Wednesday, May 31, 2006

13 things that remind me of summer

and therefore, make me really.fucking.happy! (ps, it's not actually thursday, i just like fucking with y'all)

  1. yummy summer fruits.. like plums, strawberries, cherries, and watermelon!!
  2. chips & dip. don't ask. it's just that i associate chips and dip with summer.. probably because i eat lethal amounts of it in summertime (think bbq's, parties, my house on any given day)
  3. warm weather. i'm still trying to get the northern part of california to agree with me on this part.
  4. that yummy coconut smell from either my suntan lotion, or malibu rum. they both smell the same.
  5. speaking of malibu rum.. PINA COLADA'S! not that i drink. fine, i rarely drink. at least not a whole drink. but if i was drinking- pina colada's would remind me of summer. and not the mixed kind. the blended kind. the brainfreeze kind! omg, so fun! and now i kind of want one! with 2 cherries and a slice of pineapple, thanks!
  6. warm nights. the kind of nights where a tank top is all that's needed. (as in no jackets, or sweatershirts, not the no pants meaning)
  7. sitting outside on one of those warm nights. watching the stars and thinking how perfect the nights sky is. i heart the stars and the moon.
  8. the beach. dur. obvious, but still needs to be said.
  9. swimming and kids splashing around like freaks
  10. water guns and water balloons!
  11. bbq's & beers with friends. i love house parties and house hang outs!
  12. ice cream! ice cream is best in the summer, when it's so freaking hot outside.. oooh, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream .. fine fine, just the peanut butter, someone else eat the choco ice cream part! and sno cones, hawaiian ices, ice cream trucks! so summery!
  13. sandals. wearing sandals means it's warm out and you can stop hiding your feet in icky socks and shoes and show off those beautiful toes!
  14. ***bonus*** baseball and dodger stadium!!! nothing like dodger dogs at the ballpark, on a warm summer night. *swoon*

Monday, May 29, 2006

let's be honest here

i need to know. do people know when they have kids that aren't cute? i mean seriously. i'd like to think that if i had a not cute kid, i would realize it. it's not like i would love the kid less if it wasn't cute- but i just think i'd know. and in this knowing, i wouldn't post pictures of said not cute kid daily on my blog for y'all to look at. does everyone just automatically think their kid is the cutest kid in the world??? seriously. i'm so curious. is there anyone reading this blog who thinks their kid is just "okay" or does every mom/dad think their kid rocks in the looks department?

here is my kid drooling. isn't that adorable? ooh, here it is sucking up the drool! awwww, precious right? here it is playing in the drool! so talented!

even if the kid is freaking adorable, do you really want to see that many pictures of a kid that isn't yours? honestly? does everyone in blogland care that much about someone else's kid, that they honestly would like to see multiple pictures everyday of said kid? i am asking because sometimes i really feel like i'm the only mom out there who doesn't really give a shit. i'd rather see pictures of someone's puppy than their kid. fine fine...that's not entirely true, but still. i just don't get off on seeing someone's child everyday. the kid looks the same as it did the day before. and the day before that. and that. and so on. i love seeing pics every now and then, but the daily one? i guess i just feel like it's overload. and kind of, what the hell is the point?

why do i feel like this is purely a "jennster" thing and i'll be alone in my thinking on this one?

maybe it's because i define myself as so much more than just blake's mom. maybe it's because i choose to be more self absorbed, than blake absorbed. who knows? all of this could change when i have another baby and i'm starting over, and freaking out. then before you know it, all i'm posting is baby shit and daily not cute baby pictures! then y'all can call me a hypocrite and well, that will be fun for everyone!

ps- this post is not talking about ANYONE who reads this blog. i promise you i am not referring to your child. i cannot emphasize that enough.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

the world can continue spinning

I WENT TO TARGET AND SPENT A LOT OF MONEY!!!! okay, it was boyfriend's money, but still. i love target. i love target so fucking much i want to have 10 thousand little target babies!!! i see no reason why boyfriend and i can't get married in target and then live in there forever! we would have everything we could ever need and want if we lived there! EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! my love for target is seriously out of control.
i hate the store that starts with a W. hate it. won't even say it's name and will NEVER step foot in the store. it's disgusting beyond all belief to me.
but target. target on the other hand. *swoon* love it. need help, but don't care. don't want a cure for this. i wish target could be the maid of honor, and the best man, and give me away at the wedding, and marry us, and be our honeymoon destination..
speaking of marrying us- i love love love love love the idea of having someone we know become an officient and marry us. that rocks and i totally want to do it! so much more personal than having someone we don't know and will never see again do it. lame. so yay! now the only question is............. who?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

alert the authorities!

i can't remember the last time i went to target. like i seriously CAN.NOT.REMEMBER. this can only mean 1 of 3 things.
  1. i'm losing my fucking mind and must seek help immediately.
  2. the world is coming to and end.
  3. britney and justin are getting back together! (wouldn't that be blissful?)

Friday, May 26, 2006

ah, the wedding

yes.. MY weddding.
**warning to all males out there- a very wedding, whiney, blah blah, post to follow**
apparently it's time to start doing some actual work for this fucking thing, because i got the feeling last night. you know the feeling. the "oh my god, your wedding is no longer 3000 months away, so you'd better start getting your shit together" feeling. we've booked the location. we have the dj. i have my dress. we thought we had a photographer, and trying to find a new one is proving to not only be really fucking expensive, but also not easy. i hate when my psycho organization works against me. and since we're not church type people at all, i keep freaking forgetting that we need someone to actually marry us. so yeah. i have to find one of those people too. not to mention the fact that i know no one where we're getting married, so i have no idea who's going to do my hair and makeup. and we all know how important that is. cause if mama doesn't look hot, then no one's going to be happy. i already know what i'm doing for the reception centerpieces, but i still need to find a florist to make everyone's bouquets and boutaneires.. good lord, how do you spell that anyways???? the cake is half done, half not. don't ask.

okay. so this weekend dammit. i am pulling out the files (yes, i have FILES for this) and i'm doing some actual work on it. cause the sooner it's done, the sooner i can just do nothing for it for months! yay! and then you won't have to hear me talk about it! double yay!! so i'm a mission this weekend. boyfriend when you read this- beware. you know how i get when i'm determined to get something done. *hiss*

this chick's blog makes me laugh. well not so much her blog, but all her little animations are so fucking funny. i love them. very creative that one. if she loved me, she make little jennster animations!! but she doesn't love me, so no animations for you!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

blah blah blahhhhh

i have a new renter! she is fun and funny and if you don't know her already, CLICK on her box and give her a shout! (ooh, that sounds dirty...clicking on someone's box) give her a hug! give her a kiss! give her money!! no wait... if you're going to give anyone money, it had better be me. cause i'm the one saving for a fucking wedding here folks. so let's not get crazy. a simple HELLO will be fine. :) the rent box is on the left, halfway down the page. clicking is good for everyone. so do it, please. don't make me bribe you with brownies again.

on another note- let's discuss my comments, shall we? you all know that i love them. love them so much that i write posts about them. anyways, i have to talk about them some more because.. well.. frankly.. you people CRACK me up!!!! i have literally spit water onto my computer monitor on more than 1 occassion. (which is totally hot and sexy, don'tcha think?) but these 2 from virginia belle take the cake folks. god i hope they aren't just funny to me and no one else... cause that totally happens sometimes. the one about jimmy made me laugh so hard i almost pissed on the ball i sit on at work because boyfriend and i tease jimmy all the time about this stuff! he writes like a fucking tard! he is SUCH a dork in the way he types, it is painful to read. so v.belle's comment just gave me some sweet vindication. god there's a lot of jennster personal vindication going around lately. anyways.... the comment:

"is it just me, or do all of jimbo's comments read like something written by a spastic kid who is way overdue for his dose of ritalin?"

and then there is this one. which really needs no introduction because it's just well... it's just FUNNY. (ps vb- firemantaco got all hot and bothered by this and he can't wait)

"FIREMEN HAVE BLOGS?????? Why didn't anyone inform me of this development and brilliant idea???? do you have any idea how um, hot i get for firemen?????? we're talking major daydreaming fantasies, here. we're talking soft-core porn type fantasies. jenn, you have opened up a big can of worms. your taco man friend will hate me. i will stalk him like a groupie."

carry on folks. carry on.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

when people just don't get it

the wedding this past weekend brought about the "reuniting" of a few people who parted ways on very bad terms. i knew going into it, that i would be seeing this person at the wedding, but i had no intention of talking to her. in my opinion, she's someone who doesn't deserve my friendship, nor my time of day. so imagine my surprise when she comes up to me during the cocktail hour and tries to give me a huge hug as if nothing had ever happened between us. i looked at her ackwardly and asked her if she thought this was weird? she put on a fake smile and attempted to act innocent while questioning me on why on earth this would be weird. then she waved her hand at me and said that all the things that happened were "so long ago" and that "we both said some mean things.. i'm sorry for my part and i know you're sorry for yours." that's where i interjected with a "no, i'm not." first rule of jennster- DO NOT EVER speak for me. do not tell me what i think and/or feel. if you want to know, ask me and i'll tell you- but do not pretend to know or assume anything.

so she tried to have a conversation with me, but i wasn't very receptive. i questioned everything because i didn't believe 95% of what was coming out of her mouth. you see, i refuse to be fake. i'm not going to pretend like things are great, when they aren't. and that's the bottom line. it has nothing to do with being over the things she said or not. it has nothing to do with holding onto anger or letting it go. it has everything to do with just fucking being real about it. i would have been more open and receptive to her, had she approached me in a different way. a way that actually made sense. i would have given her the decency of an honest conversation. but i guess that was asking too much. because there i stood, looking at someone who had the fakest smile ever, and quivering lips, trying so hard so act like things were great and no big deal (when i know that her head wasn't thinking that at all). so i'm glad that i wasn't very nice to her. because at least i was honest. at least i was real. at least no one can ever accuse me of being fake and full of shit. but i'm sure from her perspective i'm this evil bitch who was trying to brawl at one of my closest friends weddings. as if.

i'll admit that i felt bad about it for a little while after. that i almost felt like i owed her an explanation as to why i was so cold. like i needed to explain myself to this person. i felt guilty for not being nice. and i was going to go to her table and talk to her, but i guess they left early. i thought about emailing her to try to get her to see my point of view. but then things happen to remind me why it serves no purpose to do so. and i remember that it's virtually impossible to get her to see things from any other perspective than her own. and then i remember why i don't trust her, and remind myself that i was right when i saw through her & questioned her. because i know the type of person she is, and how she deals with things. i know that it's easier for her to be nice to your face, but talk shit behind your back. and i know that she'll apologize for things she's said- but she won't really be sorry. because she thinks apologizing makes her the "better" person. even when it's not meant. not honest. not sincere.

i'd rather be real. even when it makes me the mean person. because at least it's honest. at least i'm not lying to anyone's face. and at least i'm not lying to myself. i just hate how i will feel bad for it. i hate how i see things not only in black & white, but in a billion shades of gray. there are so many factors and perspectives and ways to see things, it makes my head hurt. and i swear i look at every possible aspect, in every possible way. i have the ability to see things from ALL sides and sometimes it just hurts so much. i think it would be so much easier to see things without all the gray, but then i wouldn't be me. and i wouldn't be posting this right now, because i wouldn't care about it.

Monday, May 22, 2006

i'm back, but not mentally

i am too tired to post anything with words that will actually make sense, but here goes. tray & cam's wedding was THE.FUNNEST.WEDDING.EVER!!! (yes, i said funnest.) seriously. now boyfriend and i have all sorts of pressure to be half as fun as that. at least we have a year to plan, get personalities, and attempt to be fun people with fun friends. ha!

the trip was way too quick, with not enough sleep, and definitely not enough hanging out time. but i wouldn't trade it for the world. it was a blast!! i'm using toothpicks to keep my eyelids open, which i've heard is totally hot. *prrrrrrs* i got to meet julie's boyfriend (we call him drums or drummer cause that's what he is) and he was awesome! the best part was, whenever julie wouldn't stop talking, he would grab her head and push it towards his zipper. it's one of those things that is hilarious when it's someone else's boyfriend doing it to them, and it's not happening to you. boyfriend and drums were supposed to have a "battle of the butts" but drums pussied out. so boyfriend wins by default.. which is a crappy way to win if you ask me.

how about i shutup and just post some pics of people you've never met before? sounds great, right? here you go! :)

this is tray and her dad.. who is totally hot and i told him he was dreamy. lol
i love this pic of cam getting the garter and tray whispering in his ear. total sweetness.
boyfriend and me outside the little waterfall. their wedding location was stunning.

tray and boyfriend the morning after. look how beautiful she still looks!

tray & fo (julie) checking out. i just liked their asses, so i took a pic.

cam (the groom) molesting me. i pretend to not like it.

fo, drums & me in little italy after dinner

me & fo being hot pieces of ass. rahr. boyfriend and myself.. his eyes are OPEN, it's amazing!!!

the end. :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

miss me yet?

i miss y'all!!!! will be back tomorrow with LOTS of pics and fun stories! until then, SMOOCHES!!! :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

leaving.. on a jet plane

don't know when i'll be back again..." come on, sing with me...

boyfriend and i are headed to new york tonight to watch this girl marry this boy. YAY!!!!! i am SO freaking excited i can't even tell you! (if i can't tell you, then why am i trying to tell you?) i truly make no sense sometimes. but that's half the fun, right? RIGHT! just say yes. thanks.

hopefully while we're there, we'll get to meet up with jenn & mike. but if we don't get to meet them, it's because they didn't love us enough to see us. HA!

i love new york so much! i love love love visiting there and playing around and doing fun stuff and never sleeping! i am so excited for this trip. it's the first time boyfriend and i will be flying together. since we always dated long distance until we moved in together this past august, when we flew, we flew solo. so i'm super excited to see if he's manly on the plane, or if he's a big fat pussy. haha! so i'll see y'all when we get back- with a ridiculous amount of pictures i'm sure! until then, SUPER SMOOCHES for everyone!!!!

oh yeah- there is that big huge blogging lovefest going around because HBM started it and while i really did want to participate in it- i was just too damn lazy. so i'm linking to the post that lists a bunch of the blogs i love to read. of course, this list has grown tremendously since i posted that, but i'm still too lazy to update. so please, no one be offended if you're not on there. and you know if i read your blog, cause i am a comment whore. anyways, go read the love, give love, embrace the love, and donate your platelets? lol..

have a great weekend everyone!!! xooxox

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

all guys are like this.... right?

seriously. i have come to the firm belief that i am boyfriend's personal play toy. jennster doll anyone? the amount of pleasure he derives from tickling me and tormenting me, cannot be normal! it's like he lives to poke at me, prod me, wrestle with me, lick my nose and then hold my hands down so i can't wipe it off..(EW!!!) and whatever else he comes up with on a daily basis! seriously. he's lucky i don't pack my shit up and walk my happy ass right back to southern california. ha!

honestly though. what is it with guys and their need to harass us?! i realize that it makes him laugh. i get that he finds all this crap SUPER amusing. but the most frustrating part is when he's finally pushed me to the point that i get pissy- it makes him laugh even harder! which makes me more pissy, and the cycle is neverending. the only way we ever stop wrestling or whatever the hell it is he's doing to me, is when one of us (that means ME) gets hurt. why do guys do this? really? what the hell is their problem? and why won't they stop? and as i type this i wonder if i'd be sitting here bitching if he really did stop. i foresee my blog now.. "he used to love me and tickle me and chase me around the house with a towel snapping at my ass, and now he won't even touch me. why doesn't he love me anymore?!?! WAHHHHHHHH!"

omg, no wonder guys are so confused all the time- could we (and by we, i mean me) have more mixed signals?!?!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

dear boyfriend

if you eat all the cookies & cream drumsticks while you are off work today, i will personally ring your neck. don't think i didn't notice that you ate the last one from the first box last night when we got home from the concert. i noticed. and seriously. you have gallons, upon gallons of ice cream in the freezer. eat that. leave the drumsticks alone. or eat the mint ones. this is a serious matter. don't come between a woman and her drumsticks. you hear me? *growls*

i am in love!! the brad paisley concert last night was SOOOOOOOO much fun!!!!! he is so fucking funny and cute and fun and funny and funny and funny, i just wanted to run on stage and SMOOSH him!!!! he is so incredibly talented and his songs are amazing- but he just constantly cracks me up! the guy is hilarious. seriously. he sang a song for all the mom's out there- and it was about us not wanting flowers or chocolate's, but we just want him to put the toilet seat down. HA! it's so much funnier when he's singing it. if you like country, you've got to give my new boyfriend brad a shot- he is seriously the most talented country singer we have out there.

sara evans was there too and she is freaking funnier than shit! who knew? apparently boyfriend did cause when i said, "WHO KNEW?!!!" he replied back with, "me." HA! whatever! she has a kick ass voice and a great smile and super white teeth! i love her new song "coal mine" and when she was talking about your man coming home all dirty from work and how sexy he is and you just want him all to yourself, i guess blake was freaking out saying things like, "that's not right! so not right!" she also brought all of her kids onstage and introduced them. she said that they call their youngest daughter "fatty wompus." omg, i laughed so hard! and i can't wait to have my own fatty wompus someday!! i want to get a dog and name it that! how fun would that be? come here fatty wompus! i just like saying it! call someone it today, and see if it doesn't make you laugh out loud! :)

josh turner was also there- he's good. i don't love him, but he sings well live and good lord, how does he get his voice that deep?!?? he has a great smile and his blinding white teeth made me jealous. i want my teeth to blind people. it's a goal. watch out fellow blogher attendees!

it was a great concert- super fun and blake was rocking out! he loved brad's guitar's, but he super loved the drummer. he was air drumming on his knees. so cute! so fun!!!! and now i'm tired.

ps- visit my renter! it's mommy off the record and most of you know her! but if you don't- GO VISIT!!! she is awesome and funny and great. but right now it's a bit sad in her blog world, as her grandmother passed away. go wish her your best.

Friday, May 12, 2006

giving the good stuff

so i am literally sitting in a chair right now donating my platelets. i am typing with 1 hand, so eat shit if my spelling errors bother you! ha! so i guess i have "super" platelets and i coould "SAVE LIVES!! SAVE LIVES!! SAVE LIVES!!" because the lady who called told me that about 50 times on the phone! all i reallyt needed was one "you can save a life" and i was sold. so here i sut.. shit, sIt. here i sit, typing to you guys.

first of all, thanks for all of the photo advice- i'll let y'all know just wtf i decide to do. but just so you all can sleep at night, we were always planning on having cameras at the reception tables- all the brides & grooms say those are super fun! omg, i can't believe they have a computer here- i am cracking up!

mother's day is on sunday.... what are you doing?? what do you think about mother's day anyways?? do you expect stuff? i just like it to be acknowledged and i think anything my boys do is sweet- but i don't really expect anything. i think mom's day is kinda lame. i don't like it when things are forced and that's exactly what this isd... a forced "give your mom attention or she'll guilt trip you forever" kind of day. but that's just my opinion. we're going to see brad paisley in concert, but the fact that it fell on this day is pure coincidence. so yeah- what do you want for mom's day, if anything?
ooh, my arm is cold and my lips are tingly- giving platelets is weird, but I AM SAVING LIVES DAMMIT!!!!!
jennster's blog- saving lives 1 platelet at a time!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

i guess it's time to start obsessing

all my non obsessing about the wedding has been THROWN in my face. i realized the other day that the photographer still hadn't cashed my deposit check. so i emailed her asking if she got it, etc. i came in to an email from her saying that no, she'd never received my check and is now booked on my wedding date. well isn't that lovely? so i cried a few tears and i do mean a few and then i took a deep breath and decided to be over it (over the pissed at how much of a stupid bitch she is, part). :)
so here i am, obsessing over finding a new photographer. a few are booked already. quite a few are ridiculously out of my price range. and there's this one guy. this guy who says that he comes for the whole weekend. THE WHOLE WEEKEND. is this really necessary? i mean honestly? do i really need a professional photographer taking pictures at my rehearsal dinner and shit? any dope with a camera can give me tons of pics of that, right? i guess my question is- would you have wanted someone there for the whole weekend? or was whatever package you got for your wedding photographer, just fine? hell, what did you do for your wedding and photographs? any regrets? any must have pics? do you even look at them now? HA! tell me ALL- thanks!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

email from gramps

since i started this blog for my grandpa, it seems like the right thing to do is share his emails to me, with all of you. so i'm posting his latest email to me (without his permission of course). think gramps will sue me? grandpa- this is your own fault. if you weren't so fucking funny, i wouldn't want to share this with anyone!!!! :)

This is just to let you know that I still read all of your blogs. I have to be very,very careful now though as Grandma says all of the "naughty" words I have been using lately come from reading your Blogs. She says that if I say " please pass the fucking butter" one more time at the dinner table she is going to wash my mouth out with soap and unplug the computer. Keep on blogging and I will continue to read as I have promised never again to use a fucking cuss word.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i owe a lot of brownies!

you guys!!!!! YOU GUYS! i am SO EXCITED about winning this!!!!! mostly because i feel like i am in such kick ass company- (previous winners are mom101, sweatpants mom, cmhl, mrs fortune, izzy, etc) and that seriously is the most flattering part for me. because i read and love all of their blogs, so to be in the same arena as them- well, it freaking rocks!!! thank you to everyone who voted for me! i know i bribed you with brownies so come over and you can have some! thanks again really. i'm excited beyond reasonable excitedness. and i'm a dork.

Here is the interview.

1. How long have you been blogging?
i started blogging on January 1st of 2006! started the new year off right, oh yeah!!

2. What made you start a blog?
cliff notes version= my grandpa.whole story= i have a message board that i’ve run for over 5 years now, and i never really felt the need to have a blog… even though a bunch of people always told me i should start one. i couldn’t think of just what the hell i’d write on a blog that i wasn’t already blabbing about, all day long, on the message board. but this past christmas, i had a conversation with my grandpa, who is now pretty much home bound. he has the beginning stages of parkinson’s disease, but he is always on the computer looking things up, reading things, etc. i asked him if he read blogs and he said that he read lots of them! so i told him i’d start one for him. that i’d start blogging so he could have something to read everyday from me. and that is how it started, which is why you see lots of “omg, grandpa don’t read this… grandpa skip #4″ type things in my posts! ha!

3. What is your greatest challenge as a mom?
i think my greatest challenge is just trying to raise a really good man and being someone that he can be proud of and look up to for the right reasons. i think it’s so hard to teach your kids everything you want to teach them (jessica is a filthy whore who did nick wrong- don’t date a jessica) verbally, and sometimes you just have to lead by example. i think it’s challenging to be a good & tough mom - which you have to be sometimes- and not feel guilty about it. it’s challenging at times to look at the bigger picture instead of just the moment. but it’s all worth it. and i’m proud of the mom i am, and the child i’ve raised so far.

4. How do you keep your identity as a PERSON, outside of being a mom?
HA! for me, i think it’s more along the lines of “how do i keep my identity as a mom, outside of just being this crazy, wacky person?” i’m not sure i’ve ever had the problem of feeling or feeling like i’m being perceived as “just” a mom. working full time outside the home where i’m surrounded by people who don’t see me in “mommy mode” definitely helps in that regard. also not having blake every other weekend (because he’s with his dad) is huge in the “omg, i actually HAVE a life!” factor of things.

5. What one piece of advice would you like to pass on to moms everywhere?
to seriously, just freaking love the person you are!! the mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, fiance, aunt, cousin, boss, employee, dog’s sister’s cousins brother,etc. life is hard and being a mom is no exception. we all do things differently, and that’s okay. i just think it’s so important to be happy in what you choose to do and how you choose to do it. someone once told me, “things don’t happen for the best.. you make the best out of the things that happen” and it’s kind of always stuck with me. embrace the woman you are. whatever type of person that may be. love it because there’s no one else like you. and have fun!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

blake hates me

so i told him right now as i was tucking him into bed that i won MEMBER OF THE WEEK for the crazy hip blog mama's and this was the convo that followed:

blake- cool. so what is that? and wait, what did you say? mom of the week? i thought you said funniest mom in america!

me- *all excited and giddy* you think i'm the funniest mom in america?!! oh my gosh!!! you think i would win that?!?!

blake- no.

a bunch of seriously random shit

i so love the new death cab by cutie song (soul meets body- HI JIMMY!)... it's streaming right now on KROQ. i miss my LA radio stations more than it should ever be possible to miss freaking radio stations. i mean seriously. san francisco radio stations are fucking horrible (live 105 is about the only decent one). have i blogged about that fact enough since i've moved here?! they are truly painful to listen to. they should be embarassed by their level of suckiness. and then they should just stream the LA stations up here so i can be happy.

i rented and watched match point last night. supposedly everyone who has seen it said how awesome it was. apparently those people also do lethal amounts of crack. it's sad how shitty of an actress scarlett johansson is. if she acted half as good as she looked, she'd be brilliant. but she doesn't, so she's not.

is it wrong if boyfriend and i just start wearing our wedding rings like we're married already? cause i think that would be fun! it would be a big fat lie, but still fun! we're both kinda bummed that it's still over a year away. think i'll freak out enough when it gets closer to drop about 10 pounds? cause that would be even more fun!

we leave for new york in 2 weeks! YAY! i can't wait!

jimmy and boyfriend got extremely loaded this weekend, which was hilarious to be around! god i love those 2 guys. my life is really fun with them around. i think i'll keep em. both. i'm selfish that way. plus, they're both totally hot. the best part is that when some guy we ran into at blockbuster asks boyfriend who jimmy's new girlfriend is... boyfriend can tell him it's HIS fiance. translation= i whore around with jimmy. it's fun. plus he smells really good and then i can't stop sniffing at him.

apparently there's a bunch of stupid mom bullshit floating around in the blog world (again). all i know is that i'm tired of reading about it. i'm tired of everyone talking about it- you know, like i'm doing right now. my take on the whole "this type" of mom vs "that type" mom is this..... who the fuck cares?!?! it shouldn't be anyone's business what one mom chooses to do over another mom. how does their life or the way they choose to raise their kid, affect you any? if it doesn't affect your life personally, then shut the fuck up. do what's right for you and your family and leave those who do it differently alone. if you don't like that i work everyday and leave my kid in daycare, then come pay my fucking bills. and come watch my kid while i go to work because I LIKE TO WORK. got a problem with it? i.don'

Saturday, May 06, 2006

2 things

my friend andrew.. aka firemantaco.. yes, he's a taco boy like boyfriend is. well he needs attention and wants you to read his blog. go bash him and tell him he sucks. it will be fun for all. especially me.

someone you shouldn't bash however, cause she truly kicks ass is my new renter! i think this means i own her! HAHAH! i own CMHL (crouching mommy, hidden laundry)!!! look how fucking adorable the screencap of her website looks on this one! we're like a perfect match!! :) anyways, go visit her before she goes crouching kick ass on your ass!

Friday, May 05, 2006

ode to boyfriend, part 2!

boyfriend turns 27 today! oh hell yes, you read that right. i am robbing the cradle, and i'm robbing it blind!! so this post is to wish the man in my life, a very happy 27th birthday! thank you my hot piece of ass, for choosing to love me and blake. for taking us both into your life and never complaining that it's been too much to take on. thank you for all your help and everything else wonderful that you do for the both of us. i love and appreciate you so incredibly much!! plus, i'm always excited that you're getting older, even though you hate it. it's fun for me. hurry up and turn 30 so i'm not all alone dammit! wait, don't. cause then i'll almost be 40. omg, i think i just puked a little. anyways, this is about you. so yeah. i love you! i can't wait to marry you! even if i don't want to plan the damn thing. i still want to get hitched and wear rings and be married. omg, SO FUN! okay, focus on birthday, not wedding. you. being born. yay! super yay!!! i can't imagine my life without you in it. i can't imagine loving anyone else as much as i love you!! so here's to you baby.. *raises pretend glass*.. i can't wait to see you tonight! happy birthday!!! let's eat cake!
xoxoxoox ~me
ps- happy wedding day tomorrow to emily!!! i hope it's as beautiful and perfect as you and james are! all my best! can't wait to see pics!!
pss- mrs.fortune had her baby.... finally! go wish her the best!!! congrats again hot lady!

ode to boyfriend, part 1

this is for melissa and anyone else with eyes.
here are various examples of why i think boyfriend is so fucking yummy. please enjoy the hotness that is before you.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

dinnertime drama

i was a single mom for the last 7 years and i pretty much trained blake that at dinner time, he eats one thing and i eat another. i didn't mean to train him into this, but looking back, it's so fucking obvious that this is my "fault." part of it might have started when he was a baby and couldn't eat normal foods anyway, so i ate something different at dinnertime. it's not like i was going to eat gerber peaches or squash- ew! then as he got older, i sometimes wanted to eat things that i knew he wouldn't like, so i wouldn't even bother making enough for him, or even ask him to try it (unless he asked). and other times, i wouldn't be hungry for dinner, so i wouldn't eat at all. blake and i always sat down together, but we very rarely ate the same meal. well, we sat down together when i wasn't eating something that made him want to puke from the smell. that's another thing. blake has such an incredibly sensitive stomach and nose. certain smells gross him out, and he has stomach issues almost nightly. i never cared though. never cared that i had to throw together 2 seperate things for dinner. to me, food, and what blake would or wouldn't eat, has never been a big deal. plus, when you have a kid who literally wouldn't sleep for the first 5 years of his life, you make other things, like dinnertime, as easy as fucking possible. but in doing things this way, i've created a kid who flat out refuses to try anything new and gets so frustrated if he's asked too he's practically in tears.

this brings us to where we are now. living with boyfriend and attempting to have 1 family meal each night in our home without complaints. boyfriend talked to me about his frustration with dinner in our home and it just breaks my heart. i wish that it wasn't a big deal to him that blake doesn't want to try new things. i wish he didn't care. but he does. it seems to be the one thing that really gets him frustrated. and i understand because he's the one who is cooking dinner everynight and he doesn't want to make 2 meals. i get that. but you have 7 years of a kid conditioned to eat foods that he liked at dinnertime, and now you want him to open up and try new things? this, from a kid who eats his hamburgers plain. as in, NOTHING on them (i so blame his dad for that- ha). but it is so hard. because the moment boyfriend starts to get frustrated with blake for his flat out refusal to even lick something new, my natural defenses start to rise. it's in my gut instinct to defend blake. and that's not really fair to bf. it's just hard because this is something that is a big deal to bf, and it's not to me. i feel like if we're going to be upset at blake about something, it needs to be something that really matters. and to me, who gives a fuck about food?! but boyfriend does. and i don't mean to disrespect him in any way. i totally get his perspective and his opinion and i understand his feelings about this- i just wish it was different. because then i find myself hating that dinner has come to this once again. boyfriend asking blake to try something. blake saying no immediately without even giving it a thought. boyfriend getting frustrated. blake getting upset. and me, in the middle. and i think my biggest fear is that dinner will turn into this time that no one wants to be a part of anymore. the last thing i want is for the only time the 3 of us sit down together to eat, to be a negative experience. and i feel like that's where we're headed. like dinner is suddenly going to be the meal that no one wants to deal with. boyfriend will stop making dinner because he feels like he goes out of his way to make something nice, and blake won't eat it. blake won't want to come down for dinner anymore, because he gets in trouble everynight for not trying something. and i won't want to deal with the bullshit of it all. i don't know what to do. is there an easy solution that i'm just not seeing because i'm involved in it? do you make more than one meal for your kid? are we the only ones to who to deal with this kind of stuff? help.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

thursday's 13 on wednesday! HA!

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things i'm currently obsessed with:

1. blow pops. and not the regular ones. i’m talking about the SUPER blow pops. they are so fucking big I can barely fit one in my mouth! but it’s so fun, cause they’re so yummy and when i stick my tongue out at people at work, i get to watch them freak when it’s purple, blue, or green! HA!

2. shakira’s video for “hips don’t lie..” i watch it and then i practice in the mirror moving my hips like that. don’t laugh, i bet you’ve tried it too. or you would, if you'd watch the video! i've even tried to move my hips like that in the bathroom at work. i know, i know, i'm certifiable. but how hot would it be if you could do all those shakira moves? *purrrrrs*

3. the gas prices and WHY THE FUCK THEY SUCK SO BAD?!?!?! and why can’t someone do anything about it? and they act like we have a choice. do you want me to walk my happy ass to work and back?! i.don’

4. my boyfriend and how g-dammed fucking hot he is. he is such a piece of ass, i want to eat him up everytime i see him! RAHR! i even thanked his mom the other night for breeding so well.

5. blake playing catcher on his team. he's so freaking cute and he is such an aggressive, balls out little player that it cracks me up. i tell him he's hot when he plays catcher and tosses off his catchers helmit to dive for a foul ball, and he's like, "MOM- THAT IS NOT RIGHT! DON'T SAY I'M HOT!!" but i think he likes it. cause he keeps doing it. and it makes me laugh. so maybe he just likes the making me laugh part. whatever. it's hot.

6. i am obsessed with the fact that i am currently not obsessed with my wedding, planning it, details, or any of it. i really think that it should be able to plan itself! and it shouldn't be a year away still. argh.

7. the show prison break. it is so freaking good, i can barely stomach watching it every monday night. i literally, feel like i'm going to be sick from all the anxiety. seriously. i almost change the channel every minute because i'm sitting there freaking out the whole time that they're going to get caught!

8. speaking of videos.. okay, i spoke of them way back at #2.. but anyways, i'm also obsessed with rascal flatts video "what hurts the most" because it is so damn heartbreaking. the video kills me. kills me in the way that i want to immediately run to boyfriend, grab him, love on him, and never, ever let him go. i don't know why i enjoy emotionally torturing myself this way, but for some reason i like it- cause oh, there it is again.... this will be viewing of the video #2013, but who's counting?

9. boyfriend. yes, i know i already mentioned him, but damn. when he coaches first base in his sunglasses and his baseball hat...! and please don't get me started on when he talks in his scottish accent. real scottish accents do nothing for me, but boyfriend's fake scottish accent.... *drools*

10. peanut butter swirl ice cream from albertsons. but of course, i only like the peanut butter swirl part and refuse to eat the vanilla ice cream parts.

11. having a baby. seriously, as much as i bitch about it and freak out about it, i really want one. i hate the fact that i obviously have a clock ticking when i figured i would never be the click ticking type of chick- and i want it to stop. s t o p t i c k i n g - t h e p r e s s u r e!!

12. blogs. other people's blog and this one. because it's fun and because y'all are funny and because it's a community i had no idea existed the way it does and it makes my fucking day EVERYDAY. y'all ROCK! SMOOCHES!

13. our upcoming trip to new york and new jersey for tray's wedding. i am so excited and cannot wait to go and probably sleep a total of 5 hours the whole weekend!!!! fun!

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

we party like rockstars..

some of you may not know this, but we don't have blake every other weekend. every other weekend, he is with his dad. and i'd be totally lying if i said i didn't enjoy my free time. those weekends that blake is gone, boyfriend and i get to go out at night... we go dancing.. we go to bars.. we party with our friends.. we go out to a quiet dinner with no interruptions.. to a late movie.. anything we want to do.. and we don't have to come home early. hell, we don't have to come home at all. and i enjoy it. i really do. does this make me a bad mom? fuck that. it makes me a balanced mom. it makes me a balanced person. i have no problem balancing the life of being a mom, a girlfriend, and just me. i know nothing else but this. i've always had my free time every other weekend.. practically since blake was born (with a few exceptions).

i think boyfriend and i are lucky. i truly do. since neither one of us knows what it's like to date eachother without the presence of a child there, these weekend breaks are the only time we get to act like a childless couple (well, as childless as you can be physically.. you're never really childless mentally). and it's these weekends that we get to just hang out and not worry about entertaining a 7 year old. we get to just be... us. and i know how lucky we are for this. i realize that most couples don't get breaks like that. at least, not consistantly, without feeling guilty, or going broke paying for a sitter. so i really do soak it all in. and i enjoy it as much as i can because i know that one day............... this will all change.

because one day, boyfriend and i will have a child of our own. and i don't think i'll be able to convince blake's dad to take them both every other weekend. so it looks like we'll have some major adjusting to do. and it freaks me out a little. okay, it freaks me out a lot. because there are no more built in breaks. no more effortless date nights. no more hassle free weekends. and i wonder, just how the hell do you all you couples do it? do you set aside date nights? once a week? once a month? do you start to feel like a mom and nothing else? cause i don't ever want to feel like that. so how do you balance being not only a mom, but being a sexy woman for your man? or do you not? and if you don't, have things changed.. suffered.. been the same? i'm just planning ahead here people, help me out. :)

Monday, May 01, 2006

is this REALLY that weird??

when i eat ice cream, i just want the good stuff that's in it and not the actual ice cream. why is that so wrong? it's my fucking ice cream. i shouldn't be forced to eat the crap i don't want, right?
for example.. my ultimate, most favoritist, ice cream in the whole entire world is baskin robbin's peanut butter and chocolate. but i hate the chocolate part. i just like the peanut butter. so when i get some of it- i will literally eat AROUND the chocolate and just scoop out the peanut butter parts! and once there's no more peanut butter left, i toss the perfectly good chocolate ice cream out (or i put it back in the freezer and trick boyfriend into thinking that there's still peanut butter left in the container- ha!). i cannot possibly be the only person who does this?!?! can i?

ps- i officially rented my blog out for the first time ever! don't ask what it all means, just go visit kel!! click the blog space on the left- she's awesome.. most of you probably already know her. but if you don't, go visit and get to know her!! you won't be sorry!! :)