Saturday, December 29, 2007

vegas hookups anyone?

come on blogland, don't let me down. a group of us are going to vegas in july and i know someone out there has to have some sort of kick ass vegas contact for a sweet hotel rate, right? right?

i realize that by asking for this help, i am admitting that i, jennster, do not have a fucking contact in vegas for the sweet hookup. which is by far, uber disappointing and well- a blow to my usually hookupable ego.

but there. i have admitted it. so i need help! someone? anyone? comment or email me please! there are about 10 couples going..... and we want to stay on the strip, or the palms would be okay! :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

i don't wanna be a grown up

we are just waiting on 1 piece from a bank and then we'll know if we have the house or not. i mean, like we would attempt to close today. this afternoon. *dies*

this house buying stuff is really scary. i mean, the amount of money we are going to be paying for a mortgage is freaking terrifying. i guess it wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have the additional FIVE HUNDRED dollars A MONTH for property taxes. seriously. isn't that ridiculous? sometimes i just hate everyone. lol

i asked boyfriend last night if it was really worth it to buy a place. because part of me would love to just rent forever. we'd have money to do things with... money to travel.. money to buy ridiculous and uneccesary toys. but not anymore. now we'll be lucky if we have money for groceries. totally kidding. i would never allow us to get into something over our heads. *knocks on wood* it's just that from the outside looking in to what we're trying to do, it is really overwhelming. and expensive.

and you realize that the banks and those bank people don't help, right? after going through this experience, i totally understand how people got into so much financial trouble. the banks encourage it. they totally push you on your way into over your head land. they tell you that you can afford things you absolutely cannot. they encourage you to get into loans that are interest only and when you stop to question them, they tell you "well you'll be making lots more money when the loan is coming to an end, so you'll be fine when you refinance..." as if they're the ones making the payment if you're not fine. and sure, you might be making more money by then, but you'll also have a life. and life happens. new cars happen. kids happen. bills happen. i just hate how they unrealistically paint this view of your life for you.... and i think it's wrong. and i'm just thankful i was stubborn and have come out of this paying almost what i said we could afford from the get go (almost, cause we're a little over, but it's a 30 year fixed, so i'm ok with it)...

anyway, my rant is over. if all goes as planned, boyfriend and i will be scraping popcorn off of the ceilings this evening.. and attempting to find paint colors i can live with. i was so excited to paint, and now i'm just overwhelmed at actually having to choose colors! any help would be great. no white walls, thanks.

this grown up stuff is scary.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i was sick on xmas

i mean really. how screwed up is that? i woke up with the worst sore throat ever that i just sat on the couch like a pile of crap as blake unwrapped his zillions of christmas presents. i didn't even take a single picture. NOT ONE. okay, maybe one. but really, people. no pictures on christmas morning?!?! that's how you know i'm not feeling well.

thank goodness when johnny and katie came over the day before, i was feeling damn near perfect. you can't take gems like the ones below when you're sickly.

the group


sexay girls

Saturday, December 22, 2007

the world would be a better place IF:

  1. "are you smarter than a 5th grader" was only 30 minutes long instead of 20 minutes of dialogue and 40 minutes of commercials.
  2. the soup (on E!) was an hour- there is so much more beautiful and hilarious clips to make fun of, that 30 minutes simply IS.NOT.ENOUGH.TIME. each week.

this has been a presentation of "how i'd make the world a better place" by jennster.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

insert title here

house inspections are tomorrow. i guess i'll know then if we're getting a house or not. pretty exciting! and fast!! it's funny how things happen.

and the house has like 3 levels.. short levels, but still- steps and stairs everywhere. which makes me think of baby gates all over the place. which annoys me. and makes me NOT want a baby- based on the stairs and the potential stupid gates alone. LOL

i know i'm a freak. i accept it.

if you bought a house that needed fixing up- how the hell did you pay to fix it up, once you paid to get that actual house?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i am SO buying a lottery ticket

why you ask?  well, for one... i NEVER do.  and for two, my "southwest angel" told me i should. see, there was this really nice guy who let me sit next to him on my flight this morning as i was wandering aimlessly from the back of the plane, to the front of the plane... and ready for another go round.  he stopped me and said i could sit there.  that was the beginning of a plane flight full of laughter (i feel sorry for the guy sitting on the other side of me).  

we talked about the house and the fact that he was carrying around a bag full of money.  okay, it might have had muffins in it, but i still think it was money.  and with that, he told me to play the lottery.  you can't win if you don't play right?  RIGHT!!!

i am such a sucker.  lol

we tried to look for pictures of how to decorate the house in skymall magazine and spirit mag.  i'm an idiot.  but it was still fun.  there was a word.. centenarian?  cenentarian?  cenenarian?   hell, one of those.  and i was like.. what the heck is that?  all i knew was that the cake that accompanied the word had a hell of a lot of candles on it.  both him and the guy on the other side of me knew what it meant.  and with that, "are you smarter than a fifth grader's" theme song played in my head for the rest of the flight.

alright, i've gotta go!  my session is starting and i've got to get to work!  it's raining here in LA.. just like it is in nor cal.. but for some reason, it's nicer rain here.  ;)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

what have we done?! lol

boyfriend and i went and looked at the front & back yards of "the house" yesterday. we couldn't get inside, so we just checked out what we couldn't really see when we first looked at the house at night. (did that make sense? i'm sick, forgive me) what have we done? LOL.. seriously. what a dump. alright, dump is a bit harsh, but damn, it's a mess.

i walked in the backyard and looked around and then looked at boyfriend and i was like "what have we gotten ourselves into???" and he said, "i was JUST thinking the same thing." oh man. it just needs lots of landscaping and TLC. and time.

so, pending inspections on tuesday, we will own a fixer upper. ugh. i'm exhausted just thinking about it. i have already laid the foundation regarding our "next house."
the rules are:
i don't want to have to do a damn thing to it.
it had better be gorgeous and perfectly pretty and up to date.
and that's it.

wish us luck..

Friday, December 14, 2007

um.. i think we just bought a house

for real!!! we put in an offer LAST NIGHT and the dream team just called and said that THEY ACCEPTED IT!

um.. holy shit. i think we're homeowners (well almost, right)?!?!?!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

AAAND, he's a re-gifter already!

blake walked into my room with a little note folded into a card that he had made me. apparently this was for christmas, but i had to have it "RIGHT NOW MOM.. RIGHT NOW!" when i opened the card, there was a starbucks giftcard in there. "rock on" i thought, but then i wondered how and when he got it.

me- "how much is on here blake???"
liarface- "i dunno.. probably 20, 25 bucks. something like that."
me- "WHAT??? where did you get this?"

he just shrugged his shoulders and i think he might have even attempted to wink at me before walking away into his room. so i looked at the card and i realized that it was a summer giftcard. so me being the suckbucks extraordinaire that i have become, knew he couldn't have gotten the card recently. and then it hit me.

me- "BLAKE! did you get this out of your wallet????"
blake- "yeah. why?"
me- "just wondering..."

i laughed to myself... my sister gave him that giftcard for his birthday last june! what the hell! little regifter face. that's all he is.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

being a mom goes something like this:

blake: mom, can you make lasagna?
mom: oooh, that sounds yummy! why? do you want that for dinner some night?
blake: no, i signed you up to make it for my class party.
mom: when?
blake: tomorrow.
mom: OMG! blake! why didn't you sign me up for a dessert or something easy?
blake: cause our teacher said no more junk food. you can make it right, mom? RIGHT?
mom: i will have to buy it.
blake: good choice, cause i'm not sure you know how to make it.

Monday, December 10, 2007

i have a serious question

... or two... in regards to all the media attention that is given to people who go on killing spree's.. you know, like the recent mall shooting in nebraska.

why is it that the killer is the one who gets the most national attention? don't you think the attention should go to the victims? don't you think that any and all news stories should be related to the victims, so that other potential shooters see that they get no "glory" when they do something similar?

i have often wondered that if we stopped reporting on these incidents altogether, do you think that they would stop happening? or would we just stop hearing about them?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

where the pictures never end

and you thought i was kidding. you know, about the pictures.

this weekend was my work holiday party. it was SO much fun! i think mostly because there was a hollywood level and i just pretended like i was partying back home and that alone made me happy. the awesome band on stage saw me playing air guitar to some song they were singing and that was it- the singer hopped off the stage and brought me up there to play pretend guitar. it was awesome! i was a rockstar!!!! it was so much fun. don't worry, there are pics. seeing a trend here yet?


guitar hero


crazy us

trish & marilyn

Friday, December 07, 2007




beer in the shower.  yeah, you read that right

dark chocolates

candle in bokeh


YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, December 06, 2007

i just want my f'n camera.

i can't even begin to tell you the amount of hell i have gone through to buy my fucking camera (apparently i can begin to tell you..). first i ordered a camera online before i realized that it came with none of the camera accessories. just the body. the end. i called quickly and cancelled the order. then i researched online stores for what feels like forever because they all scare me. then i found an ad on craigslist for a store in so cal- after about a billion emails to them, i finally agreed to buy the camera from them. good thing i did payment through paypal (their resolution dispute rocks). they were a total scam and it all worked out in regards to me getting my money back, but fuck... still no camera.

so FINALLY... FINALLY i have placed a real order for my canon rebel xti AND a 50mm lens (to start). well i placed the order over a week ago, but i was too scared to talk about it. so i'm just warning you now. there will be pictures of pictures as soon as i get this thing. i'm going to take the stupidest pictures because i won't be able to stop myself. i will have no control over what i deem as "picture-worthy" once this thing finally arrives.

so now i'm just sitting here.. waiting oh so NOT patiently for it to get here. why is it taking so long!??! i should have done expedited shipping. UGH. if it arrives broken or something, i'll just die.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

discovery channel toys?

did you know that the discovery channel made educational toys? well now you do. :) can educational toys be exciting, fun and cool? yes. yes, they can.

when i opened up the box containing the discovery tornado lab, blake was crowding over me (per usual) trying to see what it was. once i told him that it was a toy in which we could simulate tornado's and how they react at different levels, he gave me a puzzled look. (think "what you talking about willis?") blake loves science and weather, so things like this are really interesting to him. the lab was really simple to use. it was pretty self explanatory and i think definitely age appropriate.

we filled the plastic container with water and we played with the various force levels of tornado's and we watched the swirling water make a thinner funnel tube, or a fatter, messier one. blake loved this. my only complaint would be that the levels on the knob aren't super clear. they just aren't marked well enough to tell where you have the level at. or maybe i'm just lame. lol

the lab also came with foam squares and round balls that you could put into the tornado to see how different weights/objects will react in a real tornado. will the object be sucked into the vortex of the tornado, or will it remain on the outside of the funnel and be tossed around? well, you'll have to play with it to find out!!

blake thought this product was so cool, he brought it his 4th grade class the very next day. he said that the teacher let him show it, and the kids all got to play with it and do mini experiments with it. he said that all the kids thought it was neat with the foam and the harder pieces you could put into the lab and watch them react. they really liked it.

now while i think the tornado lab is awesome and is truly an educational and interesting toy, i can't imagine a child playing with it over and over again. i think it's something extremely suited for a classroom environment. a perfect science example and a way to help make science fun in the classroom. but as far as being a toy that your child will truly enjoy day in and day out, i just don't see it (unless your kid is a true science nut and loves all things science).

this post was brought to you by the parent bloggers network.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

it's not normal...

....when a 70 year old (literally) woman can fold herself up into a pretzel on an airplane seat and sleep the whole flight. we're talking legs crossed over her head... her head folded down like she was a plastic doll.. and her arms wrapped around her legs. not to mention the fact that her hair looked like a 4 year old chopped at it randomly with bits and pieces all hacked at.

and then the same woman doesn't have the strength to push the button on the overhead luggage compartment to get her things out.

weird right?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

costco doesn't need your help

at being a pain in the ass. you know what i mean. the lines are long- the people have a shitload of stuff bulging out of their carts they can barely push. and then of course, there was my other experience there.

boyfriend and i went to costco today and he gave me the very important task of choosing which line we were going to stand in. after scanning enormo line after line, i saw some girl holding 1 thing in her hand behind someone with lots of stuff. that was it! we scooted to get behind the 1 item holding girl. all the while i kept thinking in my head "awww, costco totally needs like an express lane- this poor chick has to wait forever for the one thing she wants to buy. that totally sucks."

and then she did the unthinkable. right when it was her turn to go, her boyfriend showed up with a cart full of things. WHAT?!?!?? are you fucking kidding me??? that is totally misleading. false advertising. WHAT A BITCH. you can't do that! i told her that was fucked up. she laughed and said they have a "system" which was really code for "we fuck people like you all the time." i told her that now i was mad and that sucks. she kept laughing. i wanted to hit her, but part of me was still struggling with the fact that someone had the balls to even do that in the first place. the guy behind me asked, "how did those people with all those things get ahead of you???" he was so confused. and then pissed when i told him. and then horrified when i used the word "fucked" to explain it all.

so yeah. i hope that someone drove slow in front of them their whole drive home and they couldn't pass or get around them. and i hope someone does that to them next time they're in line at costco. cause it's rude as hell. and they suck.