Thursday, March 01, 2007

why my future sis in law

is the bomb diggity and a bag of chips. *snaps*

Dear Jennster,
You are a beautiful, funny, smart, amazing women. Your wedding dress fits. You'll look radiant on that day. A spray on tan will eliminate at least 10 pounds. A sarong works wonders in combination with a bikini. I have several you can borrow. After a few cocktails, or one in your case, nothing will matter except the fact that you are in a beautiful place with the man you love.
PLEASE STOP TORTURING YOURSELF... stay off that f'n scale.

your future sister in law, and blake's new aunt.

ps- we're SO doing this at the wedding (please watch the groom all the way to the end.. it's so cute how he pretends to like women.. you know, by marrying one and all)


Perstephone said...

LOLOLOL!!! You must share your video if you do that! MUST.

Adam and I wanted to do the Austin Powers dance at ours, but nobody else was game :( Still, we entered the room to the theme song and did our own dance. FUN!

And you have a rockin' sister in law! She's completely right and you should rely on her advice. My SIL is great like that, too. Woohoo for awesome SILs!

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Oh,'ll believe that stuff when your future sister-in-law says it - but not when anyone else tells you that!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Dance...I wish I could've gotten everyone to do that at my wedding...

Your sis in law is wonderful.

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

lol i love her! she's awesome like my sis in law mimi is

ps. if you do that dance i will take video and post it on you tube. just so ya know

Mom101 said...

Can I borrow your SIL? Seriously - jealous.

Lisa said...

You have a most awesome future SIL.

Jenster said...

LOVE your SIL. Is she why you're marrying him??

How sad is this. I could do that dance in high school. Yes. I said it. High school. Because that's when it first came out. Because I'm old. And because the cool people could do that dance. Or at least that's what we told ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Your future SIL is awesome, and also RIGHT. You are gorgeous and perfect just the way you are!

I've seen that video and yeah, that groom set off my gaydar just a bit.

mollymcmo said...

i fucking love that!!!!!! i had to call tim over to watch it too, thanks jenn now he's singing thriller! lol!
i love the groom and the guy to his right who didn't know what the heck he was doing but gave it his all anyway!
your sil rocks! listen to her, you're going to look hot and sexy no matter what! why? cause you're jennster who's super cute, sexy and funny thats why.
heck if i was a lesbian and not already married with kids i'd be fighting boyfriend for you! LOL! :)


Anonymous said...

OMG, that video is hilarious! Just think the practice that must have taken!

Jenn, you are going to be gorgeous dahling! Don't worry, be happy now.
And thankful to have such a great sister in law. Yay for you!

Sarah's Mama said...

This one is cute too....

Jezer said...

You KNOW he's been practicing that dance since he was TWELVE!!!

Your SIL rocks.

Virginia Belle said...


you MUST do this, ster.