Thursday, March 30, 2006

it's still raining

and yet another one of blake's baseball games has been cancelled. *sighs* this poor kid. he doesn't even realize that he's so excited about a league that just plain sucks. no, i'm not over the whole little league thing yet, at all. i got the pony baseball information kit in the mail. first thing it says on there- "we play competitive baseball." as opposed to little leagues "we are not a competitive league." okay really, i cannot even think about this topic without getting completely upset. i used to make fun of my sister for the decisions she would make in her life and how they revolved around achoo's baseball. now i am her. i have become my baseball pyscho sister. and i say that proudly. there has to be something i can do. cause the thought of blake playing this kind of "baseball" until he's 13 makes me want to throw up. and i totally hate puking! ew, gross!

i truly do adore the rain, but i miss the sun. i miss being warm. and tan. i think everyone looks better with some color. forget the pastly white crap, give me some brown- even if it's spray on. i totally want to mystic tan, but i don't want to do it on my face. is this possible? can i like run and duck when it's coming towards my head? does anyone here mystic tan, or spray tan, or color themselves with brown crayon?

what else? i don't think i've tortured boyfriend lately, so i'm sure i'm disappointing virgina belle. we are having dinner at jimmy's tonight and i'm sure i'll do something awful then! the best part is, i don't plan any of this.. it just comes naturally!


Virginia Belle said...

aw, SHUCKS! i was coming here for pointers today, as Repo is seriously overdue for some teasing!

wait, i thought jimmy = fiance....did i miss something???

i'm sorry if that question was really awkward for you or jimmy. or your fiance. just wanted clarifcation.

i'll shut up now.

Virginia Belle said...

oh, and i forgot to say that my mom does mystic tan and she LOVES it. only please, for the sake of the fashion police, PLEASE exfoliate and moisturize before going to get it done. gaw, she looks like a train wreck because it's all splotchy.

please don't tell her i said that.

i have also tried the jergens lotion-plus-tanner stuff. it works really well and it's very easy to use (why i bought it in 1st place.) however....(you saw that coming, right?) i can't deal w/the smell. sort of like tanning bed smell. icky. and it doesn't stop smelling until it's faded away. grrrr....

i've heard those baby wipe thingys with the tanner built into them are good. but i haven't tried them. i think estee lauder sells them.

so i'm back to being pale. :(

don't get me started on beauty products. i'm a fanatic.

oh shit. i mispelled clarification.

j.sterling said...

virgina belle - you whore. jimmy is boyfriends best friend. boyfriend is.. well.. boyfriend. LOL.. jimmy will love this post though. i think he secretly wants to be my fiance. HAHAHA. kidding! so kidding!!

i like the tan lotions, but they do stink.

j.sterling said...

shit- i didn;t mean to hit post. so yeah, they stink and i hate the smell. AND they wipe off on things. can't have that shit all over my towels and sheets. nasty.

so mystic tan, but exfoliate first. i still don't want to get my face. how can i stop that?

Lisa said...

I've done the mystic tan before. Actually I started freaking out when the mist got to my face. You have to hold your breath and I couldn't and I was FORCING myself to stay in there because I was worried I'd look like a freak if I came out.

I guess you just hold your hands over your face to keep from getting that stuff all over? Don't know...

Anonymous said...

I tried one of those tanning sprays once. I ended up being allergic. Hubby just laughed at me. He knew I would be allergic. So, I generally just get freckly.

Anonymous said...

The best solution is to let everyone see you only in photographic form.

Then, just Photoshop the hell out of yourself.

yorksdevil said...

I don't care too much for tans, I'm not saying I don't like women with a bit of colour to them just that it doesn't bother me if they are pale. I like Japanese women and redheads, neither of which are traditionally dark.

The Major League season starts this weekend, but I have to get up really early on Monday mornings so won't be able to watch.

Ben said...

I hear you, gotta luv the rain.


ginger said...

There hasn't been a whole lot of sun down this way lately. Southern CA has been cloudy and rainy and . . . a bit like it is up there. So you're not really missing a whole lot. ;)

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