Saturday, June 30, 2007


grandma, nephew, mom
so cute


nephew, neice, blake
fopics 055

brother, me
me and my bro

brother, sister
jims pics 067

mom, sister in law
fopics 068

sister, nephew (her son)
jims pics 099

me, blake
jims pics 097

grandma, brother
jims pics 086


Anonymous said...

Your dress is just gorgeous!! You so purty! :)

Lisa said...

fabby pics. You are a vision, lady.

Have fun on your honeymoon!

Anonymous said...

the one of you and Blake is so sweet

Grim Reality Girl said...

Love the pictures!!!!! Love the dress. Love the happy family. LOVE sharing the joy and your BLISS!

Angel said...

great pix! and your dress is to die for! I love it!

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Great pictures - and Blake was looking quite sharp!

Anonymous said...

I love Blake in that 2nd picture. He looks so serious and proud!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

Sam said...

Congrats and super beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Jenn!!! I can hardly swallow for the lump in my throat from looking at these photos. First of all, you were an absolutely STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL bride. That dress just takes my breath away. And the hairband thing, the updo, the makeup, all perfect.

When I looked at the photo of you looking at Blake, you know what my first thought was? There you are, it's your wedding reception, there are tons of people to talk to, and all your concentration is on your son. Your love for him is obvious, yes, but in that photo, it's like he IS the most important man in the room. You are one special lady, Jenn. Oh, and that photo of you about to kiss Chris-WOW. Congratulations, sweetie, I am so, so happy for you!!!!

Lawyer Mama said...

Congratulations! You looked gorgeous.

carrie said...

It just keeps getting better!!!

Hope you had fun on the honeymoon!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pix...Gosh your Grandma looks alot better than I do. What a great looking bunch! Have fun on the honeymoon.

penguininthesun said...

you look so beautiful, Jennster! your waist is so tiny haha.



Meg said...

You got married and quit blogging! Where are you? Maybe the honeymoon...I didn't think about that. But that's no excuse. Come back to us!

Anonymous said...

oooooooooooooooooooh prettttttty pretty.

makes me want to get married all over again

Radioactive Tori said...

You are beautiful! What a wonderful day!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

gorgeous! (Been a long time, I am formerly Painter Beach Girl)