Friday, March 31, 2006


i have 999 views on my blogger profile! let's kick that baby up a notch. just waiting for it to go to 1000 is killing me. good thing i wasn't holding my breath! yeah, i'd be dead now. it's been at 999 since yesterday. it's fine that i'm not good enough to reach a thousand. yeah, totally fine.

tonight my work is screening ice age 2.. aka, ice world if you're jimmy. and i feel like i'm getting sick. i don't want to get sick. everyone in this freaking office has been hacking up lungs for months now and i've been hack free. but i feel it coming on. and i will fight it. *puts on boxing gloves*

last night boyfriend and i were in the bathroom and he was going to brush his teeth when i hear, "ah baby! COME ON!!" and i'm like, great, what did i do?? so i turn to check what his problem is and i see him pulling out a super long blonde hair (that would be mine) from out of his toothbrush. he then questions how the hell i could do that, or how it got there, or why in the world it has to be there of all places. and dammit, i don't know! i shed like a golden retriever and i don't really control where they land. it's not like i would ever intentionally wrap a hair around his toothbrush! so gross! apparently he finds strands of my hair everywhere... in his pants pocket.. in his truck.. on his hat, etc. the only solution is to shave my head bald and boyfriend would cry like a baby if i did that. plus, this pumpkin head is not meant to be hair free!


Becky at lifeoutoffocus said...

i clicked on your profile 2ce now and it never moved to 1000!

j.sterling said...

that's because they are UNIQUE views! has to be someone new viewing it! but i appreciate the effort punkin!

ginger said...

ah, yes, the hair-in-toothbrush bit. Happens all the time in our house. I just tell the husband he needs to stop brushing my hair with his toothbrush. It's pretty hair, yes, but the paste is a b$%@* to get out in the morning.

Jenn said...

Gotta party like it's 999!!!

I thought maybe since I'm home it would be unique....but.....nope.

Perstephone said...

You're now at 1022 on profile hits. Goal complete. Now what kind of life goals will you have? ;)

Don't get sick. That's no fun. Go home and sleep to ward it off.

Julie said...

There you go! You should be at 1000 now. Merry Christmas. Tips...why, yes! I do accept tips!

Lisa said...

So how do you find out how many people clicked on your profile? But I'm sure by now its 1,000 so congrats to you chickie!

Virginia Belle said...

whenever Repo complains about my shedding, i tell him that i can shave it if it's a problem. that shuts him up pretty quickly.

i also tell him that shedding into his stuff is how i mark my territory. :) that way, when his real girlfriend sits in his car or lays (lies?) on his bed, she will know that i've been there and that she's invading my territory.

kidding. he doesn't have any game, therefore, no other girls. ha! he wishes.

Anonymous said...