Wednesday, July 25, 2007

blogher 2007 rules and regulations!

no, i'm still not going.... but this is for all my hot pieces of ass who ARE going this year!!!!
i want there to be:
  1. some boob grabbing (for me)...
    boobage! mega mom getting molested!

  2. some booty fondling (for me)...
  3. blogher 133

  4. some fun and yummy shots (for me).. (omg, remember that yahootini drink? it was SOOOOOO freaking good!!!!)
    blogher 006

  5. some wild and crazy adventure where you put the pregnant chick in the back seat and you peel out of the parking lot like some 17 year old loon who just got her drivers license (for me)...
    trouble with the top down

  6. and lots of good times, great conversation and amazing company (for all of you).
    blogher 080 blogher 004

now that it's almost here and so many of you are getting ready to go, it's a little bit sad for me that i won't be there. i can't really put into words how amazing last year's conference was, but i'm so thankful i got to experience it. so for all of you who are going for your first time ever this year- have a blast! truly enjoy it! and don't be surprised when you suffer from a weird sort of depression upon your return... it's totally normal. we all went through it last year. wish i could be there. wish i could molest all of you in person. but hey... there's always next year! HAVE SO MUCH FUN EVERYONE! can't wait to see your pictures!


Tracy said...


I really wanted to go last year and couldn't even think about going this year with all the wedding craziness. Maybe next year we'll both be there. I'd so love to meet you in person!


P.S. I'm just now getting back into "normal life" since my honeymoon. I'm about to read some of your blog posts from the last month. Congrats on one month of marriage!

metro mama said...

Wish you were here!