Wednesday, September 06, 2006

crackwhores & std's? hot.

here are some of the ways people have found my blog recently (y'all are freaks by the way):

fatty wompus - why was someone searching for this? although saying it out loud cracks me up everytime! FATTY WOMPUS, FATTY WOMPUS!

crackwhore diaries- i am certain you found what you were looking for here, on my blog.

how many calories in a mini twix- as if i would talk about how many calories are in ANYTHING i eat. pashawwww

smashed fairies - poor little fairies.

stds scabbies - um, fucking nasty. and someone please tell me what in the hell post of mine brought up this link?

blogher bitches - now you're talking. DING DING DING we have a winner!

dodgers suck shirt- whoever found MY site from this search.. SUCKS in a very not good or satisfying way. and oh yeah, eat a dick.

things that remind me of summer- awwww, i remember this. it was one of my thursday thirteen's on a friday. i heart summer!

excercise and breastfeeding- HA! and HA HA! i do neither and i do neither rather well, thank you very much.

pearl thong under my dress - how about "nothing under my dress"... that sounds much better.

california- i love how someone searches for a state name and they get my blog. oh hell yeah, california is all about JENNSTER! and jennster is ALL ABOUT CALIFORNIA!!!


Dustin said...

funny you posted this....i rarely check out that stuff, and I found all kinds of good ones on mine yesterday.

....yes I just turned this post around to be about me.

bite me

Anonymous said...

Fatty wompus - that is fun to say! Almost like "kittywumpus", which was my grandfather's way of saying "out of place" or "messed up".

Smashed fairies - were they looking for pictures of intoxicated homosexuals?

Creative-Type Dad said...


I'll have to post mine one day. They're all freaky. But not this freaky

Meg said...

Too funny! STD scabbies? That's fucking disguisting. But I'm so using Fatty Wompus from now on!

Erin said...

OK, I HAD to find the post with the "scabbies" and STDs...

Thank your commentors for this bit of sexually transmitted fame!

Pearl thongs... hahaha, that's so wrong on so many levels.

I just figured out why I love your blog so much - it's so perverted! I mean in one post alone we have drunken homosexuals, panties with anal beads as an integral part of the construction, fatties, whores, bitches, breasts, sucking, breast-sucking, dick eating, and STD's.

How often do you find that all in one place that Net Nanny doesn't qualify as a porn site!?

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

lol how do you even find these searches?

Firefly said...

smashed fairies, ah? What kind of people do you hang out with??? ;)

Lisa said...

Jennster, you ARE California! But of course.

mollymcmo said...

i've been thinking of posting this one too on my blog, one ofmy most popular it "droopy hanging balls"

jenn, i LOVE the fatty wompus, sounds like slang for well, um a fatty wompus of course!!! :)


Kristin said...

i am so envious of, "crackwhore diaries" i can't begin to tell you.

Anonymous said...

Awww yeah, Blogher bitches represent!!

What the HELL is a "Fatty Wompus"?

Anonymous said...

I have some really weird searches too lol. I love doing that.

I'm sorry I've been MIA- blogger sucks and I can't post as a blogger anymore because I switched to beta- strange. I'm one pissed off bitch. LOL.

Yeah- what the fuck is a fatty wompus?????

Once- someone searched for I want to fuck my mom- and they got me. Gross.

Kentucky Girl said...

I love looking at my searches. Heeeee

Melissa said...

I love that you did this. I always find them so freaking funny. Fatty Wumpus cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Alex, I'll take BlogHer Bitches for $500

Wes said...

Man, I am so using Fatty Wompus to create a link to your site now! You're number one on Google with that search!!! LOL

It's fantastic your in the California lists too!

*Tanyetta* said...

LOL at eat a dick! that was funny.

p.s. by the way how can you tell what search people found to get to your blog? i'm curious to know what they search to get to my blog. oh wait, i'm NOT jennster, I'm NOT famous. (sad face) i still want to know how you know though.

Anonymous said...

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