Friday, March 24, 2006

so what if it's friday?

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about whatever

1. the weight debate is not fun, nor is it funny- so i'm done talking about it. as of now.
2. i look super hot today! know how i know? lala (yes that is her real name) told me!
3. my eyes are all puffy from crying last night (johnny & katie are moving tomorrow).
4. i still look super hot- puffy eyes and all! rahr!
5. i get to meet danno from my message board tomorrow night! SO FUN and i am SO fucking excited! (please pray he doesn't chop me up into a million little pieces and toss me into the sf bay, thanks!)
6. i think i'm on crack, because i've requested information about how to start a pony baseball league where we live.
7. i forget what the sun feels like, and what the moon looks like. and what it's like when the sun actually emits warmth onto earth. (onto earth? on earth? onto THE earth? whatever, you get the point). ooh, and what my feet feel like in sandals. and what it's like to wear a tank top and not be cold- at all- like even in the slightest. and driving with the top down! you know, if i had a car that did that.
8. i really miss the beach.
9. i am so fucking happy it's friday i could just spit something pretty! can you spit something pretty? i mean, really. is this possible?
10. i sit on a really big green ball at work. HA! i said ball.
11. my personal website just got a whole new redesign and i'm so freaking in love with it, i would marry it if i wasn't already engaged! thank you emily for the kick ass design! you SO rock! (she made the banner for this blog too!)
12. the orange i ate this morning splattered all over my pants. i'm having issues with drippage/spillage this week (see this post).
13. i think there's a new breed of bloggers- and i'm fixin to start the revolution! stay tuned! (i have no clue what that means, but it sounds really bad ass)

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Anonymous said...

Jenn, you always look hot!

Awesome about the Pony baseball league. If Madison was younger and a boy and we lived by you, I'd so help you.

I sit on a big white ball at work. Hee, you made me say ball too!

LOVE the new design!

Anonymous said... really sucks that your friends are moving (((JENN))) but SO fun that you're meeting DANNO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Once you break the “code of blog” by doing “Thursday 13” on a Friday … well … you might as well quit blogging and turn to podcasting coz they will crack down on you real quick. “They”meaning the Blog Police. 1st they’ll take your blog. Then they’ll take your son. I know this because they took my boy, young Na Phu Le, after I wrote a “Monday 25” on Saturday, a day typically set aside for “Something Saturday’s.” A dark, disturbing and hateful blog world do we inhabit…

I miss Na Phu Le. He was … … my most special son. *sniff*

Jenn said...

LMFAO Russ....your not supposed to attempt to be funnier than the post your commenting on....that is also a blog no no. =oP

Jenn - the new site looks great!!!
and HELLS YEA TGIF!!! Now I just wish it was freakin 4pm already! SHEEDH!

j.sterling said...

LMFAO- russ, you crackhead! quit upstaging my blog!!!!
everyone else (melis, toots, jenn)- i fucking HEART the shit out of you! :)

Anonymous said...

Once they took my Na Phu Le, I follow not the "Code of Blog."

Perstephone said...

I love your web site! I was looking at your pictures and I have to ask, um, are you friends with Tina from The L Word? One of your friends looks just like her.

You're so fun. I'm so glad you're here.

j.sterling said...

stephanie picklehead.. who the fuck is tina from the L word? what is the l word? LOL.. what friend, do you know?
and thank you! i love having you around- you're super fun too! you're part of my blog clan to take over the world! BWAHHAHA

Perstephone said...

Yay, I can't wait to take over the world. When we do can we all eat ice cream for dinner?

OK, guess your friend isn't Tina. The L Word is a show on Showtime about lesbians living in LA. I'm completely addicted to it! Your blonde friend who is wearing what looks like crushed purple or navy velvet on your friends page looks like one of the actresses.

Here is a link to more pics of the actress.

Perstephone said...

duh, link.

j.sterling said...

oh that's tammy! LOL.. she's not an actress, although everyone else is! hahah

and yes, when we take over the world, we eat dessert first and we never gain weight!

Anonymous said...

I read the post, which means "or else!" won't ever have to surface in my life. :o)

You're so sweet. Givin' me props. Tellin' the world I'm awesome.

P.S. -- What's better than being hot on a Friday?! Right on, Sister!

Anonymous said...

You freaking crack me up. Can someone please explain to me the Thurday, Thirteen. Please. And, um isn't it Friday?

j.sterling said...

i found thursday thirteen on some blog.. don't ask me where, couldn't fucking tell you if my life depended on it. but yeah- i like it.. it's funny. i'm gonna do em- you should too! we'll be the hip, cool new blogger crew who does thursday thirteen's on fridays! LOL

Scott said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've added your site to my looks like a lot of fun :)

Jimboliah said...

you a a fukin riot girl !!!! i almost spit beer all over the monitor..... is that something pretty? LMAO I lub you!