Wednesday, November 07, 2007

confused. so damn confused.

remember the house that we made an offer on and the realtor laughed at us? the guy said he was sorry to say that he even looked at our offer? well apparently he never presented the offer to the owners of the house (which i SO already knew).

well the owners found out that an offer was made and they weren't informed of it. and said owners are pissed. and the dream team (my realtors) are going to meet with them on friday. and now i feel like before i know it, i'm going to be making another offer on this house i don't even like!

so i'm torn. i mean, what if we can get this house for relatively cheap (in california real estate terms) and that makes our mortgage really affordable for us? is it worth it to live in a house you don't like? seriously? cause i'm thinking it's not. i mean, if you don't like a house, you don't like a house. right? the problem with the house isn't the paint or the carpet, or the fact that is so dated it needs tons of work. the problem is with the way certain areas are designed and the fact that the house is small. the bathrooms are weird and i loathe the master bathroom. it sucks. i feel like we would grow out of the house fairly quickly and i do not like going into something with the intention of leaving it shortly thereafter. know what i mean? i like stability. and why would i move into that house if i intend on leaving it in a year or two? i just don't know what to do. i really don't. so i guess we'll wait and see what friday brings. but what would you do? would an affordable mortgage be worth it to live in a house you truly don't like and don't want to live in???


norcalgirl28 said...

NOOOO!!!! This is completely different than a house, but I did this with a car once. I knew I didn't really like this car and I bought it anyway because of outside pressure and because it was cheaper than the car I really wanted. I know it sounds stupid, but I was so miserable for four days after that I traded the car in for the car I really wanted. Obviously I lost money as the car lost value the minute I drove it off the lot, but I gained sanity. I don't want the same thing to happen to you. I don't want you to be miserable in a house you really don't want. I don't want you to buy something just to buy something. My two cents.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not Jenn. Why do something that is going to make you unhappy to live in it. HELLO! Wait for something you both love. You don't have to move so don't make that jump especially the way the market is now. People are desperate to sell in some cases. If it is going to take that much work your not going to get full value in what you put in it anyway. Look around more. I would pass on this but that is me.

Miss Britt said...

No, no, no. Because the thing is - it's not cheap RENT, it's a cheap MORTGAGE - debt and a house you could be tied to for a very, very long time. It's not as easy as it seems to just "sell it and buy another one" down the road.

When we were looking at houses and wanting to get a "deal", the thing we kept in mind was "are the things we don't like things that can be changed?" Paint, updating, etc. etc.

Bad layout? Neighborhood? Etc? Can't be fixed.

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

not. worth. it.

dont do it

Tracy said...

No way! That's madness! It's not your fault that the realtor didn't make the offer when you wanted to make it. And even so, you are NOT obligated to buy a house you don't want to buy.

Listen to your gut, and just say NO! :)

Anonymous said...

I think you answered your own question. Do Not Do It.

It's a huge decision and not one you want to regret while you're signing the papers. BACK OUT!!

Karen said...

lol. I don't even need to comment because everyone has made it clear. If you know inside that you do not like - don't buy it. Buying a house is single biggest financial investment most of us make. Do not risk the buyer’s remorse.

teebopop said...

Don't do it. Even though it's a "buyer's market" right now and people are desperate to sell (some houses are sitting on the MLS for more than a year!), if you aren't orgasmic over the thought of buying this particular house, don't do it.

That said, if they were to drop the price say $100,000 (NOT unheard of, I've been following the real estate market for the last 4 months and HUGE cuts in prices are everywhere), THEN I would buy it.

Or if you gave them a laundry list of all the stuff you want done BEFORE you move in, and they say yes? Buy it.

Or if they pay all fees and closing costs, give you a new appliance allowance and a paint allowance and perhaps drop the price $50,000, then do it.

Here's the thing, you won't be happy buying it with the offer you made before. I would low-ball them a HUGE amount, or ask for any of the other incentives I mentioned. If they are desperate to sell (which they apparently are because they are coming after you - probably because no one else offered or even came close to your offer), AND you can save at least $100,000 in the deal, then I say YES, do it.

Because money talks and bullshit walks. YOU just have to figure out what you want from the deal and if they fail to give you what you want, then walk away. Just walk away.

Alison said...

This house is not for you. Don't buy it if you don't like it. Be patient and keep looking. Like someone else said---buy the house that is the right size, the right layout, and in the right neighborhood. Paint, carpet, and updating can be fixed down the road. And those things are fun when you're in THE house for the long haul. :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely don't buy it unless you really like it. It doesn't matter if it's affordable or not. It sounds like you really hate it. We have a nice house that I like (not love) and it was affordable and I wish we would've looked around more.

Phoenix said...

Nope, don't do it. Better to save for awhile and get a house you like, even if it's in a few years than get stuck with something you hate.

Linlee said...

Don't do it. In a year or so you'll just want to move again and it's expensive to move. We bought our house too fast. I wish we would have looked more. We bought the second house we looked at and have outgrown it in 3 years. We put a lot of work into it because everything needed to be updated and I don't want to ever do it again.

ditzymoi said...

well i'm going to go against the crowd it looks like ... well kinda anyways

only you know what you want and why you want to own a house.

if you're doing it with a goal in mind, say like a starter house... and it isn't your dream house but you would be building equity and maybe fixing the place up with the possibility of selling it down the road and then getting what you really want ... thats one thing

or if you want to buy a house because its a super deal and the market bites right now and will bound back and you will make a fortune and all you have to do is live in a house you don't really love for a year or two ...

but if you just feel pressured by these people and you're caving in because you've been looking so long and haven't found what you really want ...tell them hell no you've changed your mind

sorry that was so long :)

Jennifer said...

No! You will be miserable there every day if you do. Don't do it!

Mike said...

Don't do it. Retract the offer. Whatever. With the house market the way it is, you'll be stuck in a house you don't like longer than you want to be.

Virginia Belle said...

ok, i haven't read any of the other comments, but as a recent home buyer, i will have to say that it is NOT worth it to buy a house you don't really like. if it's a good price, you can go for a house you mostly like. but if it doesn't feel right, it's not the house for you. you will hate being there.

my two cents.

and if you DO get a house you don't like, you will have to live there a minimum of 2 years or else you will lose money. :(

i think. you may want to check on that. it has to do with equity.