Thursday, March 09, 2006

random thoughts for thursday

  • if i don't stop eating these freaking animal crackers (they are so NOT crackers, why do they call them animal crackers? liars!) i won't fit in my wedding dress. ever.
  • that big bright thing in the sky that i saw today is something you people like to call THE SUN. who knew?
  • i have really weird dreams sometimes. (last nights was someone trying to kidnap me and the good guy in the dream had a HUGE, black, st. bernard!)
  • which reminds me.. i really really really want a puppy! (cause my life apparently isn't busy enough.. kid.. fiance.. wedding..)
  • people who try to sell columbine killer's cars on websites are fucking assholes and should be run over by said car.
  • i am still pissy over this nick & jessica thing
  • i pee like every 20 minutes. do you realize how time consuming that is?!?!
  • i started this blog for my grandpa, and now i wonder if he even still reads it?
  • i really want to go workout, but i can't. (this is why britney allowed fuckfed to knock her up again, i just know it.)
  • i think myspace is retarded, but i still go there- hypocrit anyone? *raises hand*
  • i really want to bake something sweet.. like cinnamon buns with gooey frosting or something like that! oooh, frosting!
  • i have a message board that has been open for 5 years! that's probably why i never thought to start a blog- i talk so much there, who knew i'd still have stuff to say here?
  • which leads me to think that maybe i talk too much?
  • it baffles me how some of the really "popular" blogs are popular when i don't think they're even remotely entertaining or fun to read.
  • and then i think that i must be the only one, otherwise they wouldn't be so "popular."
  • but then i don't care because i know they suck and i think you know too- you just read them because you think you're supposed too.
  • and then i'm jealous because i wish my blog was that popular. (my blog is like the new kid in high school who wants the makeover by cher in clueless so all the kids will love her)
  • i blame mercury retrograde for my lack of funniness today. it's almost embarassing to be this non funny, but i'm posting this anyways. fuck it.


Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

i found it humorous! btw, myspace IS retarded. if you talk too much then so do i. well i KNOW i do. hahah. and what popular blogs are you talking about?

ginger said...

random responses:

* They really should refrain from calling them crackers when they are clearly cookies. Silly, confusing marketing people who have no shame.

* If no one bought the Columbine killer kids' cars, that would be a good thing. Alas, it's not likely to work that way, and the cycle of misplaced hero worship will live on. Or they'll make a really lame monument from them.

* I hear you on the baking thing. I think you should make these: Hot Chocolate Cakes. I got the recipe here:
They are so, so yummy. And I don't want to hear about the 10 oz. of chocolate and how fattening and blah, blah, blah. Eat, enjoy, yum.

* I blame Mercury being retrograde for just about everything. Which is what my former roommate taught me.

*Hope your day got better. Have you eaten the cake yet? It made my day better.

j.sterling said...

like i'm going to NAME the popular blogs, pssssssssshaw! just know i'm not talking about any blogs listed in my links! lol

j.sterling said...

ginger incognito. i do believe that i love you. sincerely.

Perstephone said...

I agree, there are some that suck. Much more than mine. In fact, there's one who is so whiny and unfunny that I really don't get it. At all.

Yet I really want that readership they have. Nice clueless reference btw. And I agree about myspace. See, you're so totally not unfunny today. You're not unfunny and insightful!

Perstephone said...

Did my post make any sense? I was talking about blogs.

j.sterling said...

stephanie- see, you get smell what i'm cookin. they have this total herd of a following, yet they are so unbelievably unentertaining and unfunny and BORING, i just don't fucking get it. and i think you're blog is way funnier than some too- that's it. let's run for blog vice president or something

Perstephone said...

Thanks for the props! I have a lot of fun on yours too.

Yeah, we should all join forces and bring the funny back to blogging!

Anyone have a rubber chicken?

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

are they blogs on blogger? haha. i'm not following you at all.

Anonymous said...

you are that's why i luv theeeeeeee sterrrrrrr with all of my heart. and you know that means a lot because it's a big heart in this russian bod of mine. haha is this better? can i always be ingognito here? it's fun.

j.sterling said...

lmfao "ranger".. you can whatever you want here! lol i heart you

Virginia Belle said...

i didn't know some blogs were popular. shit! was there a contest? did i miss it? i'm the kid in Blogger High who is the last to know, apparently.

the only blog i know of that got any major publicity is the washingtonienne. or maybe Break-up Babe, since she got a book deal.

there is some site which tracks blogs like stocks, so you can go and see how much a blog is "worth". i can't remember the site, though. but that's ok. it was kind of dumb anyway. if you want, i'll try and email it to you. let me know.