Wednesday, July 11, 2007

being married has turned us into


do you know what we walk around doing all the time now? we put our married fists together, touch rings and say "wonder married powers... ACTIVATE!! FORM.. " and then we say something after the form part. you know like,"form... a super powered sea turtle!!!" and then i'll pretend like i'm turning into a sea turtle and i'll make sea turtle noises. seriously. we do this. except for when boyfriend says the form part- he says nasty boy things. and then i don't form and he says i'm not playing right.

i never knew it was possible to become more of a freaking nerd, but apparently we find new heights to reach daily. YAY for us!

eat my toes!

us kayaking.  or he is and i'm not.


Anonymous said...

Mr. & Mrs. Boyfriend, you two make married life look and sound like so much fun.

So gross...whatever! hee-hee

BTW - where did you go?

Phoenix said...

Too funny. I guess married dorks is better than single dorks right?

Anonymous said...

That's awesome Jennster! I am so happy for you!

Alison said...


Are you pregnant yet? :)

Tuesday Girl said...

I am still laughing at Alison!

have fun!

Anonymous said...

Just makes me want this engagement to go by faster! (Though it'll be REALLY hard to get my fiance any dorkier.)

10 months and 3 weeks left.


Anonymous said...

ok, seriously LMAO here--you 2 are freakin FORMED FOR ONE ANOTHER!!!
love it-I love that you both enjoy one another to the fullest

Unknown said...


Being a dork is awesome

The RFS Blog Awards are back- go nominate!

Angel said...

god you guys are make me sick. ;)

carrie said...

Love it. You guys crack me up.


Southern (in)Sanity said...

"nasty boy things" ... that's pretty funny.

I bet he appreciates you posting a picture of him with your toes i his mouth too.

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious,but i'm sure i've told you that a million times in your blog comments. You look like you are having a great time!!!