Friday, March 24, 2006

dinner & wine

jimmy just informed me why every piece of a leatherman thingy mabob can be equated to fishing.
*note- apparently, the screwdriver parts are used for screwing fish. who knew?*

jimmy keeps talking about the movie ice world and how badly he wants to see it. i keep begging for him to tell me what the hell ice world is and all he can do is say, "you don't know what ice world is??!???! COME ON!!!"
yeah, he was talking about ice AGE thank you very much.

we watched WAITING and it was so funny.. um, jimmy and boyfriend are ready to do the guy trick thing on camping trips (they are SO brokeback mountain waiting to happen).

this is the conversation that followed when we tried to drink bad wine.
me: why do we have wine that sucks?
boyfriend: because it was a gift from someone.
me: well who gave it to us- cause we hate them now.
boyfriend: some jerk, obviously.

nothing but informative love in this house.

um, i had like 3 glasses of wine and that's about 2.75 glasses more than it takes to make me completely hammered. there is some blog law about this i just know it. just look at how bad i've been. here is me on jimmys lap. oh yeah, good times on a friday night. holla!


Anonymous said...

LMFAO...I love drunk Jenn!!! Holla!

Lisa said...

You are too funny. I would love to hear Drunk Jenn stories.

Anonymous said...

Bad gift-wine: Perfect for drunken blogging.

(And for re-gifting to enemies.)

Virginia Belle said...

LOL! great post! you are hilarious!

Lisa said...

You look so much like my friend Jaci here. Wow. You have a twin in Missouri Jenn!