Thursday, March 02, 2006

understanding eachother

"i can't leave early to get to blake's practice today, sorry."
"it's okay.. i'll just make sure i tell him that he wasn't important enough, and that work is more important than he is."
"ooooh, and make sure you tell him i don't love him too, k?"


Anonymous said...

Oh, I've had a converstation like that before. Took every muscle in my body not to crawl through the phone to choke him. Needless to day, I kicked his sorry ass to the curb.

Shoot, don't be telling me I don't care about my kid.

Loved your response though! Wish I would've thought of that.

j.sterling said...

it's all about sarcasm baby! he was being a shit, and you know how damn quick witted i am. dish shit. get it dished back. touche! lol

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

that was a rocking response.

j.sterling said...

he was TOTALLY joking though.. y'all know that right?! lol

ginger said...

Sounds like many a conversation in our household. I warned my husband he'd have to learn sarcasm to be married to me!

j.sterling said...

LOL- sarcasm.. it's what keeps families together.