Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

i love halloween! i think it's so fun!!!! there is an air of spooky magic about tonight! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
here is blake on his way to school.... don't mess with an old school gangster!

mobster blake

and the cupcakes i made last night for blake's class (which were totally copied from chase at taste the world)....

pumpkin cupcakes

more cupcakes

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

but, i really don't cook

when i heard about the deceptively delicious cookbook that the parent bloggers were reviewing, i got excited! and really, i don't know why i got excited. i mean, i hate to cook. like, i really, really hate to cook. but i think the idea of the cookbook is what made me excited. the whole premise was about getting your family to eat healthy, in ways of trickery. i liked it! it sounded fun!

so when the cookbook arrived, i thought it was super cute. i loved the colors and the design and i think it looked really fun.


when i opened the book however, and learned how we were going to trick our families into eating healthy, i got worried. i hadn't realized that we were going to have to puree (see, i can't even spell it right) a bunch of stuff to put them into recipes. my first reaction was that i didn't have time for this kind of thing. i work all day long, and i get home sometimes around 7pm. i don't have time to freaking puree shit to sneak it into food. hell, i don't have time to follow a recipe for dinner. i know it sounds bad, but it's true. i looked through the cookbook and while the food looked great (but sometimes the recipe sounded somewhat scary)- i truly wasn't motivated enough to try it. i asked boyfriend if he would try a recipe so i could blog about it. he said he would, but when it came down to it- we didn't have time. or maybe it's just that we didn't make the time. or maybe i forgot to remind him after the first time i asked.

the bottom line is, we didn't try a single recipe. i do like the way the book is set up with all the explanations and examples in the beginning. it's really colorful and fun. she has cute quotes throughout the book that are laugh out loud at times. it's lighthearted and i appreciate that. but in all honesty, i'm still unsure of my desire to make anything from it. the pictures look good, but the thought is scary. and i'm wimpy when it comes to food (unless it's dessert) and sometimes lazy. i really want to give this book to someone who would use it, but i'd never get around to mailing it. lol

Monday, October 29, 2007

why can't i ever be normal???

and you know, take pictures where i'm not being a total tool?!?! or my mouth is closed? i mean really.. why is my mouth ALWAYS open?!?!?! or why am i always doing something with my mouth? why can't i just leave well enough alone?! lol sometimes i wonder how my friends tolerate me in public.

where's my head

holy ass

i like sticks

i wish my cheekbones looked like this

Friday, October 26, 2007

yes, i AM the coolest mom!

which means that you, obivously, are not. LOL kidding (kind of).

i just scored tickets to hannah montana and the jonas bros... with meet and greet passes!!! yes, i rule.
yes, i rock.
but more importantly, i have friends who truly kick ass and make these things happen for me. i am quite possibly more excited about all of this than blake is (but that is mostly because i don't care if people laugh when i tell them i like HM & the J Bros... blake is at the age where he does care). when i told him last night, he just did this weird, quiet, non-excited reaction thing. which made me think he wasn't excited at all. but when i told him he gets to meet hannah montana- he promtply fell onto the floor in a pretend pass out. which was then quickly followed by the question, "do i get to meet the jonas brothers??" kids are funny. and yes, he is super excited... he told me this morning!

being this kick ass of a mom also apparently makes me a kick ass wife! why, you ask? well i asked that too. it's because i'm not forcing boyfriend to come with us! so he is like super thankful and thinks i'm amazing. but i just laugh. as if we would want him there being all sour and not bopping his along with the music. why would i force him to go somewhere he wouldn't have fun? especially when blake and i are going to be having SO.MUCH.FUN! if your husband hated the music, would you get him a ticket and want him there?!?? didn't think so. but if that makes him think i'm the best wife in the world, then who am i to interfere?

ps- i had to put up word ver. for comments for the moment cause i am getting tons of viagra spam (woopie!!!)... it will go away as soon as they do. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

so cal is on fire

as it so often seems to be around this time of year. but this is bad, people. real bad. if you're so inclined:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i am so NOT pregnant

but i'm fucking emotional.. and my stomach hurts.. and i threw up last week.. and ever since then, my stomach isn't 100% non-queesy.

did i mention i am emotional? i cried listening to the radio the other morning. why? because some dumb bitch said something sad. and she was crying. and i had to change the station to not full out bawl. and then someone talked about how they almost hung themselves as a kid on accident on the playground, and my eyes welled up with tears. and all i wanted to do was go home and hug blake. and stupid tv commercials make me cry. i mean, more than usual. i am emotional. and moody. and apparently bitchy (although i disagree, but what do i know?)....

what the hell is wrong with me if i'm not freaking pregnant?!!?!?!? lol

Monday, October 22, 2007

us? homeowners? HA!

so many of you have emailed me (have i mentioned how much i love getting emails from you? they're so.... personal. gersh i'm smert.) asking if we're still house hunting, or if we stopped, or what we're doing. we are still looking. and we're waiting. and looking. and waiting. and hoping. and crossing our fingers.

there just isn't anything out there right now that we're both in love with (or can afford). and i'm freaked out that we are truly SO LIMITED in what we are comfortable affording, that it's going to be a difficult road. did that make any sense? basically, the bank tells us we can afford a hell of a lot more than i would ever want to get ourselves into. talk about pressure. talk about everything else in our lives sacrificing to pay a mortgage. i don't want to live like that. so realistically, what we can afford, is barely anything in house terms. so i'm trying to figure out how i can get some money to give us some leeway. and then i curse myself for the amount we spent on our glorious wedding, because that money would be the perfect amount right now to put down on a house. but oh well. i don't regret it and wouldn't do it any other way if i had to do it all over again. except maybe i'd be richer. haha

so yes everyone.. we're still looking for a house. but mostly we're just waiting for one. the right one to come along. the right one we can afford. because there are plenty of houses out there i'd love to live in- they are in great neighborhoods, and are adorable and gorgeous and lovely, but they are totally out of our price range. and the ones in our price range, suck. isn't that always the way?! or maybe it's just the way when you aren't selling one house to move into another? i guess the first house you buy is the toughest??? hell, i don't know. all i know is that this isn't half as fun as i thought it would be. lol

Friday, October 19, 2007

because fridays are for fun..

did you know that there is a baseball player named coco crisp? no really. COCO.CRISP. how do the broadcasters even say his name without cracking up? everytime i even heard it on the television, i would laugh my ass off. who does that to their kid? and how do you take a guy seriously with a name like that? "what up beautiful lady, my name is coco crisp." say what??? coco huh? for real? how do you not just apologize? lol "i'm coco." "i'm sorry." hahahha

hot coco

speaking of laughing our asses off... you have to watch this. because models falling on the runway is always funny. but so are the newscasters who cannot stop laughing about it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

me & my car- survivors!

first of all, when i read about parent bloggers network teaming up with sequoia survival, i got so excited i almost peed myself!! which would be messy, but still! i live for shit like this! car survival kits... earthquake survival kits (which reminds me, i really need to get one of those together).. anything to HELP in an emergency situation. especially the type of emergency you never hope you'll be in *knock on wood*.

when the car survival kit arrived, i was SO excited! boyfriend thought it was for him, until i beat him with a stick to stay away from it. i kept telling him it was "MINE MINE MINE" but he kept bugging me to open it. he was possibly more excited than i was about it. not to mention the fact that he wanted to steal it! which is so rude... he only wants him and his car to survive and not me! hmph.

the first thing i noticed about the kit was the size. it was definitely not too large, as to take up too much space in my car. the next thing i did was pick the kit up. it was pretty heavy, but the bag it comes in is totally sturdy, so i wasn't worried about it breaking. in all honesty though, i was afraid to start looking at what was in the bag, because it was so neatly packed that i knew i'd never be able to get it all back in there again.

at boyfriends insistence, i finally unzipped the bag and began to see what was inside. waterproof matches, mini water packs, a kick ass flashlight that requires no batteries and doubles as a radio, alarm & cell phone charger (does that mean it quadruples as??), first aid kit, survival blanket, food rations, rain ponchos, light sticks, leather gloves, rope, playing cards, etc. i LOVED this thing! boyfriend was really thrilled about the flashlight and i can't say i blame him. i feel really confident that if something was to go wrong and i got stuck somewhere, this kit would definitely make itself useful. and quite possibly, could help to save my life. the fact that the crank flashlight comes with all sorts of various cell phone plugs is awesome (unless you have no cell reception, then it's pointless). but my fear about not being able to get everything back in there as neatly as it started? it was true. once i took everything out, i had a really hard time getting it all back well enough to zip it up. it would be nice if it wasn't so tightly packed, so that you could just toss everything back in there not perfectly. and so that you could also add things if you needed too (medication, etc). that way, this bag/kit could be the only one you have and/or need in your car.

what else would make the kit better? well boyfriends suggests a magnesium fire starter (it's small, and helps to start fires quickly) as well as a sewing kit.. and a signal mirror. these are things i never would have thought of, but since boyfriend is an avid outdoors person, i completely trust his knowledge and suggestions (and think the sewing kit is a total kick ass idea.. he's so smert.. and totally hot).

personally, i think that there should be more food. it comes with enough food for 2 people for 1 day and i simply don't think it's enough in a real and true emergency. i'm sure you all remember the James Kim family who got stuck in the oregon wilderness for 11 days after their car got stuck in a snowstorm offroad? 11 days? no food? i'm thinking i need more than 1 days worth of food here people.

all in all, this kit kicks ass. is it worth the $99 dollars they charge for it? couldn't you go out and buy all these things seperately and save a ton of money? you could, but i don't think you would save as much as you think you would. things like this add up quick. the kit might be a little more than you're willing to spend, but i do think it's worth it. and boyfriend agrees. they have other products too that are quite a bit larger, and more costly. i think the car kit is the best value for the money and is also the one i would choose to purchase.

listen, if you don't get one of these kits, then do us all a favor, and make your own. get some essentials for your car just in case. you never know what life is going to throw at you, and at least this way you'll be somewhat prepared. do you have an emergency kit in your car? anything survival-wise? also, what would you add?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the story of trish & ster

once upon a time, trish & ster attended a beautiful wedding ...

during this fair event, trish & ster had drinks...
we drink

which led to pictures in the bathroom...
girls in mirror

and one very bad apple...
bad apples

the moral of the story? hell, i don't know... you tell me? lol

Monday, October 15, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

print a blake!

print a kid (personalized books for children) had a campaign through the parent bloggers network and when i read about it, i loved the idea! you personalize a book for your kid, that includes your childs name, and the names of their friends, family, etc (depending on the book). i figured, what better way to get my kid to read, then to have a book that was supposed to be about him and the people he knows? plus, i got to put myself in a book! HA!

when the book finally arrived (it took me literally WEEKS to get this book because i had gotten a notice that something was sent to me, but i had to physically pick it up at the post office. i had no idea what was waiting for me there and working full time doesn't really help me get to the post office during their business hours. so literally, the book sat there for weeks before i had a chance to pick it up) i was totally excited because i had forgotten all about it!

blake and i ran upstairs to read it and he was cracking up everytime he would read his own name, and then the names of his friends. he thought it was so funny, BUT he wanted to know why he was a kid when his friends were all animals? that made me laugh, but i still think it's a good question. lol he also wanted to know WHO THE BUNNY WAS because there was a picture of a bunny on the cover on the book, but no one in the book was the bunny. this must have bugged him cause he asked at the beginning of the story, during the story and at the end. pretty observant i think. "they never said who the bunny was." was blake's last comment after reading the book.

but he did like it. he thought it was neat and i can't tell you how cute his laughter was when he would read the name of someone he knew in his head, before he would read it out loud to me. it was fun! and funny!

in all honesty, he hasn't even asked to read it again, but when i suggest we read it, he wants too. and then of course he brings up the ever eluding question of I WONDER WHO THE BUNNY IS SUPPOSED TO BE??? i think these books are great, creative and really fun to read. and while the material was definitely age appropriate, there is still something about it that i think would appeal more to a younger audience (they have them for younger children as well). i think by this age (blake is 9), blake is looking for a more intriguing type of story. i do however, think that these would make great gifts for younger kids who are just learning to read, or just like to be read too. i can imagine a story about your child, and the people they know, being a favorite read for them at bedtime. maybe even more than goodnight moon! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

almost 4 months later...

(and 4 years later in dating time) i'm still swooning... and basking in the glow of all that was our WEDDING OF THE YEAR! of course, i'm still bitter about things and people who suck, but this is about the good stuff. some days i am so tired of looking at pictures of us i think i might puke. but on a day like today, it's so much fun to relive the day and look at pics, and attempt to remember conversations. i still can't believe we're MARRIED. i still don't feel any different. will i ever?


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

girl on girl action

not that kind suckers! the kind that involves some random chick wanting to

no really. i was putting my groceries in my car when i hear this "do you need some help with your groceries?" i'm thinking.. WHAT? so i turn around and there is this guy- staring at me from his car- asking me if he can help me with my freaking groceries. i laughed, because i knew what he was really doing. CHECKING OUT THE WHITE GIRL WITH THE GHETTO BOOTY.

so i called him on it. told him i knew he was looking at my ass.. he laughed, admitted it was true.. said something along the lines of "i ain't mad at ya for looking so fine and knowing it.." which makes me laugh because if you just listen to that line, what the fuck?!?! i ain't mad at ya? cracks me the hell up.

so he's telling me that he has a white girl too. (i looked around for my white girl, but apparently i don't have one) he keeps talking.. he has a white girl.. she'll be out any minute.. then i turn around and there she was. so i said "yep, there she is now."

apparently those are THE FIVE MOST OFFENSIVE WORDS EVER because that chick almost hopped over the car to charge at me yelling "EXCUSE ME? WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" at this point, my adrenaline starts totally pumping. my brain is thinking that this crazy white girl is going to charge at me cause i spoke words in her direction. i also thought that she was probably a hair puller and why did my hair have to be so long? and then i went back to the thoughts of am i seriously going to get in a fight right now over this???

but nope. he told her to get in the car and she listened. and i got in my car and drove home. just another day in the life of ster.

Monday, October 08, 2007

bloggers, tell me it's not true

cause i have long had a sneaking suspicion that most of you are drawn to other people's drama. i don't think that you thrive off of it, necessarily, but i have found that the blogs that draw the most comments, constantly have a bunch of crap going on in their lives. and i don't mean happy crap. i mean, awful, who the hell wants to live through that, kind of crap.

so i started to wonder if people who read blogs, are drawn to that type of stuff? does my blog suck because i rarely have serious drama to blog about *knock on wood*?? have my comments completely lapsed because i don't tend to have bad things happen to or around me? *knocks on wood again*

or maybe it's because i don't play into the "blog about a cause" or "play nicely with other bloggers every friday" type of shit. i'm just not into that kind of stuff. i don't want to nominate other bloggers for their nice posts. but don't get me wrong, i do read them. i totally get that people are trying to create more of a community in our community of blogs. i know that it comes from a good place. but i just am totally not into it. i don't want to have to do that to get readers. i don't want to play games to have people read my blog. in my opinion, it's not genuine. well it wouldn't be for me.

i don't know. maybe it's because readers tend to come out of the woodwork when you have drama, because that's when you need them the most as a blogger? they offer support and words of encouragement- and i guess if nothing dramatic is going on, readers don't think you need them. but you see, even when i blog about chasing boyfriend with tampons, i still like to know y'all are there. i guess i don't "need" you perse, but in a way, i do.

i realize that part of this is totally hypocritical, cause i do the same exact thing. i read and don't comment. i guess i'm just trying to figure out why the drama is so damn enticing to others? or maybe it's not about that at all. maybe it's like i already said; it's not the drama, it's who the drama is happening too.

Friday, October 05, 2007

i'll talk to anyone. even your dad.

it's funny. i am the type to pretty much talk to anyone. strangers in the bathroom. the guy sitting next to me on the train. the chick in front of me in a line. anyone. everyone. etc. and people talk to me too. maybe i just look approachable. or cheap.

it's unbelievable the amount of information people give you in a mere 5 minutes. yesterday at the airport, i had a conversation with a very inquisitive grandfather of 2, who informed me that there was "no way" i was "old enough to have a 9 year old." i promptly made out with him. he was really sweet though. curious about my job and how often i had to fly to LA. told me all about his retrofitting work on a building in glendale... his family spread out across northern california and his 2 grandkids. we talked about baseball and how my kid rocks at it. he had the best smile and would constantly giggle at all the things i would say. you know, cause i'm fucking hilarious in real life. but it was nice. purely enjoyable. and it's moments like that... meetings like those.. that just make me feel good about people in general. it reminds me that everyone has a story to tell. and perfect strangers can be truly enjoyable company.

and my good fortune continued as i got on the plane. i saw an adorable mom coming towards me, holding her year and a half year old son. she gave me a look and i was like, "come sit with me." i know how hard it is to travel alone with a kid. everyone you pass is praying you won't sit with them. your kid cries, and people blame you. as if really, why can't you control your child from expressing his discomfort? she was so thankful that i wanted her to sit with me. we had great conversations about this blog, and blogs in general.. and she said she wished she knew about blogs when she first had her son. she mentioned struggling with post partum, and i couldn't emphasize to her enough about the amount of support that is out here with all you wonderful bloggers. how this medium has such a strong community bond, she would wonder how she ever got along without it. we talked about moms who work, and moms who don't- and she was like "did you ever notice how they seem to hate on eachother??" i laughed. if she only knew the amount of blog posts dedicated to that ridiculous subject. her presence made the flight just fly by. and her son? well he felt me up a number of times. and since i let him get to second base, i figure he owes me at some point. so grow up famous kid, i'm cashing in.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

4 year old superSTER

have i shown you this before?! this is the 4 year old me, with santa banana!!! it was on the front page of my hometown newspaper, many moons ago.

everyone says i look like blake with pigtails. LOL personally, it freaks me out how much i look like my dad.. which makes sense too, since those who really know me and my family say that blake looks like my dad. were you ever in the paper? got pics?

ps- i had a double tooth... i had 2 teeth that were stuck together. can you see it?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

whoever marries my son

cannot say i didn't raise a sweet talker:

blake: how come you keep hearing me wrong mom?

ster: cause i'm getting old, DUH.

blake: no you're not mom! you get younger by the second!

ster: really? COOL!

blake: and you're way prettier than britney spears.

ster: for now...

blake: at least you don't have to wear a wig.

ster: not yet anyway..