Thursday, September 14, 2006

more fun with 3rd graders!

i was leaving blake's school this morning when this group of girls ran up to me..

girl: are you blake's mom?
me: yep
girl: are you working in our class?

me: huh?
girl: i said, are you here to work in our class?
me: no.. i have to go to work.
girl: oh. then what are you doing here?

what the fuck? what am i doing here? i wanted to tell her that i was here to beat her ass for being such a controlling little parent nazi, but i refrained.

me: i walked blake to class.
girl: where is blake?
me: i like to walk blake to class.

girl: where is blake?

me: cause i think he's cute..
girl: where is blake?

me: and i like to follow him around
girls screaming: WHERE IS BLAKE?????
me: oh. blake? he's on the playground.

*the 3 girls run off*
i shoulda tripped em.


norcalgirl28 said...

Sounds like "three little girls" have a crush on Blake. Who could blame them? Also sounds like I should be at school at the same time you are to watch you in action. You crack me up! p.s. Do you EVER remember talking to adults the way these kids talk to us? I sure don't.

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

LOL omg. thats all i gotta say

Anonymous said...

Dude, you should've said you were there to beat her back into line. Or that you were Blake's bodyguard. Sounds like he might need one, with all these girls crushing on him.

Melissa said...

LOL, hahahaahahaha, sounds like you are not the only woman in his life anymore.

Stupid blogger wont let me be me....but this is Issa.

Melissa said...

LOL, hahahaahahaha, sounds like you are not the only woman in his life anymore.

Stupid blogger wont let me be me....but this is Issa.

Jenn said...

LMAO your so funny gettin the 3rd graders all pissed off at you. teee hee hee.

FinSpin said...

You know it only gets worse.
good times...

Lena said...

What's with all the hate? Can you really blame them for being psycho obsessed. Look at him... ;)

Mall Worker said...

Oh my god! I think its gonna get worse before it gets better. I would have been hard for me not to get snippy with them back!

Anonymous said...

Blake must be a hottie! Oh boy you are in trouble. ;>)

That's kids these days. Especially girls. They are the worst. My friend had one call her back after she told her daughter that she couldn't spend the night and say,"Give me one good reason why she can't spend the night!" and my friend said, "I don't have to give you shit!" Talk about balls!

Meg said...

Rude little girls. Man, you're already have to fight them off of your son!

spidey said...

OMG, that is too funny! Oh man, kids these days are so bold. I would have never talked to an adult like that when I was that age, but I could totally see my 9 year old niece saying something like that--she is always arguing with adults, and it drives my parents INSANE! Good luck girlie!

coffeygirlb said...

Awww, that's cute and annoying at the same time. Thanks for wondering about me. I am back now! I have to say however, it was nice to have an excuse to ake a break!! I think you need those every now and then. I don't know about you but the pressure to write enteraining stuff gets to me sometimes, especially when i'm not feeling interesting at all:)

Kristin said...

Man, I love you so much!!!

Kristin said...

She's lucky you didn't call her a whore!!

Anonymous said...

Good of you to see through the veneer of tidy little controlling parents (or teachers for that matter). As I was saying to my wife this week, schools kill education. I think that is too often true.

Catherine said...

Ah, the trials and tribulations of having a good-lookin' kid... it starts so early these days!!

Christina_the_wench said...

Blake...that little stud. *giggling at the nightmare known as the teen years you have ahead of you*

Tara said...

hahahahaha. You crack me up!

CP said...

in the world of karma...she will end up your daughter in law.

Tread lightly.


carrie said...

Oh, I can't wait for high school.

"Where is Blake"

"Did you forget to dye your roots today"

"Where is Blake"

"Umm, that shirt is, like, so last season"

"Where is Blake"

"Where is your skirt, because I can't seem to see any of it"

Bring. It. On.


LBA said...


You son is obviously a hottie.

Where is he ? Where did he go ? Is that him over there ?

Pollyanna said...

OHMYGAWD, that was a funny story. Girls are getting more forward every day I think. It's quite alarming when you are the Mama to 2 boys!

Unknown said...


Evan would be mortified if I said that to one of the little whores who follow him around. Thanks for the idea! :-)