Thursday, August 30, 2007

just another reason why the bay area is

just plain silly.

you go all summer with literally a handful of really nice, hot days. but for the most part, your days off are spent in just kind of warm weather that doesn't last and leaves the moment the sun goes down.

but the second those kids step back into the classroom for school to start, it heats up like a mother fucker. what kind of mean spirited crap is that?!?!

i think the bay area hates kids. and me of course.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i hate to get political

because it's not something i enjoy doing, but my friend bryce (i'm calling you my friend now bryce) just reminded me why media outlets are beyond fucked up. and if i don't tell you what they did to him, then you might watch this show and think and believe that everything he says is true and real and not manipulated in any way. and it's all a bunch of crap. because media outlets twist things. none of them are fair and balanced. they ALL have agenda's. they all show you what THEY choose to show you. word it how THEY want to word it. put emphasis on certain things to get THEIR side across.

everything has an agenda- a slant- a side. and too few of us remember that when we watch or read things.

bryce's full post about this is here, but here's the bottom line.. after hearing bill o'reilly talk about having nas perform at virginia tech, and after railing the president of the school, bryce was prompted to send an email to o'reilly in response.

"Bill, Our school has already endured enough from overzealous media coverage. You are being unfairly critical to President Steger and the Virginia Tech community. Your direct attack on our President to provoke viewers to harass him is an attack on Virginia Tech itself. I expect Nas to have the common sense to respect our community when he performs- you, Bill, have shown your lack thereof. The majority of VT students continue to support President Steger and his administration's decisions. We've had enough attacks on our campus already, so please, just leave us alone."

and the network aired this..

“Our school has already suffered enough because of overzealous media coverage. You are being unfair, Bill, and have shown a lack of respect.”

it is beyond infuriating what media outlets do to further their agenda. and if you're not personally involved in it, you may not even realize the extent to which they do it. i read this on bryce's blog and it pissed me off enough to share it with all of you. maybe i can feel better knowing that someone who normally watches the o'reilly factor and never questions it might actually think twice about the emails he posts during his show and his responses to them. maybe we'll all think twice about what is being shown to us. maybe we'll question more. not believe so willingly. maybe something will change. maybe nothing will change. maybe we'll just have more awareness. i don't know. i just needed to share.

Monday, August 27, 2007

dear kenny chesney

who on earth finds you attractive?

i'm not kidding. i don't know what it is about you, but whenever i see your beedy little rat eyes or your tiny good for nothing mouth on my tv screen, i want to close my eyes until i know it's safe to open them again.

don't get me wrong- i like your music. most of it is fun (albeit totally cheesy). i have your cd's.. i sing along to your songs on the radio.. i just don't want to have to look at you- and i can't for the life of me understand why people do.

i know i'm being mean. and i know there is plenty to rip apart on me. but this blog is about you and your way too tight jeans on your way too skinny legs. no girl wants a guy who is thinner than she is rat boy. you hearing me? bulk up! and then maybe we'll talk. but i'll definitely have my eyes closed.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

marriage is like a company?


all i know is that boyfriend (husband) said today... "being married is like getting a job. you want to know that the company you're working for is compatible with your goals.. "

or something like that. something about careers and jobs and a resume. and i think he threw something about salary increases in there. not really. but basically he was trying to imply that you don't go into marriage lightly. you don't propose without knowing that the person you're attempting to be with for the long haul is worth it. you don't ask before you know. and you definitely don't ask when you aren't sure.

all i know is that i can now assume that i am a company. and apparently, boyfriend is an employee. i will now boss him around... write him up when he's bad... and fire him when he gets 3 warnings. that's how companies work, right?

Friday, August 24, 2007

first day of 4th grade

was yesterday. he is such a little pookie monster i can't stand it. and he's in FOURTH grade. where does the time go, seriously? it's insane to think how fast it flies. how quickly you turn around and you have a 9 year old, where a super chubby faced 3 year old used to be. thank the goddess he's still super cute and fun! what would i do if i didn't like him? haha!

blake 4th grade

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

your guts. my guts.

it's all about guts.

not really. it's about YOUR GUT. like your gut feelings. your intuition. instincts. whatever you want to call them. the hardest part i think, is really differentiating between what is a true gut feeling as opposed to what is just paranoia, or fear, or any other emotion? and i really think that you never truly know what it is until the whole thing is over. you know, when you look back at the entire situation and can see the whole picture. it's really hard to follow your gut when you're not 100% sure that's what it is in the first place. am i making sense?

basically, there are a lot of things going on in my life right now (no, not boyfriend related at all people- calm down). and there are things that just don't feel right. things i just don't feel good about. and i can't explain why. and i have NO reasons at all for feeling the way i do. and i hate feeling this way because i function on reason. i like to know WHY i feel the way i do. and in this case, i can't figure it out. i don't have reasons. i can't place anything. all i know is that SOMETHING is off. something isn't right. something just plain isn't good.

and so i wonder.... am i reading into things that truly aren't there? or do things just sometimes not feel right because they just aren't right? do things feel not good because they aren't good? i simply don't know and i wish i had answers.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


that's what our offer was. rejected. no counter-offer. no nothing. just reject.

which makes me laugh. literally. cracks me up. don't ask why... but i can't type this without laughing. i wish you could see me right now.

apparently the shithead realtor was a total jerk about our offer to the dream team. and said he was going to raise the price on the house, if anything. and that just makes me laugh even more. yeah buddy, good luck with that.

and as for us, i guess we keep looking!

Monday, August 20, 2007

we haven't heard anything

why haven't i updated you on the house you're all asking? well, there's nothing to update. we put a bid in- right before our two agents (hereby referred to as the dream team) were leaving for a cruise. they get back today.

and so far, our track record with the seller's agent has been less than stellar. how do i put this frankly? he's a fucking idiot. he takes forever to get back to you. we're talking DAYS here. what kind of realtor takes DAYS to respond to you? this one does. so anyway, i just have no news. no nothing.

hopefully when the dream team gets back in the office today the ball will either start to RE-roll, or fall... or at least i'll get some answers. i'm curious to what exactly is going on. i hate having no answers. it's worse than the answer you don't want.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

marriage has made us insane(r)

we put an offer on a house this morning. AN OFFER ON A HOUSE.

i don't know what the hell we're doing, but we figured why not? what do we have to lose, really? it all feels very surreal. like this is all just happening SO fast. my head is really in a place of "whatever happens is going to happen for the best..." you know?

if they take the offer, then cool- we are homeowners (and that will quickly follow with me freaking out about just exactly how to pay for all the things we need to fix in the house). and if they don't take the offer, then they don't take the offer. and nothing in our lives have changed. it's not like we have to move, you know? we just want too. i really think that things work out how they are supposed too. it probably helps that i'm not attached to the house and not in love with it. i think if i loved everything about it, this would be really hard. i think i would be dying with every minute that passed and i hadn't heard back from our realtors. but i'm not like that at all. i'm just very nonchalant.

and that works for me.

keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

home owners home schmoners

this home buying stuff is a freaking NIGHTMARE. why didn't any of you tell me that?!?!? it's kind of a pain. copy this. copy that. bring that in. drive here. attend this meeting. get naked.

i think we like a house. well, boyfriend really likes it and i just think it's okay. i love the neighborhood and all the other houses on the street. there is a small park at the end of the block. it really is a super cute area. but the house itself is just eh. it needs a lot of updating on the inside. it also needs a lot of work in the backyard. the thing is, none of these things are cheap updates.

so once you buy a house, how do you ever have the money to make the updates you want to make to it? where does that money come from? i just don't get it. and i don't want to live in a house that looks like shit because we got a "good deal" on it. i do think it would be smart to get this house, but i don't want to have to live in it if it looks the way it does currently. and i have a problem with waiting to update things, because then i feel like we'll never do it. we can say we will update things when we have the money, but what if we never have the money? i mean, life happens and you buy things, or have kids, and the money just isn't there. i totally feel like we should update immediately, or we won't do it. am i wrong? realistically, am i totally not seeing this accurately?!?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

a movie theatre DOES NOT EQUAL your living room

what the hell is wrong with people??!!!
(if you are one of these people, then i'm talking to you too.. so pay attention)

my girlfriend and i went and saw a movie tonight. it was a pretty full theatre, so we had couples on either side of us. during the whole entire movie both couples talked. the couple next to loree constantly discussed what was happening during the movie... what was being said.. why he was doing what he was doing, where it was coming from, WHAT COUNTRY MADRID WAS IN, etc. FOR.THE.WHOLE.MOVIE. the best part? we actually MOVED OVER in our seats to make room for them. i won't make that mistake again. can't sit together? too bad. have to sit in the front row? enjoy your neck cramp.

the couple next to me, they just talked the whole time. they talked along with the movie- giving the characters encouragement and stuff. you know the type- talking AT the screen as everything is happening. seriously people.. they can't hear you. even more seriously... i can. the woman next to me actually said at one point during the movie.. "you go girl!!" it took everything in me to not turn to her and start talking shit. especially since it wasn't even a part that really required a going of the girl. idiot.

listen up people- the movie theatre is NOT your living room. if you want to hoot and holler and ask your darling husband what the hell is going on the whole entire time- do it in the comfort of your home. it's freaking rude. and beyond annoying.

*end rant*

Friday, August 10, 2007

family time= a good old fashioned beat down

in nascar racing! or baseball 2007! or some other video game where a beat down is not only threatened, but often delivered!

when i walk through the door at night, it's usually to the sound of the boys (boyfriend and blake) whooping it up to some video game they're playing against eachother. they laugh. they argue. they play fair. they don't. they talk smack. they pout. they win. they lose. and so on and so forth. sometimes i come home and they're playing catch outside.. or they're fishing at the lake. my point is, they make an effort to do stuff together during that time before i get home because they both know that once mom's home- it's mom's time.

we have dinner together everynight.... which is something that boyfriend really insisted upon once we all moved in together. i truly do see how important it is to have the 3 of us at that table once a day. it's the only time that the 3 of us actually have a chance to talk- or threaten blake's life if he doesn't tell us about his day at school. that's always fun! the family that threatens together, stays together!! *swoon*

after dinner, i pretty much hog blake all to myself! boyfriend does his thing and blake and i head upstairs to either play a game, watch tv, or just be silly and goofy (which usually includes singing- badly.. and dancing). doesn't matter what we do, the whole point is that we do it together. it's our quality time.... even if it is spent watching america's funniest home videos!

we don't have blake every weekend, so i feel like we're really good about spending family time together when we do have him. like i said before, it's not really what we do- it's the fact that we do it together. it's just fun to be with eachother. mostly all we do is laugh. and good lord, we could be doing that for 20 minutes over the stupidest thing. but those are the best moments of all.

how do you spend time with your family?

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

he pinches my ass while he sleeps

last night it happened.

i awoke to the feeling of my HUSBAND touching me. next thing i know, he is grabbing my ass and PINCHING IT! he is totally not awake at all. i don't know what the hell he is doing, thinking, or dreaming about. but he pinched. hard.

and all i could think was that i couldn't forget to tell him in the morning that he pinched me in his sleep!

who the heck does that?!

Friday, August 03, 2007

so i'm still jenn lastname

because i got my social security card in the mail and they didn't change a thing. no jenn lastname hyphenate new last name. just still jenn lastname.

what in the hell? i mean, i know i was bitching about it changing in the first place, but how do you screw this up? is the social security office that freaking retarded that they can't even change a name correctly? apparently they are.

so now what? am i supposed to go back down there and do the whole process over again? not happening. at least not anytime soon. i totally do not have time for this nonsense and inadequency. when i told boyfriend that they messed it up, he said it was because they don't have me working for them. it's cute how bad ass he thinks i am!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

blake on barry bonds

it's fine mom.... if he breaks this record it won't last because A-ROD will break his record. he still has 10 years in the bigs mom. TEN YEARS! right? because i think he's only 32.. so that's 10 years to beat cheater bonds record. okay? does that make you feel better?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

this whole house shopping thing

is kind of a pain in the ass.

how come no one told me how HARD it is? because it is. and while it's overwhelmingly exciting at first- it's just plain overwhelming now. i called our loan lady and all she does is talk really quickly and then get pissed if i interrupt her to ask a question. she wants me to wait until she's done talking to ask a question, but by the time she shuts up, i can't remember what the old questions were and i just have new ones! it's because i don't know what the hell she is talking about. when we met with everyone this past weekend, we walked out of there with no paperwork. i mean absolutely nothing that explains what loan types there are.... what they mean... what an amortization loan is- just tell me SOMETHING! as first time home buyers, isn't it obvious that we won't have a fucking clue what anything means?!?!

and then there's the whole pre-approval process where i personally feel we are approved for far more than we can actually afford. i think they tell you that you can pay per month, but they don't factor in the fact that you will most likely want to eat as well. and i don't know.. actually pay for gas to make your car run? but who needs those things? YOU HAVE A HOUSE!

so i'm sitting here in desperate need of an accountant because how the hell can i find out what i can change my claming amount to on my paychecks without getting screwed at the end of the year? is there a simple way to figure this out? when you bought a house, got married, etc- did you change what you claim? do you get a big refund at the end of the year, do you break even, or do you have to pay?? my biggest thing right now is figuring out what boyfriend and i can change our claim # too, without having to pay at the end of the year. and will it give us enough money each month to afford a mortgage? that's the real question.

this sucks when you have no money to put down on a house. i envy all of you who bought when the market was truly affordable. and when having 20% down didn't equal $110,000 dollars.