

Miss Britt said...

I adore gossip girl.

I just wish Rufus would have gotten the girl too. :-(

Alison said...

I have no clue what you're talking about so I better go google it now.

Anonymous said...

*tries desperately to pick up the shattered pieces of respect I have for you*

I really didn't know people actually watched that show. I had it on for 5 minutes and rolled my eyes so hard, they nearly fell outta my head.

Of course, I don't watch most tv shows for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten into this show yet. I saw some previews, but I've been too busy to watch. Ugh. If I start watching it, though, my husband will kill me. He says I hog the tv as it is.