Thursday, March 02, 2006

the life of my ass

the cd in the gym goes from a kick ass workout song, to a slow, let me make love to you right this instant, song. i felt like i should start grinding on the treadmill all seductively or something. so i turn around and look at the only guy in the gym with me and start blaming him for bringing in his "date night" cd from home. he's cracking up telling me it's not his cd (which i already knew, i just think i'm funny). the conversation goes from that cd, to rap music, and how there's good workout rap, and bad workout rap. and how if there was a rap cd with a ton of cuss words in it, everyone in the gym would turn around and blame him, even if it wasn't his cd. i said, "of course they would. you'd be the only black man in here, so it would HAVE to be your cd! it couldn't possibly be the white girl with the ghetto booty's!"
"i did notice that."
"notice what?"
"your... your"
"my ass?"
"well i would have been offended if you hadn't."
"i've been told my whole life by black men that i have an ass so nice it makes grown men cry. if you hadn't noticed it.. well, i would have wondered what the fuck was wrong with you."

sometimes, it's just really fun to be a white girl with a big ole booty.


Anonymous said...

Only you Jenn, only you! That's why I love ya and your black man loving booty!

Uh, but wait, are you really exercising? Right on girl, you inspire me.

j.sterling said...

HAHAHAH! can you believe it!?!?? twice this week. LOL you know that's about as good as i get!

Anonymous said...

I went to this bar with all black guys and big bootyed white girls. Nobody was checking me out! I will never go back to that place!

Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

hahaha girl i know what you mean. i got a ghetto booty too!

j.sterling said...

spidey!!!! that's what happens when you have NO booty! lol

Anonymous said...

You go girl and your booty....