Thursday, May 31, 2007

you know you're a mom when

you answer to your kids name because you know the person yelling it really wants to say hi to you, but doesn't know you by any other name other than "blake's mom!!!!!"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


when i talk about the WEDDING OF THE YEAR!, i get really overwhelmed. it's very hard for me to put into words how i feel. i have had 3 amazing bridal showers. the gifts just keep on coming in the mail. and they are SUCH awesome, thoughtful, kick ass gifts- from so many amazing, kind and super generous people!!! sincerely. we have been so lucky!

SO many people are coming to our wedding. and i know it's not cheap to get there. there are flights to book, the resort to stay at, car rentals, etc. all those things add up so quickly and i know and realize it. but even with all of these expenses, our friends are SO ridiculously generous! everyone is making us feel so special. even those people who weren't invited, are still being SO thoughtful and sweet. the gestures we've gotten are truly overwhelming. i wish i could think of a better word. but i can't.

part of me thinks i don't deserve all this kindness. while another part of me wonders why i'm being bestowed with such unbelievable generosity. all i know is that i truly appreciate it all. i am humbled by every single piece of kindness. and there has been too much of it, to even begin to count. i guess i just want to say THANK YOU!! a most heartfelt and sincere, thank you.

what blew you away at your wedding?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

when a weekend is perfect

you have a perfect weekend! :) going home to so cal for memorial day was awesome. the weather was great and it's always SO nice to see friends that you miss tremendously. not to mention my kick ass family. words do no justice. pics show it all.

a little ass grabbing never hurt anyone..
oooh- booty

neither did boob grabbing
yes. i am grabbing boobs.

boyfriend and my brother. drinking like the drinkers they are.
they are just whores

generations. my sister, her daughter, and me
the girls!

siblings! thank the goddess HE'S the one who got the belly

blake is hardcore
blake is hardcore

guitar hero RULES!
the men. playing guitar hero

trevor and my nephew
memorialday 147

blake probably whooped katie's ass. lol
memorialday 144

Friday, May 25, 2007

it's an LA weekend!

dodger games and disneyland! i can't wait for this weekend!!!!

fun pics upon our return!

happy memorial day everyone!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

actions without consequences

i'm pretty sure that people who do fucked up things would like to believe that their actions have no consequences. i'm also pretty sure that those people convince themselves of that very thing. i'm also fairly certain that those same people tell themselves that what they didn't wasn't fucked up at all, but was just a part of life. *sighs*

in the place where i choose to live.. oh, let's call it reality.. things don't work that way. you do something shitty- you have repercussions. you hurt people, then people hurt. and they don't hurt on your timeline. they don't get over something when you want them to get over it. and you can't pretend that you didn't hurt them at all. you can't act as if they have no right to be hurt. and you also can't sit there and pretend to be the victim, when you don't like how things are turning out.

it's really interesting to me to see how people do this. to watch one completely twist and turn the truth into a reality that is convenient for them. a false reality where they can convince themselves that they are blameless. the scariest part is that they believe it. they believe that they did nothing wrong. they blame you for not getting over it. it's your fault that you're still upset. you are choosing to live in the past, where the hurt still is- while they've moved on.

well of course they moved on- that way they don't have to take any responsibility for what they've done. of course they put it in the past- that way they don't have to confront it, or deal with it.


and how fucking cowardly.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

things i truly don't understand.. with the amount of super cool SUV's there are out there to choose from, why anyone in their right mind would choose to buy and drive a mini van. (if you are said person... please tell me why. what is it with mini van's and what the hell is the possible appeal?)

why the guys at work sit in the bathroom for twenty minutes reading a toilet humor book. hello,YOU'RE AT WORK FOR PETE'S SAKE CRYING OUT LOUD.. do that shit at home. gross boys.

how i can afford to do anything, let alone eat, with the price of gas these days.

speaking of eating...

how anyone could ever prefer a chicago style pizza over a new york style pie. that's just not right. *shakes head*

how any type of snack bar related to baseball does not sell nachos. that just has wrong written all over it.

how northern california can even hold their head up high with radio stations and dj's that suck this badly. *longs for LA radio in her car*

that someone actually knows this much about me, has seen me at my best and my worst, knows almost all facets of my personality and STILL wants to marry me. he's obviously insane. good thing he's hot.

how my ass can seriously be this large. *eats another double stuff oreo* i mean, i just don't get it.

how i can feel so full, so disgusting and so fat after eating a SALAD!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

the last shower!

no really.
today's shower was the final one.
i swear it.
there are no more.

this one was my work shower and i must preface this post by telling everyone who reads this blog, that i work with THE most thoughtful, kind and super fun women (and guys) ever.!!! today was so much fun and the gifts were incredible (so unique and beautiful and every other positive adjective i could think of)!! everything was so amazing and everyone worked so hard to put this together for me, it was really heartwarming. i am humbled by their kindness. truly.

but for now- let's just look at pics cause we all know how fun these are! :)

the entryway to the house
how sweet is that?

it wouldn't be a bridal shower without some toilet paper brides! lol
toilet paper brides are so beautiful!

my most favorite cake of the moment.. hello princess cake!!!
my most favorite cake ever!  princess cake!

who knows what i'm doing. seriously. one can never be sure.
the girls and my ass

jenn & michele

betsy, heather, ster & jann

Friday, May 18, 2007

and she's still working out

some of you have been emailing me and asking me about my weight loss progression (non existant) and if i'm still working out.

yes, i'm still working out. i will tell you that i did this video workout that had my legs so freaking sore, i couldn't walk properly for 3 days. and the day after, i would literally fall onto the toilet when i had to pee. picture this- my legs were so sore that i couldn't hold myself up... so when i was going to sit down on the toilet (to pee because girls don't poo), i couldn't stop myself from falling. i fell everytime. like a big ole crashing ass onto the seat. and of course i had to literally use all my arm strength to pull myself off the damn thing. what the hell? i am beyond straying.

working out.. yes! losing weight... NO! but i must admit that i have not been eating healthy or nearly as fabulous as i should. and i am definitely an lose/gain weight person solely based on what i shove into my mouth.

so anyway, that's it!

first dance lesson tonight! WISH US LUCK! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

there will be dancing

boyfriend and i finally made our first dance practice thingy appointment! we are having 2 private lessons and the first one is on friday! THIS FRIDAY! this is going to be so much fun! or painful.

i'm excited because we'll just be focused on 1 song instead of trying to learn how to dance in general. and i don't really know what to expect (except that my feet will be stepped on numerous times i'm sure) but i'm pretty psyched!

just for the record- dance lessons were not my idea. so no matter how manly and badass boyfriend is... don't let him fool you. he's a big ole ball of mush on the inside. at least when it comes to me he is. and that's just the way i like it.

i will definitely report back after dance lesson number 1. think good thoughts!

did you take dance lessons? did you already know how to dance? tell me about your first dance as husband and wife...

(i know i'm super wedding mushy lately, but it's lots of fun to read all the things you guys have said about your weddings.. i love it!!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


OH MY GOSH! oh my gosh! holy YES YES YES YES YES!!!!

i came home to this last night:

and that made my face do this:

which led to much hugging and kissing and this:

the only question i have is..... who the hell sent it???????

the culprits have been found! 7 of my wonderful forum friends all got together and bought me the suckiest of wedding presents ever!!!! thank you so so so so so so much danno, tray, fo, becks, gina, spidey and andrew! y'all rock.... hard!!! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"it's almost here!"

everyone keeps asking me if i'm super excited for the wedding.... everyone keeps saying "it's almost here!" or "it's so close!" or "it's right around the corner!!"

but the truth is, i still feel like it's far away. we've been engaged for almost 2 freaking years and so to me- it feels like this event that constantly remains in the distance. of course, it's closer on the horizon now, but still... not close enough.

i think i'm going to lose my mind when the day is finally here. all this planning. all this designing and organizing and decorating and FINALLY, it will be here.

and then it will be gone. 2 years of planning for 5 hours of party. and then i can never get that day back again. everyone tells me it will fly by. and i know it will. and man, i'm already sad for it to be over and it hasn't even happened yet! this wedding stuff is madness. mental madness. yeah yeah- i'm the mental, it's the madness.

do you have any fun memories from your wedding? i'd love to hear them... what made your wedding special? what do you remember about that day?

Monday, May 14, 2007

a simply complicated question

what's most important to you?

i want to know. please tell me in the simplest terms you can- what the most important thing to you is?

when all is said is done.... what will have mattered most? will it be love? your family? the house you own? your job? all the "things" you have? the places you've been? what you've accomplished?


Friday, May 11, 2007

the naked poo?!?!?

the naked what? yeah.. gross can be found here. don't say i didn't warn you.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

when random tastes good

i'm all over the place today, so stay with me.

lost kicked so much ass last night, i'm actually excited for this show again. immediately after it ended, i wanted to call abc's advertising and tell them to say "IF YOU'VE STOPPED WATCHING LOST.. NOW'S THE TIME TO START WATCHING AGAIN" before every commercial. i love it when this show doesn't suck!!!!

i am completely freaking out about my hair and makeup for the wedding. freaking out that i seriously don't know what to do. i am convinced that i am going to look absolutely wretched for the one day i want to look absolutely stunning. and then i'll be stuck with pictures of my wretched-ness for all eternity. and that thought alone makes me want to hurl. and cry. preferrably at the same time (it's more efficient).

dale is leaving DEI and racing for a team next year that is still undetermined. yes folks- i just gave you a freaking nascar update. who the hell am i?

and the bridezilla in me is coming out in the form of a dress nazi. my bridesmaids are all wearing little black cocktail dresses, so i'd prefer if my friends who are coming to the wedding, didn't also wear little black cocktail dresses. apparently that's a lot to ask. who knew?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

new post.. you want a new post?

well i'd like to not be the fucking travel agent at work.

if there is one thing i hate doing.... it's booking travel. i hate booking flights for people. know why? because it always changes and i think i'm just way too organized and detail oriented to have such chaos. not to mention that fact that with every change, i'm essentially doing the same job over again- so in the end, i feel like i just did the same thing about 50 times. and that's frustrating. and have i mentioned how time consuming it all is? because for some reason, travel (and all that goes with it) just takes up the whole freaking day (and who has time for that? oh yeah, travel agents). one change is never simply one change. one change usually means a hotel change... which leads to a car change.. and don't forget about a meeting change... and potentially a meal reservation change.. and the color of the sky change.. and i want a puppy change..

booking travel is seriously the one thing i can't stand. and it's the one thing that i can't seem to get away from in any job.

travel- why doth you plagueth me so- eth?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

at least in this wedding dream

i could actually find my guests. (as opposed to the ones where my guests are so fucking bored they leave the wedding completely) but it wasn't much better. they were all there, but they weren't doing anything! so i was frantically running to everyone asking them if they KNEW we had an open bar. they all replied with yes, to which i scolded them for NOT DRINKING! because we all know that if everyone is drunk, everyone has a good time. dur!

i looked down at my hand in the dream and noticed i didn't have on my wedding band. i found boyfriend and asked him where it was... he said we forgot the wedding rings at home, along with everything else. everything else?!???!

these dreams are killing me. lol

Monday, May 07, 2007

dear late wedding rsvp'ers,

i realize that giving you over a month to RSVP, and giving you over a years notice about the actual wedding, was simply not enough time. i can't make the dreaded seating chart until i know who's coming. i can't make the final payment on the wedding of the year, until i have a final headcount. you do realize that every one of you who has not sent in your card is making me pull my hair out, don't you? yes, i said every one- which means there are far more than just 1 or 2 couples who haven't sent in their card.

i understand the difficulty of checking a box and putting something in the mail. especially when you don't have to futz around looking for a stamp to put on it. that must be the kicker. next time, i won't provide the stamp. no stamp = motivation? i bet that's it. i made it too easy for you. i blame the stamp. no matter how cute it is, it's totally the stamps fault.

ps- i'm just being a shithead. i fully realize that our wedding is not necessarily an easy decision for some people- it's far away, not cheap to attend, and we're not having kids there. but don't you know by now if you're coming or not??

Sunday, May 06, 2007


how come there were like a million people running on the golden gate bridge at 2:30 in the morning? who the hell jogs for fun at that time of night?!?! what the hell, crazy ass people.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

boyfriend left me

for nascar.

and it's his birthday today.

yep. he's in virginia with his brother for his "bachelor" weekend. when i was telling him goodbye yesterday, i started crying. such a stupid girl, I KNOW... but realizing that he was going to be gone for his birthday made me so sad at the time. i want to be clear that i'm not mad he's gone- not angry- and of course it's totally fine that he's not here on his bd. it just sucks that i can't make his day special- because hello, he's not here. and hello, how the hell do you compete with a nascar weekend???
you don't.

it kind of sucks that this bachelor crap is on his bd as well. how can any bd from here on out, ever compare to this one? *sighs*

oh well...

in honor of him being gone and nascar'ing around- i'm going out!!! night on the town with the girls (or at least my future sister in law). trouble is bound to happen. the good kind. i can't wait! we might take pics- or we might make sure there's no evidence!

Friday, May 04, 2007

can i shoot the birds?

one thing i've noticed about living up here (aside from the how badly the weather sucks) are the freaking birds.

apparently, northern california has about a bajillion and a half birds. and even more apparent is the fact that they all live outside my window. i hate them. they never shut up. i mean, WHAT KIND OF BIRD STARTS CHIRPING AT 4:30 IN THE MORNING IN THE POURING DOWN RAIN?!?!?!? the kind that lives outside my freaking window i guess. stupid birds.

it's not like they have a nice sound or anything. they have the most obnoxious, high pitched chirp- i seriously want to throw rocks at them. anything that will make them fly away and bother someone else.

birds suck.

the end.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

i had another shower, ya know

of course you don't know.. because i haven't talked about. and a shower isn't worth talking about if i don't have any pictures to show you! and we can all blame the people with camera's who molested me (MOTHER!!!) and took lots of pics (future mother in law, celeste and trish!!!) and haven't shown me a single, damn one of em. they hate me. and they obviously hate you, blogworld, otherwise i would have at least one picture of my sweaty stomach to show you.

ps- my interview is up at mommybloggers, as well as a trip down memory lane with the post that made the waitress cry. good times!

Mommybloggers: How did you get into off-roading? What other adventurous activities do you enjoy?
Jennster: have you seen the man i'm marrying?? he is how i got into offroading. he wheels his truck and i go along for the ride. i love it though! it is so much fun and we get to see such incredibly beautiful places that we would NEVER get to see otherwise. i love it! i freaking love quad riding- we totally want some! i would love to have a dirtbike! can't you see me hauling ass on a motorbike, getting stuck in mud somewhere? oh wait, that already happened. lol

Mommybloggers: Where else can we get our Jennster fix?
Jennster: you can always come stalk me. i'm sure that would be pretty exciting! you can stare at numerous pictures of me on my personal website ( you can move closer to me and we can go out and party like rockstars!

the rest is here

thanks again to everyone commenting and saying things that should make my head explode, but instead it just makes me blush. y'all are the best and i appreciate every word you've written.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

being a mom + having a blog =


i am completely blown away and flattered at the entirely super sweet post written and all of your comments. you are all truly the best and i am completely humbled by each and every ounce of praise.

but i fucking love you for it! :)

thank you so much mieke, kristen, mary tsao and sweatpants mom for all the super sweet and freaking hilarious things you wrote!!!! (extra exclamations for marsha) i appreciate it and the feeling is mutual- or quadrupable- or something!! :)

"We first met this free-wheeling mommyblogger at BlogHer in 2006, and were instantly drawn in by her infectious laugh and outrageous sense of humor. Okay, well, we were a little scared first, but THEN we were ready to commit to matching tattoos......"
read the rest here..

ps- i hate that picture of me, but really, i'm not complaining.. carry on

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

there will be strangers at my wedding

i was thinking about the fact that some of boyfriend's friends are bringing their new found girlfriend's to our wedding. and what struck me the most was that there would be these chicks that i don't even know, at my wedding. someone who isn't my friend... who i will say about 2 words too.. and whom i may never possibly even see again. at my wedding. my most personal, romantic, close to my heart and soul, day... i will have strangers in my midst. and it just feels weird. weird to know that someone who knows absolutely nothing about mine and boyfriend's relationship will be there as we take a this hugely personal step in our lives. and they won't really care because how could they? they don't even know us. and it just makes a part of my heart feel sad when i think about it. people who don't even know me, will get to take part in this day that means the world to me. people who i may never see again, get to see me say "i do" to the man i love, while others we wish were there, aren't going to be. there is just something wrong about that.

now granted, there will be people that both boyfriend and myself will be meeting for the first time (relatives, old family friends) on our wedding day which i think is just weird as well. i mean, it just seems odd to meet people on your wedding day. i realize this is nothing new and happens all the time- at every wedding, etc... but still, i just think it's weird. or sad. or something.

were there people you didn't know at your wedding?!??