Sunday, January 01, 2006

boys and tampons

okay really. what is the problem here? what is with guys and tampons? is it really necessary to completely freak out and lose all self respect when it comes to these things? they aren't going to bite you.
so picture this.. boyfriend and i are in target today (i love target and want to have 10 thousand little target babies!!!) okay um, where was i? oh yeah, target. so we're in there and i'm in the tampon aisle and boyfriend is looking for me... he finds me! notices what aisle i'm in, and keeps walking. seriously. would not even COME IN the aisle- as if the tampons were alive and just waiting for a man to enter so they could jump out of their boxes and ATTACK!! so i escape with my life (vicious tampon aisle!!), and a few boxes... check out and pay. boyfriend goes to grab the bags, but checks which one doesn't have the freaking boxes of t's in it. he won't even pick up the bag with them in it. this is no joke people. so i'm giving him a rash of shit as we walk to the truck- he unlocks my door.. i hop in quickly, grab a box of t's out of the bag and throw them on his seat before he gets in! he hops in the truck, sits on them, looks down, freaks out and starts swatting at them! he won't TOUCH THE UNOPENED BOX! he tries to flick it with rolled paper but it falls out of the truck. omg. he now has to TOUCH the unopened, wrapped in celophane, box of t's. he grabs them quicker than a pan on fire and throws them at me like they might bite his hand off if he holds them for too long.
and guys say WE'RE the insane ones?!?! women are crazy? irrational? HA!
grandpa is going to love this post. LOL


Unknown said...

OMG..your bf is so lame!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Andrew said...

I am with him.
those things scare me.
I hate that aisle.
Years ago when I worked at target sometimes I had to go there to straighten the shelves... I hated it.

Anonymous said...

LMAO at swatting the tampons!!!!

Anonymous said...

HA Jenn I think your fiance and Aaron think the same. Aaron wont buy me any femine product ever. Now that My Daughter needs to use them we buy in bulk to make sure she never has to worry.

joeysmoon said...

I almost died laughing. I knew a guy in college that would get physically sick if he even looked at one.

Vi said...

LMAO boys are freaks!! As if anyone is ever going to mistake the tampons as theirs! *eye roll*

Anonymous said...

I once surprised Andrew in the bathroom, and his face was buried in a girlie trashcan. When he looked up, there was a string coming out of his nose!

Virginia Belle said...

ooooh...that is so funny. i love that you threw them at him. that is something i would do. sort of a "oh, you like them, huh? well how about now?" kind of thing.

what is the deal?? i can understand it if they are already used or something. but really they are just stick-shaped cotton balls at that point.

guys are weird. like you said, and they think WE are the neurotic ones?